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  1. The gun was in Wi. He did not transport it across state lines. He was legal in carrying the rifle per state laws. Please read the reports before making untrue claims...
  2. 555. Then I am safe.
  3. And admitted in a interview that he had sinned in his mind. That was way too funny at the time. 555
  4. So a peanut farmer from Ga one time was president. 555
  5. Yes, and then her snowflake mom, I believe was wanting Trump to try and intervine. Said the punishment was to hard...give me a break. She broke the rules and knew what she was doing. Oh I tested neg. Before, I will be ok.
  6. Didn't notice that part. Here in the States, they need to hit the protesters, not the cops...with the water canons. Again just my thoughts
  7. They need to do this in the US against the Antifa idiots in Portland and other areas. Just my thoughts
  8. Yes, sadly not one of their better albums at the time
  9. At least Rush never had a bad bad album. RIP Neil Peart
  10. But Trump is still in office. So you are listing a fact of Sluck Willie full terms and only part way through with Trump Apples and oranges so too speak...
  11. When Obumna took office, my business was grossing right at 400k a year. Gross Not Net..Ok Then 8 years later with the economy crashing and too many of us fighting for the same work, I had to drastically down size. I am hanging in there. Things were starting to come around some here the last few years. My gross revenue for 2019 was only 100k. Again Gross Not Net. I have survived thankfully. I didn't live the high spending style when money was flowing. I banked it, spent money on my equipment to keep running. Now this virus has kicked my butt again as businesses have slowed or shut down. And again to many of us vying for the same work. Think of before only 2 hookers on a 4 way corner. Now there are 8 hookers on the same corner and some, bit not all are giving out a full package deal for the price of a handy.. But Obumma real killed our economy
  12. I used to trap and hunt when I was a younger man. The furs I sold and the carcass from the muskrats and raccoons I gave to some people at times who actually cooked and ate them. I tried it. Not to bad. My hunting was mainly rabbit and squirrel. Yes I cooked and ate them. Tasty when cooked in a cast iron skillet and fried in butter, after rolling the meat in flour.. I didn't ever hunt just to have a trophy mounted on a wall. It was for food and making money from the furs
  13. But Coss, I just finished fueling my Cessna and was hoping to meet you and Stick for some mutton stew.. 555
  14. I have read on Yahoo news. I know well vetted news.555 But one reports/ rumors is his sister in more ruthless than him. That yes she would take over. Then another report/ rumor is his half brother has taken control with the help of some Chinese forces.. Where is Dennis Rodman when we need him for the "true" facts...555
  15. Too me it's not the Republicans that are messing up our system. You have Democrats that have also tried and won pushing other funding into their favorite things. There were things funded, aka the Kennedy Center. What does that have to due with this made up crisis that both parties were trying to fund for relief. The stimulus checks are Not free money. This will apply to our 2020 taxes. Then giving 600 a week more over people's unemployment payments. That is stupid. I say that due to the fact now some people get more this route than the actual job pay they had prior. So why would they want to go back to work, when they get this amount for being unemployed. Will it help some people, yes.. great. But remember people need to work and make money to have a place to live and food on their plates . This is anywhere in the world. Not hand outs from the government's.. Both parties need to quit trying to see who can piss the strongest and farthest. The late senator Bryd was famous for those tricks when he was alive..Now Pelosi is trying to follow in his footsteps. Let's just open things up and hopefully the small business owners can overcome this and keep plugging along Panadolsandwich, thanks for the job you do. It has to be a tough job no matter where you are in the world.
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