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  1. Well, I'm gonna be in Vientiane, Nong Khai, Udon and Chiang Mai in the coming days. Anyone around those parts?
  2. Fiery Jack? Old Hippie is crying out form him in the shout box.
  3. Hey KS, Flasher. Thankfully not kidnapped! Still in one piece. Got back from Quetta last night. Picked up some US Army 'surplus' boots and stuff while I was there. Cheap as chips. Now I'm heading back to LOS and it looks like I could be heading from one war zone to another! I'm really looking forward to getting back to LOS, especially since I'll be on a long break, with no idea when I'll be working again, or what I'll be doing. Where are you these days Flasher?
  4. Sounds good, Mekong. Will you be in Pattaya?
  5. Hey all. I'm wrapping up here in Pakistan in under 2 weeks and heading back to the Land of Smiles for at least a couple of months (before heading back here for a holiday, maybe K2 base camp). Anyway, I will probably be in Bangkok in mid-March, then Laos and some beach action in the next 2 months. Hope to see some of you in the not too distant future. Cheers, Fidel
  6. I wonder how many Thai guys end up dead because some cop wants to shag their girlfriend! I was involved in an incident in a bar in Hua Hin a few months ago, some pissed off punter tried to start a fight with me and then bottled my friend. We had to go to the cop shop to file a report. The next day I went to pick up my driving licence, which they had confiscated the night before for some strange reason. My girlfriend of 5 years was with me, the head cop told her she should avoid Farang guys, since they're nothing but trouble. He said I'd soon get bored of her and find a new girl. I thought that exchange was pretty strange. When I first moved to Thailand I went through a period of receiving late night and early morning phone calls from a Thai cop because he suspected that I was shagging his mia noi, a colleague of mine who wanted out of the relationship. That was a worrying spell.
  7. Hi Jungle Soup. Great News! I'll be in Bangkok some time in early to mid September. Let me know if you'll be there around then.
  8. Same here. They gave me a form stating that I was free of elephantisis, leprosy, alcoholism (dunno how they determined that one) and psychosis. Nice to have.
  9. Nope, not from the US. The tests were done in Bangkok. Is it common for health insurance policies in the US to cover HIV&AIDS?
  10. You're right JS. I shit myself for a while. Had my first HIV test a little over a year ago, along with a bunch of other tests. The doctor went through all the tests one by one, telling me that all the results were fine. She never mentioned the AIDS test until I asked. I was beginning to get paranoid, so I asked her... "Oh, she said, of course, that's negative". I actually let out an audible sigh of relief.
  11. And on the bright side, a report released a few weeks ago. [color:green] German Scientists Develop New Approach to Treating AIDS: German scientists have succeeded in snipping the virus that causes AIDS out of human cells, leaving them healthy again. The procedure is a breakthrough in bio-technology and fuels hope of a cure for AIDS. The laboratory procedure removing the AIDS virus used an enzyme, said Joachim Hauber of the Heinrich Pette Institute for Experimental Virology and Immunology in Hamburg. "We have rid the cells of the virus," Hauber said on Thursday. "No one else has done this before." He called it "a breakthrough in bio-technology." Hauber said it was his "cautious" hope that a cure for AIDS could be found within 10 years. Current therapies can only limit the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and not remove it from the body. HIV is a retrovirus that nests in the DNA or key genetic material of infected cells. The Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden was the partner in the research, which will be reported in Friday's issue of the scientific journal Science. Three years of experiments on mice were planned next, to be followed by tests on humans in Hamburg. The scientists' method used the ability of so-called recombinase enzymes to cut strands of DNA at certain places like a pair of scissors and recombine the strands. The new enzyme, Tre, always recognized the right spot to snip the DNA where the HIV started. The scientists said it recognized a characteristic HIV sequence that scarcely ever mutated. Tre was adapted from an existing natural enzyme, Cre, which recognized similar genetic sequences. The laboratories artificially evolved Cre into Tre through more than 120 recombinase generations. Hauber said the cell then flushed out the snipped-away DNA as waste. "After that, it is healthy," Hauber said. Any therapy, though, would require stem cells to be obtained from a patient's blood. They would then be treated in the laboratory and re-injected to regenerate a healthy immune system, Hauber said. "It's high-tech medicine," Hauber said. "You couldn't just take a pill."[/color] Source Fingers crossed, Jungle Soup! Hope you're holding up OK, oh and a belated happy birthday!
  12. Hey Chris! Nothing much to add really, I think other posters have said it all. You're approaching this with a great attitude that will make all the difference. In any case, as you said earlier, you feel ok, I'm assuming you look fine, as long as you take the meds and look after yourself you'll probably live as long (if not longer) than many on this board. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for giving us a kick up the arse, you certainly have my respect. Chin up bro!
  13. I was just chatting to my mum, and it turns out that a girl I used to know from my village in Ireland, was in V Tech, in the building next to the where the shootings took place..
