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  1. Forensic examination of his PhD diploma might provide clues.
  2. Sounds reasonable. Glad hearing from you.
  3. Plan returning next year.... but after reading this....
  4. I was active.......... and I would like to see the forum stay.
  5. Glad to see somebody is AROUND.
  6. Have you ever thought of investing in various types of gems?
  7. I caught a demon once and put him in a pickle jar. The little guy is a conversation stopper when somebody comes to visit.
  8. So who did hack the US electric grid? ................. Julian Assange?
  9. Might make sense eating shit being that some drink their own piss. Not my cup of tea and I like eating bread with my shit.
  10. I thought the one who "hacked" the DNC and Hillary's campaign was Seth Rich.
  11. Not responsible...... that is why I put a bottled of fermented fish sauce on top of my items in each suitcase.
  12. If the airline can wait for me to take a couple of dumps before I get on the scale........
  13. I thought I had a small penis - I was measuring it wrong. I was measuring it sideways.
  14. Soi Zero was one of my hangouts. Time does fly by.
  15. What a character Chuwit was/is and he still has more years to do more 'things'.
  16. Should be interesting to find out what kind of mental state these characters were in when they did this stuff.
  17. Baltimore made big news for the arrest of 6 cops for the death of Freddie Gray.
  18. One person I have breakfast with almost every morning was a former Sheriff deputy. He can't understand why a lot of people are disgusted with the police. I have asked him when he was a police officer, did he carry special ammo, a machine gun,etc. He always replies by saying "No!"
  19. The Republicans should remove their version of Christianity from all conversations. Actually, one religion should not be held above other religions. Religion should be divorced from politics.
  20. The South Carolina police incident may end up with more cops being fired from the police force.
  21. The occult permeates thru Thailand and Bangkok. At times, you could be standing right in front of something occult and not really realize it. If you ask a Thai person, they will generally always tell you they know nothing about it. But once they know and trust you, you can find how really prevalent the occult is in Thailand. For example, my mother-in-law suspected I knew where to buy statues of a man and women (couple) which could be put together. The man had an erect penis. She wanted them so she could do her magic and then sell them to the Thai ladies. Of course I bought her about 50 sets.
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