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  1. Another maasacre by muslims of non-muslims, right now. Witnesses say gunmen told Muslims to leave Nairobi's Westgate centre and shot people they believed were non-Muslims. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/21/gunmen-kenyan-shopping-centre-nairobi
  2. SpiceMan

    Isaan Food

    What does it smell of? EDIT: I mean stinky tofu?
  3. All religions have their loonies, like the bible belt father (baptist) who refused to give his diabetic daughter insulin as he thought prayer meetings would do the trick.She died, he went to jail. But Islam has more than its fair share of loonies, many of them determined to murder. For people who get their ethics from a holy gobbeldy book, the art is to pick and choose only those beliefs that are compatible with modern life. That is a difficult judgement because insane scripture is just as "valid" as the more reasonable beliefs. If a particularly obnoxious piece of scripture tests your faith and you believe it you are even more holy and able to teach the world a lesson. All scripture is the word of God and later revelations supersede earlier ones. The problem for Muslims is that the later verses of the Koran are more barbaric, less tolerant and more hell bent on jihad than the earlier stuff. In the religious schools of Pakistan (and England) the children memorize the Koran in a class of 70 or more. There are prizes for how much of the book they can recite. There is no teaching of how to interpret the book in a way that is compatible with life in the 21st century. The large class sizes make that impossible.
  4. Its one thing to slap a child who has been naughty. It was the fear of this that kept me well behaved for the most part in primary school. Its quite another thing to burn a class of children with a candle. Totally unacceptable and only a deranged person would attempt it.
  5. I would be very sorry to see them go.
  6. The issue if Scotland votes for independence will be how much of the national debt they get stuck with.
  7. I would suggest that Afghanistan and Pakistan are already failed states and terrorists play grounds.
  8. My friend has the same problem with his company mobile. Its so locked down it can barely do anything a smart phone should do, just make calls. I blame power crazed and paranoid IT departments.
  9. I would like to think there could be a change of government in Cambodia.
  10. SpiceMan

    Liver Flukes

    Following the death of Sayan Sanya, I began to wonder about my own possible exposure to the parasites that cause liver cancer. I understand that eating raw fish is a risk. Does that mean that the sushi that is served in the Japanese restaurants in Bangkok carries the infestation? Also my wife and I like to eat pickled anchovies on salads at home. Is this also risky?
  11. Yes, I know of Monsanto as the company that is doing its damnedest to patent America's food supply by the back door. Not expecting any compensation from the Feds for those Vietnamese children. Just relieved my own country didn't get dragged into that war, making it possible the London doctors to do their bit to help.
  12. The Vietnam War ended nearly 40 years ago, but the casualties continue as birth defects plague the country. There are claims that thousands of children continue to be born with horrific facial deformities due to the 20 million gallons of Agent Orange chemical sprayed by the United States. The Vietnamese call the disfigured youngsters 'the children of Agent Orange'. Da Nang in central Vietnam is thought to have the highest level of congenital deformity in the world. Inside Out's Mark Jordan joins a team of top London plastic surgeons on their unpaid mission to help these children through the charity Facing the World. Video at BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23632245
  13. Anything to avoid losing the port in the Eastern Mediterranean which is a base for 10 ships. Not all of them are military vessels but I would like to see the Ruskies lose the port..
  14. Thai wives in UK have no claim to benefits for the first 5 years now, not even child benefit when the father is a Brit.
  15. Quite right Mekong. Mini SIM is the largest SIM available now. A standard SIM was used in the earliest "shoe box" phones and is the size of a credit card.
  16. Coss, you said "I don't feel I have to argue my corner now, not with the BBC doing it for me...." The BBC was biased against your point of view for years. Their panel on climate change was loaded with environmentalists with dubious scientific qualifications. Despite freedom of information requests they have refused to say who those "scientists" were. This has come under scrutiny in the UK and now the BBC has a more balanced panel, hence the change of view point.
  17. Assad is certainly fighting the propaganda war well by appearing calm and confident on an American talk show. He was educated in Britain and studied to be a dentist. His wife is British. Assad is a very different kind of guy than Saddam was.
  18. "a German newspaper has reported , citing unidentified, high-level national security sources." Sources in the German government, presumably.
  19. Sorry to be pedantic Mekong but for the sake of clarity it's a micro SIM that would be needed.
  20. Yes it does emphasize things somewhat and looks like an attempt to hide mistakes rather than correct them.
  21. Some people think Germany has more credibility than USA, Britain and France due to being less hawkish.
  22. Cambodia's opposition claims there was widespread rigging in July's election Cambodia's ruling People's Party (CPP) has officially won July's disputed general election, the national election committee has confirmed. Prime Minister Hun Sen's CPP won 68 seats, compared with 55 for the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), the committee said. The televised announcement came after thousands of people took part in a rally in the capital Phnom Penh to protest against alleged electoral fraud. Hun Sen has run Cambodia for 28 years. The 61-year-old has vowed to stay in power until he is in his seventies. Opposition leader Sam Rainsy claimed there was widespread rigging in the election. The result confirmation means he will no longer be able to legally contest the vote, but Mr Rainsy said he would not give up. "We do not accept results that do not reflect the real will of the people. These are the results of voter fraud," he told reporters. "We will continue to protest all over the country, not only in Phnom Penh. Protests will take the form of marches,'' he said. Thousands streamed into Democracy Park on Saturday to protest about the result According to preliminary figures, the CPP won 3.2 million votes, while Mr Rainsy's party obtained 2.9 million. The election commission has yet to officially confirm these numbers - it has only confirmed the CPP win. On Saturday, huge crowds of opposition supporters gathered in Phnom Penh's Democracy Park in what organisers described as a peaceful protest based on Buddhist prayer. Many demonstrators brought lotus flowers symbolising peace. Mr Rainsy told the crowd it was a "historic day", saying that "those who steal our votes won't live happily".
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