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  1. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    No fake families. Happens all the time Kinda like the street beggars in LOS with babies
  2. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Flashermac, I sent my buddy from El Salvador the Maga pic you posted. He saw the humor in it..
  3. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Have fun..
  4. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Thanks Mekong for ruining my supper Was just getting ready to eat a dish of Panang curry pork. Then I read your post. Somehow I'm not hungry now...
  5. passingthru69

    Pattaya Beach, or not ?

    Just nature's way of removing the unwanted 555
  6. And very expensive to repair if the line gets broke.. Don't ask. 555
  7. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Cav, I have to agree with you on that last comment
  8. I'm almost 60, but US. So that joke went way over my head...
  9. Dumb Ass, trying to be cheap over 200 Baht night end up costing 2 million baht, plus some lodging at one of Thailand's "best" lodging accommodations 555
  10. Working around cranes in the States, most cranes in the last 10 years or so have limit shuts down on them. It will sound alarms and basically shut it down, thus stopping the lift if you are over capacity. Plus 99 percent of the cranes have onboard scales. Yes they can be over ridden if the operator hits the controls. But any smart operator will not over ride the controls. I have been on some spooky lifts. Damm near shit my pants one day when a rubber tired crane did a 3 point stand. The fools set the one outrigger pad on a seam line between concrete and asphalt. Uh guys. You really want to do that. Yes we will be ok. Right. Mid lift in sank. Causing the crane to sink at that corner. Thank goodness the operator got the load set down in time
  11. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    But, it will hamper the poor. It might cost money they can't afford. Never mind they have ID for speedy cash your check here and liquor sales... Just venting on the US thing.. Oh it's a poll tax.. unfair....
  12. passingthru69

    Cowed By Social Media, Bangkok Taco Bell To Add Beef

    Good Ol Chick Fil A
  13. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Voter rolls need to be current and correct. Reason I say this is, I used to live in the state of Ga. I moved 3 years ago.. This last election I kept getting calls and text msgs.. to make sure I get out and vote in the Ga. Election Huh. Yep I was still on the voter roll. Took 10 minutes to get off it.. Oh and now a funnier thing. 5 years ago, my wife gets a notice for jury duty. Yes Ga. Again. I call the court. Don't you need to be a citizen for jury duty. Uh yes.. Well we have a problem. I explain she is not a citizen. I had to send in a copy of her green care. Certain things blocked out. Oh she was even on the voter roll..
  14. passingthru69

    Usa Thread

    Yep, small cut in the right groin. Weird thing was, even though I was half dopped up, I could feel the lead being run up in me