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    Secrets Bar Raided

    Miller has not been involved with the VTP for some time now, and yes the "Times" article was posted on the Secrets forum, but quickly deleted.
  2. JayT

    Payback Time

  3. JayT

    Health Ministry Warns Of Mormon Outbreak

    Yes, and there is a Mormon church in Bangkok. Do you suppose that it's filled with white boys from Utah or Thais?
  4. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Poor baby. Feeling old and crabby on your birthday.
  5. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Ha ha ha ha ha :thumbup: Now that's useless! :nahnah:
  6. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Ha ha ha ha Good one!
  7. JayT

    Useless Posts

    "I am I said ... to no one there ... and no one heard at all ... not even a chair"
  8. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Queers with live electrodes attached to their balls. :nahnah:
  9. JayT

    Who Will Be the Next U.S. President?

    I'm a McCain supporter. What's e-mail?
  10. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Thanks for the warning, I'll be on the lookout. :nahnah: BTW - no rain here.
  11. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Zhuangzi on uselessness Now, a soaring imagination may be wild and wonderful, but it is extremely impractical and often altogether useless. Indeed, Huizi, Zhuangzi's friend and philosophical foil, chides him for this very reason. But Zhuangzi expresses disappointment in him: for his inability to sense the use of this kind of uselessness is a kind of blindness of the spirit. The useless has use, only not as seen on the ordinary level of practical affairs. It has a use in the cultivation and nurturing of the 'shen' (spirit), in protecting the ancestral and preserving one's life, so that one can last out one's natural years and live a flourishing life. Now, this notion of a flourishing life is not to be confused with a 'successful' life: Zhuangzi is not impressed by worldly success. A flourishing life may indeed look quite unappealing from a traditional point of view. One may give up social ambition and retire in relative poverty to tend to one's shen and cultivate one's xing (nature, or life potency). I like the life potency aspect, so I think I'll just xing-it :nahnah:
  12. JayT

    Champange Bar Private Party

    Lots of sailors in town? :nahnah:
  13. JayT

    Useless Posts

    Noble Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi said: "being useless has merit." Go in peace worthless one.
  14. JayT

    Bangkok Dangerous, the remake

    Def not in the class of a Wayne's World or even Juwanna Man. :nahnah:
  15. JayT

    U.S. Dollar on a roll

    Wish I had a couple of mill