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  1. passingthru69

    New version

    Was wondering if someone got bored 555
  2. passingthru69

    Divers Re-Enter Thai Cave To Search For 13 Cut Off By Floods

    I think the sign said something about from the month of July until Nov. Hey it's still June we will ok boys, come along.. I am glad though they found them all alive
  3. passingthru69

    Miss Tahiti Live Now

    Same here in the States
  4. Yes but did they give you the memo about any changes that were made in the meetings that effected you, or did you find out about the changes the hard way...
  5. passingthru69

    Can’T Get The Bloody Lid Off

    Straw is used for bedding or sawdust I believe with horses. We used straw for the cows bedding.. Never as a feed. Lol
  6. passingthru69

    Can’T Get The Bloody Lid Off

    Funny thing about peanuts. My great Grandmother had a garden. I was about 5 yrs old and she pulled the peanuts out of the ground I go Grandma Thomas what are those. Her quote was then are peanuts boy. Oh she was Applachain Tn. Born and bred lady.. There are different types of hay also. Yes there is grass hay. The cheapest type there is. Then clover hay, Alphaffa hay.spelling not right. They will test it also for protein levels. Washington state and Idaho exports a lot of their hay to Japan.. ld it up in containers and ship it out
  7. passingthru69


    My wife uses it here in the states to call or msg Friends and family in Thailand She ided it one my .mobile also Cut out mobile bill down quite a bit. I use it to talk with my one buddy in the Philippines
  8. Mine from the States is only good for 1 year I go to AAA and buy mine. Now what is funny,I hold a class A truck license in the States They stamp the International permit good for it plus my motorcycle endorsement
  9. Yea I would like to know also Every year I get the international permit
  10. The way I have understood the computer crime laws in Thailand it seems to protect the Snow Flakes who's feelings get hurt, and punish the people reporting fact filled news and reports..
  11. It never ends. Money talks..
  12. passingthru69

    Songkran 2018

    Must of been a good night or so..555
  13. If she left her mobile in taxi how did her call her.. 555