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  1. they were great live,very odd stage prescence. time to dust off 'gut feeling'----
  2. viewers voted the scene of Del falling through bar-hatch as the funniest in the entire series,but definately made by Trigger's reaction.....
  3. i drooled over her during her hey-day...
  4. one of the greats in his era...... along with Pele he would have been seen as a Messi or Ronaldo of his Day.
  5. not my era,but the brothers were #1 in the UK charts with Cathy's Clown on the day i was born. but i am a lover of their music......
  6. i've heard similar stories like this over the 30 odd years i spent working in the NHS. all rumour of course,but i know a friend of mine left some kind of memento on certain patients,i watched her do it once. nothing nasty/unpleasant/disfiguring or disgusting of course,in fact nothing to be seen to the naked eye. but would have caused much anguish to the patient i imagine if they had known.
  7. you may have hated the 'ginger prick'.but paddy was talking about his admiration for a fine player.
  8. a bit late,but one for the Brits.........DAVID COLEMAN........
  9. and to you Sir. wherever you are,enjoy a little tipple of your fave scotch.....
  10. sayjann


    a year since i last had a drink...... to be honest not a problem really,2 occasions when i thought i wanted a drink but looking back that was all it was,a thought. i did'nt really want one,just a reaction from the old days and the thought easily discarded. in the summer i was asked to submit an article to a Government Dept's Quarterly newsletter,it was short-listed,and then chosen to be published for the world to see..... quite exciting to see my words,photo's and name in print,nothing like that has ever happened to me before. but an anti-climax now. feeling a bit flat as i have nothing to really look forward to for a while. a year is exciting but another year is a long way off. but specialised trainng in a couple of things coming up in the new-year which will enhance my C.V. in the field of my choice.. juggling working with 5 different organizations at the moment ,but enjoying life to the full at the moment. but to the rest of you out there,drinkers and non-drinkers...
  11. totally agree,some good quieter places to be found. only problem is many tourists on a night out cannot be bothered to travel to other beaches by taxi,tuk-tuk or bus. and if you hire your own transport then you might be at risk from other factors. but the good news for people like me is that the small,quiet bars away from the main tourist areas are more intimate and such fun.
  12. quite an interesting article for me personally after overcoming my past alcohol problems,but knowing that in the future i could easily slip back into those ways,but the wording of some of the questions might confuse some people. i'm now working full-time with people who have alcohol and and other drugs problems who want help to stop (and alcohol is classed as a drug). all of them i would put in the highly severe category when they first come in. i see a lot of progress in many if not most,but of course they might have a slip every now and then. but the support among them is a great help. 'Mind you, if you do get all the answers wrong, they'll wheel out the "He's in denial" ambulance cart' this is a good point as some people are in denial because they think some of the questions are not relevant to them as they don't think some of the questions mean you have any sort of problem. and not forgetting most of the questions can easily apply to all types of other drugs which you can inject,swallow or inhale.
  13. i must admit i forgot,but Saturdays are a no-go for me really. but i did'nt waste my time,i spent the day shagging a rather attractive(in my eyes anyway)grandmother. she was hot.......
  14. Today I read that another blonde girl, 7, has been removed from a Dublin Roma familyhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-todays news 2473054/Irish-girl-seven-returned-Roma-family-DNA-tests-prove-IS-daughter.html
  15. happens in the UK. visitor's come for a holiday and suddenly 'discover' they have a serious illness and are given all the treatment free-of-charge. pregnancy is also a good one,have their baby here and go home with a few new 'rights' and of course some don't even go home.
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