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  1. Condom King - was that the same bloke who instaledl machines in all the Nana bars? I remember the Minister for Purity (Somchai?) found a condom down in Phuket and closed the bar for 30 days (it was never disclosed if was used or still in the packet). The owner of the condom machines in Nana feared what would happened if he found MACHINES full of condoms I was in big dogs one Saturday afternoon and seen him removing them for all the bars by himself.....poor bastard. Eventually they made there way back though
  2. hmmmm Thawb and Agal................? I may have to rent one
  3. I will be in Bangkok for the above dates working with a couple of mates . Anyone in town want to catch up? Do we still have a regular Friday nite joint? Last one I did was in Woodstock when I won a calendar off Stickman. I wonder if he has found it yet.......I "think" it might have been one of the (in)famous "ponger" ones
  4. .......back to G.O.D., Anyone remember the Frog Lady from Hollywood? And whatever happened to the Billy Idol bar manger? Did he run away with the frog lady Funniest scene (well one of) was when a frog escaped the dungeon and hopped around the bar. What is it with BGs and frogs? They're screaming, men laughing and trying to stomp the escapee.....meanwhile a high-pitched voice shouting in the background...."my fog, my fog.....where my fog..........."
  5. I remember my first "viist" to Thailand back in '91 I think - just after a coup? Beer was cheap....very cheap I stayed the Intercontinental for 3 weeks whilst delivering an education course . We couldnt start "educating" until about 1:30PM and worked thru to midnite. Our students would always negoiate a taxi back from Ari (no BTS then) to the Siam - 60B was our cheapest fare . That nite we sat thru THREE red lights before we could move thru Victory Monument . The poor driver was beside himself for taking such a low fare . We never told our students that we always gave 100B . The dismay on his face when he turned around for his "negotiated" fare gave way to sheer delight when we said keep the change . Priceless. The other memory I have is coming back from Patpong in a somewhat drunken state and kicking off my favourite 10 year old runners. Inadverntly they landed in the "Please Clean My Shoes" basket . I noticed a slight difference in colour the next day and realized my error . Now that shoe cleaner deserved a 200B tip but I could never find him
  6. Ah yes....that was one of the best DC's. I can still remember the bottles, I mean cases, of Vodka ( think) make there way out to the back room for the young ladies to sample. One sampled too mutt and as she ran up the steps, fell arse over tit and nearly knocked herself out . Seen one of the judges in the john later and he said he hadn't thought he would make a good judge. But after Mrs DC10 did her thing with Mr Heineken he said it wasn't such a bad gig after all. Oh for one last DC......... And to quote the organiser,....never work with animals, small children or TBGs......so true
  7. Well I managed to find a Ms Na Taxi service who did a round trip for B3600 including tolls. Wantana Youdee <wantana_jirayu@yahoo.com> and phone is 0802844594. Just under 3 hours to get there from Nana on Friday afternoon at 13:30. It was much better then the taxi trip on the following Monday down to Pattaya. The driver went out towards Don Muang for some discount gas. Sat in a queue for 45 mins and got to Pats over 3 hours after leaving Nana
  8. Hi Guys, can anyone recommend a "reasonable" transfer between Bangkok and Hua Hin? Was hoping for B4000 return or less
  9. A few years ago I read a joke on the board (or was it a story) about a guy who took 2 VN BG's back to his room for some light entertainment. Well turns out someone also invited a mouse and the story went down hill from there....included Golf Clubs, some screaming and also a comment "that is not a mouse , it is a rat". Anyone have a copy of the story?
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