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  1. wow man heart sinking!! my last trip to thailand i wore a condom 4 times out of 14 girls,so stupid but i didnt care at the time or think of the problems it could cause!! i got a scare near the end of my holiday when my friend got flu simptoms and i had sore balls which turns out to be the way i was sleeping!! i got tested when i got home and had to get tested for going to oz,i was shitting it!! thanks for the warning,ive learnt my lesson!! you have a good view on life and you will pick your self up soon thats a great quality!! has this put you off thailand?it would be good still to met up for a beer if you are there near xmas!! take care of yourself and my way of looking at things when sometime happens to me is'theres always someone who gets it worse'!! good luck chris
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