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  1. That link leads to the "Thai For Beginners" by Becker, not the dictionary. Anyway, I have the Becker dictionary for iPhone, iPad touch etc. and it's great. I bought the Palm version years ago, and this is of course much better since it has audio. Question regarding the "Beginners" software: Is it standalone, or does one need to have the "Thai for Beginners" book handy? The blurbs seem to be vague on that point.
  2. McBif


    I've become something of an iTard having recently bought an iPod Touch. It's great! Next time I travel I will leave my Acer netbook behind and take the Touch. Same applies to the iPad. For my needs, there is no reason to get one. I pretend to use an iMac at work 'cause the bosses, blessings be upon them, wanted at least one IT wiener who could claim expertise on it. So now I'm the "expert". haha. Anyway, iPads are great, but I don't need or want one.
  3. Is Nader gonna run again? He cost the the Dems the win last time (or was it 2000?). This time, though, I think the Dem candidate would have to be filmed in flagrante delicto in a child brothel the night before the election before he or (she!) could lose.
  4. That's for sure. I think it's generally agreed that the next prez won't be a Republican. The Dems could put up Homer Simpson and he would win. - lookit Jimmy Carter. BTW, coming from a country with a pariamentary tradition, I always wondered, even as a kid, why unsuccessful candidates in the States were usually tossed on the scrap heap after an election. I mean, he's supposed to be their best guy, right? I know of course they are different systems. It's changing now, though. I don't know about Australia and NZ, but here in this Dominion and over in the Mother Country the days when a guy would lead his party for years and years through thick and thin are gone. I can't, for example, keep track of the U.K. Tory leaders. U.S. exceptions are Nixon and....? Can't think of another example. So, in one way, it would be reassuring to me if the Goremeister made a comeback. Small mercies... Big Al in '08!
  5. My prediction: Alpocalypse Gore. Because why? Because the American electorate just isn't gonna go for a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton scenario; because Hillary is, well, Hillary; because it will soon become apparent to the electorate that Obama is a fart in a bottle; because McCain is a Republican and not even a media darling rogue Republican is gonna get elected for a long time (and McCain is getting too old); Edwards is too transparently a phony... Gore's got Hollywood and the mainstream media. Tens of millions of mildly hysterical, rather ignorant people think he's got a message (for example, his film on "Global Warming" is currently being spoon fed to Ontario elementary school students). In no way is he considered "fringe". So, who in your opinion/prediction will win?
  6. Thanks for bringing me up to speed. Still, I don't imagine gamers will be deserting their PCs en masse anytime soon. I did notice a few years back that with OS X, Apple finally started to support multi-button mice. Now that was a bold move. Same with going to Intel. Anyway, regarding the whole "Macs are best and PC users are cretins!" movement, I wish people would give it a break. I personally prefer PCs if for no other reason than to save money.
  7. Ask a gamer what he thinks of Macs.
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