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  1. I'm not on holiday, well maybe on a permanent one: I live here.
  2. Can I get Staropramen beer in BKK? In store or at a bar? Thanks
  3. In a recent class on Taxation, we found Thai government data that said, only 11% of Thais pay income tax...
  4. I simply do not trust these Thai run donations. I saw one in Pattaya the other day showing pictures of gruesome looking dead bodies and asking money. My impression was of the usual scamming and scheming Thais grabbing the money, I mean: they even looked like a bunch of taxi drivers...
  5. I hate those street vendors and I hate the Thais that stop to buy their Chinese junk and thus blocking the remaining space on that sidewalk...
  6. I hate Birdy coffee. They often brag in their ads that it is "100% Robusta!" but anybody who knows anything about coffee, also knows Robusta is the worst bean you could use for coffee(!) But with Birdy sugar coffee, its a virtue and its the best.
  7. doxx

    'Long time'?

    I've never really had to deal with that question (ST vs. LT)as usually I meet a girl I like, she stays for breakfast and I pay her what I think is reasonable. However picking a girl at a GoGo over NYE she prompted the choice (pretty girl, busy girl I guess)upon which I went with short time. Still interested though, what does LT entail: is it that you spend the night with the girl? How many times can you have sex with her? What else..? What is the going rate, LT, in say Pattaya for a quality girl?
  8. Most of these bags are fake. Sure, some are real, but most are fake. Don't bother unless you know how to authenticate them using date codes etcetera.
  9. Any picture of this 'Ann'?
  10. I'm looking to start buying stocks at the SET and would appreciate some pointers towards what online broker/bank to use. Thanks lads.
  11. Anybody familiar with Hua Hin that can recommend me a couple of cheap but good hotels in the city? 400-600 baht range preferably. Looking for a place not far from the nightlife scene (wherever that is). Thanks a lot guys!
  12. doxx


    Can anybody share a review of a massage parlour called Amsterdam? It's a HUGE place not far from Suk... Thanks
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