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  1. I disagree with you wholeheartedly there DDave, going from personal experience I preffered SabaiLand, better looking birds and nicer rooms. But taste's a personal matter. I'm sure Lusty would have the presence of mind to go and visit all 3 spend the 1600 baht or so it was last time I was ther in each one and offer an educated appraisal. Cheers
  2. Here here, years of trouble free motoring ! My last one was a Samsung ML 4500 brilliant, changed toner twice in about 5 years on it, I've passed it on to a family memeber as my laptop won't take the serial port and its still working. How many inkjet printers can say that ? Cheers
  3. SiLeakHunt

    Corkage charge?

    Corckage sounds more like summat you'd do down Soi 6. Cheers
  4. By the same token I should imagine the odds of you getting eaten by a shark are much lower if you stay out of the water. cheers
  5. People seem to fall into different groupings either those that like bourbons & irish (which I feel taste similar) and those that like scotch and the two rarely seem to cross over. If you want to try out bourbon/irish, try Makers Mark and Black Bush. Cheers
  6. You need to go to Sombat's Cymbals or Porn's Percussion which are at Chatuchak Weekend Market, I'm not sure when it's open though. Cheers
  7. Buy a general book on hypnosis, there will most likely be a reasonable scientific explanation in there to what people explain as paranormal activity. Cheers
  8. 'kin hell you can still get the flag up, I donated mine to science a long time ago. cheers
  9. There used to be a small place at the top of the Soi that has Atlantis Bar and Sabailand (Can't remember if its 2 or 3) cheers
  10. I think second class in a sleeper train between Hua Lamphong is cheaper than a Bangkok guesthouse. She could sleep and see the country at the same time. Cheers
  11. I though it was 12-13% alcohol that poisoned the yeast. Still it'll make beer Laos look like shandy. cheers
  12. Usually accompanied by flatulence and bigotry from me. Cheers
  13. Does she take it up the shitter ?
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