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  1. Haha... this thread still has legs. I'll be back there in just over a fortnight, will duly report back. And ain't it a strange phenomena how it's daylight outside the bar but still night time within...
  2. Damn you lot, damn you to hell! I was kinda hoping that last comment would quietly disappear into bandwidth oblivion, instead it sits around undisturbed, untouched, unmolested for 4 long days! What I *really* meant to say was... 'JP is best for the fact that it's still open after all the other places have closed... [color:gray]and / or if you find your alcohol of choice is still seeing you quite happy...'[/color] There, fixed.
  3. I wouldn't recommend JP Beer Bar if you're intent on stunners, try clubs earlier in the night for that... because hey, we all look a little past our best post a sleepless 6am. JP is best for the fact that it's still open after all the other places have closed... [color:gray]and / or if you find your drugs are still seeing you flyin'.[/color]
  4. ...and again last night, erm, this morning. Wondering if the same girls I'm currently trying to avoid there are same same?!? :smirk:
  5. Shit, really sorry to hear this news junglesoup, hope everything goes okay for you here on in. :thumbup: Thanks for sharing, it is indeed a wake-up call for many of us, myself included. Had an instance of drunken unprotected just recently... ...plus a condom broke on Soi 6 bargirl the other day, left me wondering...
  6. Good summary Mr YimSiam. Left that gig at 9am again this morning... ... last seen flying down Second Rd hanging on for dear life on the back of a bike owned by what would turn out to be my most refreshingly, sexually deviant f*cks this trip. 'Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted...'
  7. Welcomed the sun up at the JP Bar Thursday night, well, Friday morning... 0600 - 0800 hours - 'twas absolutely smokin'. Thanks for the recommendation Christian Troy. :thumbup:
  8. I'm alway curious at hearing of board members' '1 year visas', or in fact any visa longer than the usual extended tourist visas. Is it a work related visa? 'Visiting family' visa? How does one do so? Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?
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