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    Aug 20

    Hey there. Yeah, good to hang out ND. By the way, change of plan. I'm going back to Pakistan for another year. I leave Ireland on Friday. I'll be back in Bangkok in December. See you guys then!
  2. "The man said Mr Bird enjoyed foreign holidays, travelling to Thailand each year with friends. Others said he loved "tinkering" with his car and was a fan of motor sports and scuba diving" I wonder if he's a board member. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/england/10216923.stm
  3. Fidel

    Terrorism - Thaksin

    Here's another link, Flasher: http://www.2bangkok.com/09/RedPublications.shtml Images of grenades, rockets and so on. Calls for murder of government officials... Serious stuff.
  4. Fidel

    Terrorism - Thaksin

    What about the bombings/shootings/grenade attacks? Were they "terrorism"? Anyone who doubts the extent to which Thaksin encouraged people to engage in acts of terror should visit www.2bangkok.com and take a look at some of the material translated from "Voice of Thaksin" and other pro-Thaksin rags.
  5. When I visited Mumbai last year my driver insisted on taking me on a tour of the sites hit in the Mumbai attacks. Morbid stuff, and he continued despite my protests.
  6. The Red Shirt leaders and Thaksin Shinawatra should be executed in public for what they've done to Thailand and for the damage they've done to the cause of Thailand's poor.
  7. Hi J2, I've spent a reasonable amount of time in rural Thailand, though more in the centre than in the nort or in Isaan, and I also love Thai people. I speak Thai, I love the food, and I love the Thai approach to life. I also feel for the poor and disempowered in Thai society. I was in Udon Thani recently, where I hung out with some girls, some of whom were mixed Thai-Farang who ran a bar in town. One of the ladies I took out for a night on the town was a new arrival from Chaiyaphum. She was older, maybe in her late thirties, and not very pretty at all, but she was sweet. She spoke hardly any English, but she was keen to chat when she realized I speak Thai. To cut a long story short, she was there to sell her body because she couldn't make a decent living and offer her kids a future as a fruit seller. I spoke to Bangkok taxi drivers from Isaan during my last trip too. Most Isaan taxi drivers send their money back home and visit their families only once in a while, because there is no work for them at home. Same with those in menial jobs, many of whom come from the poorer parts of the country. The way I see it, the blame for this latest mess lies firmly with Thailand's scumbag rich, on both sides. Thaksin, being a shrewd businessman saw the generations of neglect of Thailand's poor by government after government, as a niche he could use to enrich himself. He never gave a rat's arse about the poor. Anyone who thinks he did is a moron. The poor were impatient, and when the Red propaganda machine, backed by Thaksin's ill-gotten gains, swung into motion, they went along with it. At the hight of the protests, Thailand's entrenched, pro-monarchist elite was faced with a choice: civil strife or social justice. Being the selfish b@stards that they are, they chose civil strife (though it is hard to see what choice they had once the roadmap was rejected). So, the way I see it, this entire conflict was not really a class conflict, it was a conflict between two groups of rich, corrupt, mafia scumbags, one of which happened to brainwash and fool the rural poor into giving them their backing. Now look what has happened. The cause of Thailand's rural poor has been forever tarnished, since they aligned themselves with Thaksin and his mob. Now the rural poor are seen by many as violent savages. They'll never get justice now. And they have the likes of Thaksin and the Red Shirt leaders to blame for this. The Red Shirt leaders threw in their lot with Thaksin because they believed THEY'D benefit in the end. This whole mess is a tragedy for Thailand's rural and urban poor. I wish they had people who were better able to advise them/support them and speak on their behalf. Sadly, this was not the case, and they've done themselves enough damage to set their cause back another generation.
  8. Well, the reds proved one thing today, for the most part they are ignorant savages.
  9. Bomb outside Tesco Lotus, On Nut, followed by gunfire. People fleeing.
  10. Around 1,000 arsonists, many of whom are masked, now running around setting fire to Chiang Mai. http://www.facebook.com/#!/chiangmaimail B@stards.
  11. Siam Center cinema is reported to have collapsed. F&*king Red Scum.
  12. Hi there. I'm in Pakistan, but keeping an eye on things via Twitter etc. I left Bangkok about a week ago. Seemingly the Stock Exchange is on fire, as is Central World... There is a curfew in Bangkok tonight.
  13. With Thaksin and his money behind these guys, anything could happen. The City Halls in Udon, Ubon and Khon Khaen have been set ablaze. There is violence in Samut Prakan. Central World is ablaze. Bangkok under curfew tonight. This could all get out of hand very quickly.
  14. Bangkok: A curfew is to be imposed across Bangkok on Wednesday night, defence minister General Prawit Wongsuwon said after a military offensive against anti-government protesters in the capital. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_asiapacific/view/1057677/1/.html
  15. Red shirt radio station is allegedly urging people to go out and set fire to anything and everything. Massive fires reported near main protest area and in Klong Toey.
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