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  1. Just listen to "Don't fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult a couple of times. Cheers
  2. He tried to barfine a barracuda !
  3. You're wrong at some time in the distant future I'll reach the age of 35 and stay that young forever.
  4. Fucking hell I'll never be that old.
  5. Get the retest done it could still be negative ! If not speak to the Terrance Higgins people they know the right way to look at things. Cheers
  6. Victory Monument BTS, more fun than Baccara and the drinks are cheaper. Cheers
  7. Add a nought to the price you can expect to pay a bar girl and take 4 hours off the closing times of the bars. Cheers
  8. Soi 8 to Soi 7/1 is a lot further than it initially seems with the changes in direction and croissing over using the sky train steps. You also have to dodge tuk tuks wanting to take you to Petchburi. Cheers
  9. That one elef sent me don't work either. Cheers PS Pattaya's full of cunts.
  10. "Two heads are better than one......" tell that to the poor cunt I saw on Soi 3/1 last night with two coupons sprouting out of the same neck, trying to scrounge his busfare home off them tight arsed arab cunts. Not that I gave him more than a kick in the bollocks mind. Cheers
  11. "Let sleepong dogs lie" I found a drowzy mut in my scratcher one night, and thought of the phrase above. Anyway some cunt took a few snaps and now I'm doing 6 months in strangeways to lament the error of my ways. Cheers
  12. are you sure you weren't just enjoying your liquor and seeing double? Cheers 14 points clear as of today
  13. since I've never met the ladies in question, that is purely a matter of conjecture, however one can only live in hope. Cheers
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