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  1. I disagree with you wholeheartedly there DDave, going from personal experience I preffered SabaiLand, better looking birds and nicer rooms. But taste's a personal matter. I'm sure Lusty would have the presence of mind to go and visit all 3 spend the 1600 baht or so it was last time I was ther in each one and offer an educated appraisal. Cheers
  2. People seem to fall into different groupings either those that like bourbons & irish (which I feel taste similar) and those that like scotch and the two rarely seem to cross over. If you want to try out bourbon/irish, try Makers Mark and Black Bush. Cheers
  3. Buy a general book on hypnosis, there will most likely be a reasonable scientific explanation in there to what people explain as paranormal activity. Cheers
  4. I remember NPP, best of luck kidder hope the adjustment is smooth.
  5. Just listen to "Don't fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult a couple of times. Cheers
  6. He tried to barfine a barracuda !
  7. It's a game of two halves, take a line straight down the middle captain !
  8. I had a poster of that tennis player scratching her arse but my mam made me take it down, is that what you mean ? cheers
  9. As a taxi driver the most I've been paid for a journey has been £250. Cheers
  10. It would be like me going to a town where the temperature never goes higher than 8 degrees c, it pisses it down all year round and every cunt's on the dole for my holidays. Cheers
  11. You're wrong at some time in the distant future I'll reach the age of 35 and stay that young forever.
  12. Fucking hell I'll never be that old.
  13. Get the retest done it could still be negative ! If not speak to the Terrance Higgins people they know the right way to look at things. Cheers
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