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  1. No the Electoral College was put in place so all the States would have a fair say in the voting.. Just because a certain party loses the Election, they get butt hurt and cry, we need to change this. No we don't It keeps things on a level playing field
  2. That probably sent alot of them to the temple asking Buddha for help..555 I've been in hail storms before The first time my Thai wife heard and seen one, she was freaking out. I then explained them to her.
  3. Here is a big fudge up I did years ago going into Canada I knew Canada did not allow handguns or firearms at all into their country. Ok I drive semi truck for a living. I get a load into Canada, stop by the house and leave said hand gun at home I forgot all about the extra box of ammo for it in my bag.. So I get pulled into Canada customs for insp. No biggie. Opps. Now I am sitting in a room that has a buzzer lock door. In comes the customs officer going where is the gun!!!! What gun I ask. Seriously The gun that this box of ammo goes too. Then he proceeds to show me the box of shells. Oh Fuck I reply. I left the gun at home as I knew your rules. I honestly forgot about the extra shells. He then goes, how can you forget that you have a brick of shells in your bag? Not a full brick I reply, it's minus 6. He opens it and sees 6 empty spots. He was not amused. Yep the truck got fully searched. I was released and allowed in after filling out some, I forgot and I'm sorry it won't happen again papers.. So it can happen
  4. Wishing everyone the best
  5. Baa99, Aad thing was, he spent only 3 weeks there. He then came back to the States for more treatments. Our last conversation on the phone, I could tell he was just worn down physically and emotionally. He called me from just leaving the doctor's office. They told him, if he makes it through this round, he would have to have treatment every 2 weeks. He said, I will never get back to Thailand now.. He has traveled all around the world and he photographed alot if his travels. I wish there was someway his pictures and story could be told. It was kinda funny when in our last conversation he said I want pancakes and a cat. I'm like repeat that please I thought I misunderstood him.. We were polar opposites in a lot of things. Kinda like Coss and Cav with our current political issues. But were we good friends. Thanks all for letting me vent..
  6. Was not sure how to post the header Here goes all. 2 weeks ago I lost a very dear friend to Cancer. It took him fast. I introduced him to Thailand, several years back. So he meets a freelancer on coconut bar road. I tried warning him.. Long story short, he ended up buying her a home in or near Prae. Not sure the spelling. He went in August to do some work on the house etc. He was really sick, no energy from the cancer. She is taking him all over to show him off like a new puppy So I get the news he passed. My wife looks at his Facebook profile. His former roommate had access to it His love of his life. Well no post about losing her partner or anything Yes she can read English some and speak it. I'm mainly venting as in death, she seem not to care. Sad thing is, I know for a fact, she will get money from his estate I tried politely to discourage this. So here she has a paid for house and money coming soon And never posts about how sad she is that she lost her "Partner" Even my wife tried telling him. She never cared for this lady from the start. She is easy going. Yes she is Thai also. Just mainly venting here all. Thanks
  7. In the new semi trucks in the US. Lorries for you from the other side of the pond. 555 The trucks now have built in tracking and diagnostic systems The shop manager for the company I contract with showed me this the other week. He logged into a website and entered the info for a certain truck. Boom, there it was showing where the truck was sitting. It also sends him info if the truck is showing fault codes.. Plus companies have to install what are called electronic logs in all trucks newer than 1999 year. That also can track you. Most new cars have this also. Many people don't realize this. Yes your car can rat you out if you're doing something you don't want others to know, if they get ahold of the records through what ever means
  8. The sad thing is, the family may or may not had the funds. Then the family or person smuggled in is kinda held captive in a job there to payoff the debt Sad thing is, some people pay the smugglers more than the legal visa fees are..
  9. Well the storm blew threw Savannah Ga. We went Thursday and grabbed our machine. Sadly though, South Carolina and North Carolina got slammed.. Everyone thought it would be ok, but boy were they wrong... Savannah got some rain and wind, but nothing unusual so to speak
  10. Currently waiting the storm to pass through Savannah Ga. I have a machine to pickup. Currently sitting about 130 miles inland now..
  11. Never had the pleasure of meeting him. I do remember his posts though. RIP
  12. No fake families. Happens all the time Kinda like the street beggars in LOS with babies
  13. Flashermac, I sent my buddy from El Salvador the Maga pic you posted. He saw the humor in it..
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