  14. Come on OH. We all know that in terms of media coverage, the death of 1 American = 5 Europeans = 30 Middle Easterners/Asians/South Americans = 500 Africans. GET WITH THE PROGRAMME! This means that the Virgina campus death toll is equivalent to at least 15,000 people killed in one incident in the Congo. (Although depending on how the Anna Nicole Smith case is going, the Congo thingy may not make the headlines at all).
  15. OC, good point. The main justification I see for holding off on a weapons ban is the reason the right to bear arms is enshrined in the constitution in the first place, so the people can defend themselves for a tyrannical federal government and rise up against it. This may actually be necessary with Bush.
  16. On a practical note, if someone robs you at gun point, they're probably gonna take your watch and wallet, maybe your car (if you have any sense you'll have your car insured). You'll probably walk away shaken and a few dollars less well off. If you pull out a gun, theres a very good chance you'll get killed. My GF's brother in law is now a gun nut in Thailand, never stops talking about his Glock. He wants my GF's sister to carry a gun cos she moves lots of cash around (a couple of million baht at a time). She's likely to get herself killed if she pulls out a gun.
  17. Many of you guys have argued that this guy would've been able to get his hands on a gun even if guns were outlawed/not so readily available. I'm not sure about elsewhere, but I'd guess that a foreigner with residency, if he went looking for a couple of hand guns and a shit load of ammunition to do something like this in Dublin, would have one hell of a hard time getting his hands on them. In fact, I don't know where he'd start. He'd probably have to go into one of the shittiest pubs in one of the most dangerous parts of the city... and approach some hard looking scumbag cunts, who don't like Asians, and who would probably simply beat the living shit out of the guy or knife him before he's have a chance to finish his first sentence. In fact the chances of these guys even having a gun are pretty damn slim. In Dublin, you'd have to put yourself into great danger just to get near a handgun. Then you'd probably pay about 400 dollars to rent the fucking thing and have to return it after the deed. I can't imagine a depressed loner going through all that shit and then coming out the other side with a gun. He'd shit his pants and probably get killed. In the US on the other hand, he simply walked into a store, spent maybe 300-400 bucks on his weapons, (you can pick up a HI-PT 9C 9MM CMP 3.5" 8RD POLY FC for $118 and a box of 20 CorBon Jacketed Hollow Point slugs for $12.95), spent a month plucking up the courage.. and then went on the rampage. I dunno... I suppose now that the genie is out of the bottle and every nut job in the country is armed to the teeth, maybe everyone should carry a gun to protect themselves.
  18. Hi Phil, I believe that mass killings in schools and on college campuses are an American phenomenon. I challenge you to identify another country where such incidents can be described as occuring regularly. Also, while Pakistan is a violent society, having glanced at the figures for deaths caused by firearms in the US posted by someone else, over 5,000 I believe, you might be surprised to discover that Pakistan, with the trouble in Kashmir, the war in Waziristan, the war in Balochistan, sectarian strife between Shias and Sunis and the easy availability of everything from hand guns to rocket propelled grenades, land mines and tanks, doesn't come close to this figure. Weird. I'm not down on the US here, but there does seem to be a problem with gun related violence.
  19. It would be interesting to learn why this kind of thing seems to happen far more regularly in the US than elsewhere. Is it the easy access to guns? Is it the pervasiveness of violence on TV and in society in general? Do more people feel alienated from society in the US than elsewhere? Have people become so used to instant gratification that they flip out and carry out atrocities for little or no reason? Is it a combination of alienation and "shoot 'em up" syndrone, with people spending a lot more time in front of computer game screens shooting the shit out of people, than interacting with people in real life? Is the level of mental care / counselling available in the US insufficient? Why? Any ideas?
  20. I suppose one way to deal with it is to force everyone to wear body armour, carry a firearm and attend shooting courses/survival school. Good for jobs in the arms industry! Next time someone tries to pull the same kind of stunt, everyone would simply lock and load, take cover and settle in for another campus shoot out! Of course, another option is to implant chips in evryone's brain which can detect the impulse to go on a shooting spree. The chip would automatically admisister an intense neurological shock, forcing the would be trench coat mafioso to curl up in a ball and scream with pain. The authorities should also consider enforcing a ban on clothing, preventing any potential perps from concealing their weapons. Maybe a combination of clothes ban, mandatory body armour and brain chip would work best.
  21. What a tragedy. What kind of country is the US, where a guy walks around unloading bullets into nearly 50 innocent people, killing 32? Last year that nut job lined up those little Amish girls i the school and shot them in the head, execution style. This is a uniquely American phenomenon.... all the more reason to do something to try to stem the flood of American culture around the world, as impossible as that might appear these days. If there wasn't this terrible ill in American society, gun control wouldn't be an issue.
  22. I recently met a Lao lady, Noi, here in Pakistan. She's an engineer who has worked for NGOs in Bhutan, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand (She hates Thailand) and here in Pakistan. Cute girl in her twenties. I was a little surprised to meet such an impressive, world-wise Lao lady. What kind of people from Thailand/Laos have you met overseas?
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