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    Could'nt afford hookers


    O.K. So that answers my main concen fuck being honest. it'll get you nowhere. Kids, She knows how I feel about my kids and it scares her. We can come to a mutual arrangement easily. Again 50/50 is nice. My wife is a strange one really, sort of half way between thai and western woman. Even my mates with thai wifes say the same. She generally keeps most Thai women here in Oz at arms length. She has citizenship-passport a car/ full license, English speaking everything except a job. On paper she's as ozzie as me. But still thick and unmotivated like most.


    It's sort of funny, I am composing this post and recollecting my first post on NP.com. At that stage about 5-6?years ago I was whinging about the missus. Things got better, great even, but like all good things.... Sick of whats basicly selfishness. My heart is slowly movinng on (no-one else in mind) and I feel like I know where this is heading. We got married at the amphor nearly 8 years ago and have 2 girls. We are all here in Oz. We have some minor assets but one of them is considerable. There is another she doesn't really know of. I would unlike Cos be hoping to achieve 50% of what she is aware of. She knows I'm not happy and am thinking about leaving, doesn't really care either but at the same time I don't think she understands the gravity of what is more than likely going to happen. The question I have is! When assets are divided, can she find things she doesn't know about. I'm talking about an account which doesn't know my tax file number and is in Oz. Can anyone enlighten me about the processes of seperation and divorce in Oz. I have told her 50/50 is what is ultimatly better for ourselves and the kids as lawyers are expensive and will end up with a shit load of the money. She knows I love a fight so I think as long as she doesn't have to make any effort she may go go with 50/50. This is something I have never done before so am doing alot of guesswork at the moment. Damo

    Any New Jokes

    I said to the missus last night, what would you do if I'd won money on lotto? she said I take half then leave you. I said great, here's ya six bucks now fuck off.


    love to, but can't afford the divorce

    Missus on the game?

    Thai friends, how well doe's he know them. They will be the source of his dilemma. That's not saying she's an angel. IME, and in a really big way, Naughty Thai girls abroad will not associate with good Thai girls and vis versa, education and family background (money) usually differentiating between the two. If she's hocking her box, then be calculating about it, bide time, plan and execute. Think about moving on and being something better than her to the kids and when she's fucked herself, pull the rug out. Your mate can end up in front, just fucking think about it which maybe difficult seeing he's asking other for advice. Casino's IMO are for fucking thick cunts anyways, GTG won't really be found in such placees as casino's and if someone is consistantly walking out of a casino with their cash then they're full of shit. It's not the casino's who go broke first. She's obviously hocking her box. Life is too short, there are some great people out there and a great life to be had, but you gotta go get it. Kick yr mate up the arse would ya........

    Dear Bust

    Sounds like a young woman growing up. Shame shit happens in Oz with Farang chicks. To me it's just cock in pussy, just fun, no big deal. Either her expectations of love and life were somewhat unrealistic or she'd been burdened with demands, either by family, society, etc. WGAFck

    Running away on credit cards

    I did see on another forum once recently, a farang talking about how his wife pissed off somewhere and took his credit card with her and spent up, she was eventually sentenced to a prison term for credit card fraud. Handy having a CC sometimes.

    Explosive Argument

    I would prefer MEKP and cobalt.

    big equipment in thailand?

    The Pilbara car wash.

    Advice needed

    Hi guys, I really need your advice for a serious problem! I suspected for some time now that the missus had been cheating. The usual signs; the phone rings, if I answer the caller hangs up, going out with the girls a lot... I try to stay awake to look out for her when she comes home but I always fall asleep. Anyway last night I hid in the shed behind the boat, when she came home she got out of someones car buttoned up her top and took her panties out her bag and put them on. It was at that moment crouched behind the boat I noticed it... a hairline crack in the outboard mounting bracket.. is that something I can weld or do I need to replace it...?

    What was JJ thinking?

    F/glass does'nt rust, but the glass when not sealed with gel coat or simmilar will discolour and go brown. That jet ski was damaged quite some time ago, more than a month and is not worth more than 200k or about 450ish new. The marine running away IMO is an admission of guilt, the marine agreeing to a price is an admission of guilt, even though from my you tube POV I think he was innocent by a country mile. The Captain dealt with the situation in a moral and honest way given the lad virtually admitted doing it in a way. He could have done better by playing the Thai at his own level. Just my 2 satang.

    Issan and others

    Agree'd, Flashers post following yours basicly says the same thing. Just with better detail. I do think the wife has some good points. I do see Issan woman as hard workers and many Northern women more the housewife/rely on the husband type When my wife see's popular Issan actresses on TV she will tell me they are'nt shy and basicly care less about face. That being how they come to be popular actresses. Of all the Thai/Farang unions I see here in Oz I see more friction in those relationships when Eastern women are involved, the women seem to stand up for themselves unlike Northern women who have the full on jai yen attitude. Please don't get me wrong. I really don't want talk down Issan women. I simply don't get my head around the fact that two different women from the same country and culture can be so different. I do see some differences for myself but my wife makes them out to be foriegners. Racist to a point I do agree. FA..

    Issan and others

    Hi all, I have allways had this, misguided maybe, belief in my mind about women particularly from the Issan region. I guess it comes about from my wife who from the North tends to cast aspersions upon Issan gals. I have been with plenty of Issan gals and others, along time ago before I became married and never really saw that much difference. The Issan woman I think is more passionate and much more emotional. In my wifes moo bahn we have some Issan folk, mainly women but some men as well. My wife often talks about them like they are from the moon claiming they are different citing all sorts of things they do which are different from the norm in the Northern region. When she see's popular actors from Issan on TV she makes all sorts of claims. She says Issan women are'nt shy like northern women, they love thier men to death (excuse the pun) but then completely switch thier love off and walk away without care. Amongs many other things she says the women work harder and are willing to do many things Northern women won't, they are tough and are dangerous. So as you can see, courtesy of my wife, I [color:blue][color:red]tend[/color][/color] to view Issan women differently to the rest of Thai women. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is right? or would you say the missus has just been flinging mud?

    Any New Jokes

    a bloke was standing on his front porch watching his mother in law get beaten up by 6 men. His neighbor runs over and says to him, don't you think you should lend a hand to which he replied- Nah- 6 blokes should be enough. Fatts....