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  1. Congratulation's for finding a decent woman! I think that is why people always come to report here about the GTGs they are shagging without realizing that a GTG wouldn't shag them! I had a girlfriend which was working in a Bank, it took me 2 weeks that she would notice me, it took me 10 days and 100 flowers + other gifts to finally get a smile from her and another 10 days to get her phone number, from there another 6 days to go on a date, 2 more weeks to get my first kiss, 1 more week to actually have sex and to realize it was a very nice game of mine, I played it well and with respect but I would rather prefer the blow job of BG number 54. Basically THAT and the following 2 months are the reason why I stick with BGs nowadays, because here I am not instating hope on such a level as I did with Banker Girl. The relationship of course was a disaster which was mostly my fault and I caused her a lot of heartache and my foolish newbie behavior turned her into a total paranoid girl! Everything I did would have worked brilliantly with a BG or a farang experienced GTG/HID/BG but this girl was too soft, too conservative etc...
  2. They are all bad girls, the ones in the bars are just more honest about and come straight forward with the "show me the money" part. I wonder what makes a girl "better" when at the end of the day she is sucking a farang cock on a first date??? Nervous Dog once had an interesting name for them, he called them NGTGs (Naughty Good Thai Girls)my friend Franky calls the HIDs (Hookers In Disguise) A Thai lady that tests your patience when you ask her out, a lady that won't let you into her pants on one of the first dates and a lady that doesn't have a huge ass Nokia phone with a bunch of Johns, Lachlans, Stevens etc...that is a GTG in my eyes, she would rather hesitate to date a farang, everything else I consider a freelancer but guys are so full of themselves and need it for their egos and believe whatever is best to make it look like a score! Sounds harsh I know, but I know plenty of guys who are married to a real good girl and they always tell me how much persistence they needed to break through an all Thai girl and finally go on a date with her. That is the huge difference for me at least and not some girl working in a hotel or a mall, experiencing farang wealth the entire day until they finally decide they want that too!
  3. The 3 words you know are "mao mak mak" ? Isn't the point of a good thai girl that she went to school / university and is brighter than a BG and therefore speaks way better English? That's at least how I understand the term GTG!
  4. Bwahaha, my friend was just here he said "BKK Good Thai Girl???" "HAHAHA that sounds like Lovely Hitler", lol I thought it was funny!
  5. Not sure what you had for breakfast for trying to involve me in this thread but you obviously don't know much about me! My stance on so called GTGs who WANT to date a farang is that they are trying to achieve the same goals as hookers; finding someone who is making life easier! Not that this would be a bad thing, it is just something I don't want! I am not in Thailand to settle down, I am here to enjoy my life after 16 years of excessive work with 16 to 20 hours a day and burn out syndrome. When I settle down I will do that with a farang girl, Thai girls are my 4th choice after Brazilians, Mexicans, Caucasians. I don't date so called GTGs because all I want from them is their vagingo and I don't consider that fair to raise someones hope to get into her pants, having said that, I also don't have to proof to myself that I can get one of them, I know I can, I don't want trophies, I want fun and that's what hookers are for. Have fun, pay them and have no hard feelings! I find the term GTGs insulting for the real good girls!
  6. Quick Reply What amazes me about these discussions are the pros and cons and that there is obviously such a fascination about weapons! That really seems to be a matter of where you come from. You own a gun in Germany you are considered a jerk or a psychopath! Since guns are illegal here you gotta go through a whole lot of trouble and activate dark channels to get one! If I wanna shoot a fella in Germany I gotta get involved with armed criminals. First of all I wouldn't know where to find them and 2nd of all I would be scared to death to deal with them. If people are supposed to protect themselves, then give them fucking tranquilizer dart guns!!! That works to pass out an elephant and is more than enough to put a villain to sleep and have him picked up by the police! Why does justice in America always has to result in death??? The same people who would run a bullet through someones brain without hesitation are those who are going to church on Sunday morning and having the holy bible on their night stand. If the only legal weapon would be a tranquilizer gun then at least no father of a family has to kill another person when he gets assaulted. Villains would have way more trouble to get into possession of a gun and the number of people killed by gunshots would drastically decrease. But here is the problem... it is a 1 billion dollar industry and money is more important than life!
  7. Like I have said above, I understand the American law about having the right to own a gun for self defense. But who is defending those who are getting attacked by the nut cases. A psychological analysis should be a requirement! Your really want a rapist, a child molester, an extreme jealous fella to be in possession of a gun. I don't!!! I hear you, you don't wanna be told that you can't own one, but if you can't pass a "behavior test" maybe it is better for the people surrounding you. A normal person will always get one, those tests are supposed to filter the nut cases!
