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    Secrets Bar Raided

    Miller has not been involved with the VTP for some time now, and yes the "Times" article was posted on the Secrets forum, but quickly deleted.
  2. JayT

    Payback Time

  3. JayT

    Health Ministry Warns Of Mormon Outbreak

    Yes, and there is a Mormon church in Bangkok. Do you suppose that it's filled with white boys from Utah or Thais?
  4. JayT

    Where in BKK to find stunners for sanuk?

    Pegasus has always done take-out, but I can't vouch for the others. You might want to to check their websites for more info: www.Poseidon2000.com www.Pegasus-Grand-Sukhumvit23.com
  5. JayT

    Beach Stolen

    Holy fuck! If I don't wear my seat belt I get a personal black and white escort.
  6. JayT

    Jerry Lewis makes another anti-gay slur

    Flash - say it isn't so! After all the millions and tens of millions he's helped to raise for hurting kids? don't you think that's a bit harsh. If he did say it, it's just his opinion, and he was probably having a bad case of heartburn or maybe cancer. Peace, love, dove. :content:
  7. JayT

    Where in BKK to find stunners for sanuk?

    Hi Hornyman Oops, sorry Hornman. If you are willing to spend 5k you might want to try the upscale massage places like Poseidon or Pegasus, etc. Getting yourself four nights worth of good-looking, light-skinned babes from the model lounge will keep you fit as a fiddle. Go for it! :thumbup:
  8. Better hurry up before they get the boot.
  9. JayT

    Jerry Lewis makes another anti-gay slur

    Good for him. Too old and too rich to worry about PC crap. :thumbup:
  10. JayT

    10 Most Biographically Inaccurate Movies

    Dayum. I thought that was Booger. :nahnah:
  11. JayT

    Tuk Tuk drivers = Criminals

    I've always considered the tuk-tuk "scammers' to be rather harmless, based on my limited experience with them. On my second visit, one approached me on Sukhumvit and offered to show me around BKK for free. I had heard about the tuk-tuk tour but decided to investigate it for myself and took him up on his offer. The driver appeared to be about 22 or 23 years old, was very friendly, and wore a perpetual smile. He spoke English well enough that we shared a few laughs along the way. His first request was to ask me if it was ok to stop at an Indian tailor's shop. He explained that he would receive oil credits for bringing me there. No problem. I took a look inside, as I had never been in one before, and five minutes later I thanked the mannered Indian for his time and continued my neighborhood tour. (The driver even showed me the oil chits he received to be redeemed later). Our next stop was at a small Buddhist temple off a tiny street somewhere. (Couldn't find it again if you paid me). I went inside and there was a shrine behind a railing that I examined for a few moments when I was approached by a smiling east Asian man peddling watches and jewelry. He did his best to be persuasive, but since I was able to show him that I already had a watch, and didn't wear chains, wasn't married, and currently celibate, he humbly made his exit. Later on the tuk-tuk driver dropped me off, safe and sound, and true to his word didn't ask for a baht. It wasn't a short trip and I actually enjoyed getting off the main boulevards and being chauffeured through some of the lesser seen areas of town, so I slipped him a 50-baht note as I said goodbye.
  12. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Poor baby. Feeling old and crabby on your birthday.
  13. JayT

    Please Leave! Would you?

    Yeah really! I pick fruit off the trees in my back yard, so I'm qualified. :nahnah: Sixty-two grand isn't chicken feed even in today's inflated, bloated global economy. For a single man with no responsibilities this could be a ticket to explore the world at a real human level.
  14. [color:brown]Spain tries to buy out immigrants[/color] As economy sours, jobless are offered payments to leave. By Christine Spolar Tribune correspondent MADRID â?? Spain once wooed and wanted immigrants. Over the last decade, the booming economy sought poor foreigners to come and harvest its bounty of grapes, avocados and oranges. It welcomed waves of Latin Americans, Moroccans and Romanians to build fancy resorts along its sunny coast. Immigrants were absorbed into Spain's economic landscape, and their presence often was touted as a symbol of this European country's vision and tolerance. Not anymore. As the economy has downshifted and soured, so has Spain's attitude toward foreign workers. Talk of what to do about Immigration has turned politically perilous, according to migration analysts and advocates, with a new initiative from the left-wing government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero encouraging legal immigrants to pull up stakes. Since late September, the government has been offering lump-sum payoutsâ??up to two years of unemployment benefitsâ??for jobless migrants to leave. The average annual salary in Spain is about $31,000. Spain is fighting off a recession, a surprise turn for what had been a star economy, and both legal and illegal immigrants are suddenly targets in uncertain times. Spain's tactic also is seen as a signal flare across Europe: Facing severe economic difficulties, troubled governments everywhere are hunkering down to protect their own. [color:brown]Those who grab the money must stay outside of Spain for three years.[/color] Link [color:brown]So would you?[/color] If they gave you $62,000 to leave the country, would you take off to LOS for three years to cool your heels?
  15. JayT

    10 Most Biographically Inaccurate Movies

    Plan to see "W" asap. Has got to be worth a few hearty laughs. I saw "Religulous" recently, which had the whole place busting up with laughter. :thumbup: