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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAdlZ2F-fs8
  2. The art of right-wing politics is to persuade the have-nots to vote for the haves. I don't suppose there will be an election until the higher-ups thinks they can do this.
  3. I grew up in the Bahamas, a former British colony where the only thing they seemed to teach in history class was the evils of empire, especially the slave trade. Germans have been forgiven for the crimes of the Nazis but the British empire, which built countries like India out of warring little kingdoms, remains unforgiven.
  4. Yes that is the reasoning. There was a time when one could only eat well in Britain if one ate breakfast 3 times per day. Now immigrants from the former colonies have introduced a wide variety of cuisine from around the world. The national dish is now said to be chicken korma, a mild Indian curry. As for the women, the typical English rose is every bit as loving as Hollywood romantic comedies portray.
  5. Yes, correct. Also, foobar is known as a meta-syntactic variable i.e. something used as a place holder for an entity to be changed later.
  6. Considering the number of Dutch, Brits and Russians in Pattaya, this story should have happened to them. But it happened to citizens of a country with a reputation for financial meanness. So maybe there is some truth to the stereotype.
  7. In my experience, after being thrown out of a club, only a fool would try to get back in. It looks like the bouncers were brutal but he shouldn't have gone back after he was too mean to buy a drink when he had the chance.
  8. SpiceMan

    World Cup 2014

    I didn't expect Holland to win because of their wooden shoes. The result was as surprising as it was pleasant.
  9. Everone feels suffering so its only fair that they say who inflicts the pain. Elections are to democracy what competition is to business. Better deal for the citizen / customer.
  10. Asked for proof, teenagers change welcome screen to 'This ATM has been hacked' Two Canadian kids have made a mockery of bank security by hacking into an automatic teller machine during a break between classes. The 14 year old duo Caleb Turon and Matthew Hewlett broke into a Bank of Montreal ATM during school lunch by following an online manual for accessing the machine's administrator functions. The security charade continued when the pair, after being asked by the bank's head of security for proof of their hack, simply broke back into the machine and printed off information including transaction data, surcharge profits and the total cash held in the unit. Turon and Hewlett gained access to that data by guessing the administrator password on their first attempt, indicating the ATM had default settings enabled. The rascals took it upon themselves to perform a civic duty by dropping the surcharge for transactions to one cent and changing the welcome display screen to: "Go away. This ATM has been hacked". Hewlett told the Winnipeg Sun they did not expect the hack to work. "We thought it would be fun to try it, but we were not expecting it to work," he said. The bank wrote the pair a lunch late note excusing them as they were "assisting BMO with security". The kids may have discovered one of a handful of websites that contained very detailed documentation explaining how to access administrative functions of ATMs.
  11. A man goes to the doctor and says "Doctor I hurt all over". "What do you mean by all over?" asks the doctor. The man pokes himself at various parts of his body and says "It hurts every where." The doctor says "I know the problem, you've broken your finger".
  12. The Chinese say the UK has the thinnest book in the world - the British menu.
  13. When the England team flew into Brazil, the pilot asked them if he should leave the engines running.
  14. I'm tired of the daily grind but still many years away from retirement. So I dream of winning the Euro lottery. The top prize tomorrow is more than 6 billion Baht. Here is a poll.
  15. While I sympathise with your predicament, Cav, I think you are going to really struggle in India.
  16. I don't envy you. You will surely get sick in India, everyone does. Maybe take antibiotics for the entire time you are there.
  17. Maybe his mind was damaged by the suffering he endured?
  18. "The scientists doing this work are so immersed in their own self-aggrandisement, they have become completely blind to the irresponsibility of their acts." A friend of mine who worked as a molecular biologist in a university lab found small pox virus in the freezer. This was at a time when there were only 2 known stocks of small pox in the world, one in Russia and one in the US. My friend asked his professor what to do with the virus and was told "destroy it", which he did. The elderly professor never explained why he had kept the virus for decades. This type of behaviour is what Isaac Asimov called "the sin of the scientist". Doing science that has no possible benefit to mankind.
  19. Japan had already invaded Manchuria in 1937. That was a good enough reason for Roosevelt to mount sanctions against the empire of Japan.
  20. Why were shot guns used? Sounds very messy. Doesn't the Thai army have rubber bullets?
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