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  1. A car mechanic won it. He plans to buy a fleet of super-cars. Damn fool for going public though.
  2. . My ticket for the 6 billion Baht lotto event didn't win. Send me £1 plus postage and I'll send you that ticket
  3. I would have thought, with the increased use of devices in the hand, rather than against the ear; there would be a decrease in this type of cancer.
  4. One woman said Rolf abused her when she was six years old. She then waited 50 years to come forward with her story. Why did she wait so long? And isn't it more likely she has a false memory? When she did tell her story, she phoned a lawyer, not the police. I don't think an old white man can get a fair trial on sex related charges in Britain now.
  5. SpiceMan

    World Cup 2014

    Nobody will give Suarez a shoulder to cry on.
  6. The vast majority (50) of those arrested were transvestites who were no doubt intent on drugging/robbing punters. I'm glad they were taken off the street.
  7. Rose is a British citizen so is unlikely to be sent back to Thailand. What she has written is libellous so the way to shut her up is to sue her for libel in a British court. That's if the Thai authorities believe they can demonstrate that what she said was untrue.
  8. The emergency services love calls like this. Can't believe the situation required 22 fire officers plus paramedics.
  9. "I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them" George W. Bush
  10. "I think it pisses God off it you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it" Alice Walker
  11. Last time I travelled to Pattaya it cost about Bt1500. Have the prices sky-rocketed recently? It is good that the army plans to clean this up. In theory they are more difficult to corrupt than a civilian government.
  12. Got my insulin from a hospital pharmacy because I feared to trust the pharmacies on the street. I know it worked because it lowered my blood sugar the way I expected.
  13. The insulin is real. I know because it worked for me.
  14. The bank is not suggesting that the UK no longer exists as a country. Accepting that the UK is a member state of the EU means that one set of rules can be used for banking transaction, which simplifies things.
  15. Sir Winston Churchill once said that ‘Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.’
  16. So his reason wasn't that it will be a good investment? I predict a need for more tea money.
  17. Good to see the "One Tablet Per Child" policy has been dropped. I agree it was inappropriate and a poor investment.
  18. I want to know more about Thai Lotto but could not find much info on the web. Wikipedia says only: Thailand Lottery first started in the time of King Rama V, drawn into an international show organized in King's birthday festival. In 1917, a lottery drawing was organized in addition to finance Thailand's entrance into World War I. After that, a third lottery was organized to finance Thai Red Cross charity operating cost in 1932. In 1934 in addition to finance the shortfall in government income. In 1939, the power of lottery procedure was shifted to the Ministry of Finance, which is currently held on the 1st and 16th of every month. How much is the big prize? Is the lottery legitimate? Is it open to foreigners?
  19. Growing up I remember listening to his voice and thinking he sounded awesome. Generations of kids grew up with him. RIP Casey.
  20. By way of apology, Britain invited citizens from the empire to settle in the UK - one of the worlds wealthiest nations. That should have been enough. And many countries such as Australia, wouldn't exist if not for the British.
  21. Thanks for the picture. Looks like they have a good selection of spirits.
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