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  1. Not me. Got too many here in the States in the trucking industry. Cut throat Ruthless bastards they are...
  2. Steve, hate to say this, but I was at a Walmart in Ontario,Or Friday evening. Toilet paper sold out. They had a sign saying you had to go to isle 21. Which is shoe dept, they had a line setup there. You then get in line and end up in layaway to get toilet paper. Sold out at 6:30pm. Trk gets in around 4pm they say. They get 6 pallets each day. Sold out quickly. They had a limit person. I'm like really. Oh went to the rice isle. Older Hispanic lady was grabbing all the bags left. These were little 1 pound bags. There was 1 5 pound bag left. Walmart brand Jasmine rice. Ok I'll get it for backup as wife still had some left. The old lady went to grab it also. I said really... She said something to her daughter I believe it was in Spanish,while looking at me.. She then left it. People are going nuts here..
  3. Steve, I'll smoke what you are smoking, but I am subject to random drug tests... 555
  4. Baby wipes are running low in some places yes.
  5. My wife travels with me. Being the superstitious Thai woman she is, it's been a few fun weeks It hasn't fully dawned on her to where we are going. We spent the last few days in south Texas moving oil field equipment around.. The people are stocking up on about everything you can think of Now off to Alabama to ld our military piece Monday. Yea Ha....
  6. Time to thin the herd. People brought this all on their own Remember those signs. Don't Feed the animals
  7. It's getting crazy here in the States Rubbing alcohol is running out in stores Some places are rationing water. Toilet paper is out in many stores. Events are being canceled. My work as a heavy haul driver now sucks. Nobody wants to ship or receive any machines. Oh but the military is still moving things Guess who volunteered to take a piece to Wa state.. lol I ain't scared
  8. Quite normal. I have seen bent ones in different airlines shops. Only 2 with cracked welds. Never seen a severe weld failure one though, but it has been several years since I have moved any. The rate for hauling them has gotten to cheap for the headaches lding and unloading them
  9. Coss, over time the pulling and jerking can cause metal fatigue. Plus using the wrong tow bar on too big of plane, etc
  10. Damm, and I thought I was big. Me I'm fluffy but they are Damm..according to the comic Fluffy. Check him out on YouTube They need to get a grip that they are way to big. Can we say cargo hold. 555
  11. Very sad situation. I have hauled the Tug units before to various airports in the US. I do know that there are different size tow bars for the planes Also they are to be inspected prior to each use. I wonder if they grabbed the wrong one or if there was a weld failure at one of the ends. Where the attachment hook is connected to the tube/ bar. I have been told, if the tow bar even has the slightest bend they have to be scrapped out.
  12. No the Electoral College was put in place so all the States would have a fair say in the voting.. Just because a certain party loses the Election, they get butt hurt and cry, we need to change this. No we don't It keeps things on a level playing field
  13. That probably sent alot of them to the temple asking Buddha for help..555 I've been in hail storms before The first time my Thai wife heard and seen one, she was freaking out. I then explained them to her.
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