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  1. Hi Guys, What ever happened to Old Hippie? Is he stillin SF or full time in LOS? I used to post ages ago and just pop in from time to time. Still living in klongsan Cheers
  2. Long time no post. Still around BKK/ CM/ Klong San I heard about Kurt last fall...Charlie from the old days on Suk told me I guess he went quick. Bless him. I am amazed by the rapid changes at WS- Cheers Poof. Gone
  3. They are about 400 - 500 for four of the generic tabs at most of the usual spots
  4. First visit? My man I did not know you are a newbie.
  5. I dont have the specific numbers but some years ago there was a study done between couples where in one person was positive and the other partner negative. They studied their sexual habits for some 6 months with the male always using a condom and I believe there was a zero transmission rate- (I believe my memory serves correctly...) They then studied a like group who only used the condoms at various decreasing rates of frequency... and well there was corresponding inverse (higher) rates of transmission. At the very least guys use a jimmy.Logical it would seem. Dont know you except through this internet discourse JS but I have followed this thread with concern- Hang in there you seem quite remarkable. :thumbup:
  6. KS- Thank-you. :thumbup: Like many members here we feel for JS, WANT to be supportive and have found this intruder offensive. :thumbup:
  7. Moonoi sorry but no worries... its very clear who is who---
  8. JS- RE-"piggies"post- Agreed an annoyingly ignorant and actuallly very selfish post.Your moniker is appropriate :smirk:
  9. Josh- Any comments regarding this E type strain and its means of transmission? The idea that one can get it from contact through the skin even with a condom is uhm ...how to express it???...extraordinarily frightening.. Thanks-
  10. I think this is probably THE most important post I have ever seen on this website. Lets all treat it and this young chap with respect. :thumbup:
  11. JS I just re-read your post and it appears you waited 17 months before you got tested.Must have beenvery tough not knowing but suspecting... IF you feel like it could you relate the circumstances in which you believe you got exposure to HIV? Random chick from the SUK ?-Nana?_"GTG" Uni Chick? GF? Pick up from Cm2? If you feel like sharing.. Been on my mind all morning -Even GTG are risky business unless you are both tested for everything IMHO.
  12. JS- Oh man my heart sank when I opened the computer and saw your message-May white light surround you. I hate this. It is out there and there is never any reason to be cavalier.Thanks for sharing this experience. Please keep us posted.
  13. Something similar happened to an ex-colleague, who wondered why he was getting very nasty looks from his neighbour. Then his landlord finally told him that he had sold the house to the neighbour 6 months earlier! He just hadn't bothered to inform the renter and kept accepting the rent. " Really?? Amazing Thailand...What a place....
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