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  1. Quick Reply What amazes me about these discussions are the pros and cons and that there is obviously such a fascination about weapons! That really seems to be a matter of where you come from. You own a gun in Germany you are considered a jerk or a psychopath! Since guns are illegal here you gotta go through a whole lot of trouble and activate dark channels to get one! If I wanna shoot a fella in Germany I gotta get involved with armed criminals. First of all I wouldn't know where to find them and 2nd of all I would be scared to death to deal with them. If people are supposed to protect
  2. Like I have said above, I understand the American law about having the right to own a gun for self defense. But who is defending those who are getting attacked by the nut cases. A psychological analysis should be a requirement! Your really want a rapist, a child molester, an extreme jealous fella to be in possession of a gun. I don't!!! I hear you, you don't wanna be told that you can't own one, but if you can't pass a "behavior test" maybe it is better for the people surrounding you. A normal person will always get one, those tests are supposed to filter the nut cases!
  3. Not every father is as responsible as yours! I understand that everybody has the right to defend his premises. If only particular people would get a gun you might don't even need a gun to defend yourself! I dunno when there was the last armed robbery in Germany, must be a while ago! They simply don't give nut cases a gun here! In Germany you gotta learn how to use a weapon and you got to pass a test. Makes sense to me! A gun is a death bringing "device", good idea that everyone can have them..... not!
  4. Dude, of course you can use 6 apples for fun you are HiSo Nah, I totally understand where you are coming from, it was rather a recommondation for someone else but me! I'd never buy a PC again formyself except for a media center solution where they simply rock and run stable. I also have to admit that Windows Vista looks very stunning! I needed PCs for developing websites, I needed to know how they look like on all kind of browsers and also some developing tools didn't run on the mac. I think it is a matter of taste if the perfomrance isn't required! That windows holds 90% of the mark
  5. To be fair, my Xb Media Center edition has never crahsed. What bugs me about windows is that if you dont put some effort into maintaining the system the boot sequence will be longer and longer after the login. With apple you dont have that shit and since I used it for profesionaly phot and video editing a PC is entriely out of question. If I had used the last year a PC I wouldn't have finished my work untill today which was done in Sepetember last year with the Mac! If you are a gamer or only a net surfer you should spend the money on thai hookers instead of a Mac, it is not worth it. If
  6. Can't remember which names where giving resistance to a new product that they dont know I simply agree with Zombie in all points One thing about the silly iPod quality reviews! 1) The battery Problem was with G3 now it is G6 2) The sound quality via analoge ouptut is measurable worse not hearbale for the human ear, except you have and absolute high end system with 40,000 USD speakers. A person like that doesnt play mp3 files, that is for sure The new receivers do all support the iPod dock signal and decode the mp3 files ON THE FLY on the receiever, that means the file is digital without
  7. That is quite an understatement, I dont think one year is enough, one thing is fore sure, the entire industry will copy it's features. Basically this thing is an Ipod a cell phone a black berry and a palm all in one solution. It comes in a decent small size, not like these huge devices that Nokia produces and people actually buy it when they can get smarter features in smaller size for lower costs! However it is Marketing and that's why these furniture resembling Nokia phones sell well! That is why the iPhone will take a giant part of the market, especially Apple users will love it, o
  8. hahaha, you cracked me up 3 times in a row.
  9. wearing all black sucks out the energy of your body (energy = heat = black is a heat magnet)
  10. the picture has a huge head line saying: Jit and a cousin on holiday up from the village - untouched and now safely back at school I kinda like the humor in that headline [color:red](UNOUCHED)[/color] In combination with the headline, the picture rocks!
  11. I thought there are only 2 beer bars in PTY with a good amount of great looking BGs Atlantic Bar and Cherry Bar both at the same complex at Soi3 and 2nd road, having said that, as a former regular I wouldn't go to Cherry Bar anymore, no mamasan = no fair treatment, if you drink a lot you will find a lot of bills in your check bin you are not supposed to pay for! Girls let themselves go since no mamasan is taking care anymore!
  12. A bunch of freelancers there mixed with Katoys and mixed with regular BGs! Nothing special pretty much average! Most girls in the pictures doesn't work there anymore!
  13. bedankt for the dutch lesson i guess you don't like diving?
  14. Hahaha the original post! If Neo is american or not usually interested it was funny as hell! 1) Italy National Team 2) Italy Strategy 3) Italy Referee Bribes 4) Totti 5) Italian Olive Oil In The Hair Of Italian Players!
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