  8. Not every father is as responsible as yours! I understand that everybody has the right to defend his premises. If only particular people would get a gun you might don't even need a gun to defend yourself! I dunno when there was the last armed robbery in Germany, must be a while ago! They simply don't give nut cases a gun here! In Germany you gotta learn how to use a weapon and you got to pass a test. Makes sense to me! A gun is a death bringing "device", good idea that everyone can have them..... not!
  9. Dude, of course you can use 6 apples for fun you are HiSo Nah, I totally understand where you are coming from, it was rather a recommondation for someone else but me! I'd never buy a PC again formyself except for a media center solution where they simply rock and run stable. I also have to admit that Windows Vista looks very stunning! I needed PCs for developing websites, I needed to know how they look like on all kind of browsers and also some developing tools didn't run on the mac. I think it is a matter of taste if the perfomrance isn't required! That windows holds 90% of the market, which is according to the stats I had on my websites an understatement (96% windows users) has ore to do with brilliant marketing and licensing then quality! Since PCs are way cheaper as an office computer the Mac will never break into this market, and if you compare the usage of PCs in the professional advertising companies you will most likely find one on the book keepers desk and one for the secretary!
  10. To be fair, my Xb Media Center edition has never crahsed. What bugs me about windows is that if you dont put some effort into maintaining the system the boot sequence will be longer and longer after the login. With apple you dont have that shit and since I used it for profesionaly phot and video editing a PC is entriely out of question. If I had used the last year a PC I wouldn't have finished my work untill today which was done in Sepetember last year with the Mac! If you are a gamer or only a net surfer you should spend the money on thai hookers instead of a Mac, it is not worth it. If you have to do some serious work which requires performance your time should be worth more than the higher price that you have to pay!
  11. Can't remember which names where giving resistance to a new product that they dont know I simply agree with Zombie in all points One thing about the silly iPod quality reviews! 1) The battery Problem was with G3 now it is G6 2) The sound quality via analoge ouptut is measurable worse not hearbale for the human ear, except you have and absolute high end system with 40,000 USD speakers. A person like that doesnt play mp3 files, that is for sure The new receivers do all support the iPod dock signal and decode the mp3 files ON THE FLY on the receiever, that means the file is digital without a loss, just binaries. No other mp3 player can do that and therefore the iPod will deliver the best sound possible! period! 3) the reviewer who claimed that 2 iPods died on him must be and Escimo living in the ice or a total fucking moron. First of all, pugging your ipod to speakers doesnt change the behavior of the machine, the one who claims that has simply not clue how the analogue output of the machine works. When ge ot 2 dvices dying on him in just 3 weeks he is obviously doing something wrong. I have 4 iPods an nothing to complain about! The iPod is the pioneer and everyone else tries to get a share of the market. There are decent players but not a single one has the style and the image of the iPod and depending on the heaphones you are using they have all the same quality anyways! There are always people who are against mainstream products, the iPod is one of the few products who went to the top for a reason. It is pricey and that is what pisses the most people off, in terms of funcitonality and quality the iPod is just as good as any other device and in many ways better! Nothing to discuss about PC and Mac one who claims a PC is better must be delivered to a mental hospital immediately! The iPhone combines so many features which are not new except of one, but they have never been combined in one device! Downloading music with my iTunes account is amazing, having finally a decent webrowser makes it possible to pos on this board with my phone etc... Read the specs frist and condemn it later, in 3 year everyone has one anyways or a copy from his favorite brand!
  12. That is quite an understatement, I dont think one year is enough, one thing is fore sure, the entire industry will copy it's features. Basically this thing is an Ipod a cell phone a black berry and a palm all in one solution. It comes in a decent small size, not like these huge devices that Nokia produces and people actually buy it when they can get smarter features in smaller size for lower costs! However it is Marketing and that's why these furniture resembling Nokia phones sell well! That is why the iPhone will take a giant part of the market, especially Apple users will love it, one who was about to buy a new iPod will love that thing, one who wants a GPS will love it etc... the features are unbeatable and whoever is trying to compare an existing phone with it is plugging the brand he prefers, there is nothing like that and since it is based on osx there will be add on software like mad. The widescreen ipod video feature is a winner and the battery lasts 18 hours in ipod mode, 24 hours in gps mode and 39 hours in actual phone calls! Everyone who uses a cell phone knows how fast these batteries die, this one does not and that is the biggest plus the phone has. I haven't even started talking about the design and the hip image that thing has (and I wont) It will rule!
  13. hahaha, you cracked me up 3 times in a row.
  14. wearing all black sucks out the energy of your body (energy = heat = black is a heat magnet)
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