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  1. Flashermac

    Dengue fever is spreading in Bangkok

    The Bangkok governor says dengue haemorrhagic fever is spreading in Nong Chok, Huai Khwang, Bang Kapi and Klong Samwa districts, with five fatalities this year. https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1541666/dengue-fever-spreading-in-bangkok?utm_source=bangkopost.com&utm_medium=article_news&utm_campaign=most_view_bottom_box
  2. Flashermac

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    UTCC requires the students to spend time doing all this crap. They get graded on it. Don't do it, and you can't graduate. Academics be damned, just get out there and prance around.
  3. Flashermac

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    This isn't the link I wanted, but I couldn't delete the damned thing to post the right one.
  4. Flashermac

    Travel to Vientiane

    https://www.airasia.com/en/home.page?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6Zran-3E3QIVAx2PCh0evgfwEAAYASAAEgKb-_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CMPlsKPtxN0CFUukjgodh7IOGw http://www.laoairlines.com/
  5. Flashermac

    Travel to Vientiane

    Last time I went to Wiengchan (I ain't no froggie and don't use their spellings), I flew from Don Muang to the city. Not more than an hour flight, so why not just fly straight there and have done with it? You get your visa and change currency at the airport. p.s. Don Muang is crowded all the time these days, and not just by the Chinese arrivals. It's not bad flying out, just trying to get a taxi after you fly back. Plenty of acceptable hotels to choose from, nothing very schmalzy though. Best thing about the city is they have real bread! That's about the only good thing the French accomplished there.
  6. Flashermac

    Any New Jokes

    I'll catch hell for this one, but ...
  7. Flashermac

    Usa Thread

    I used to get government messages on my phone a few years ago. I think that was under Yingluck's government - weather warnings, election notices etc. They all came in Thai, so presumably they weren't meant for foreigners.
  8. Flashermac

    Global RIP thread

    Caravan band member dies of heart failure Mongkol "Wong" Uthok, a veteran musician of the legendary songs-for-life Caravan band has died of sudden heart failure at a restaurant in Nonthaburi. He was 67. The musician, fondly called “Na Wong of Caravan’’ (Uncle Wong), had a meal with friends at Khrua Somkiart restaurant on Nakhon-in Road in Bang Srimuang, Muang district of Nonthaburi province before he fainted and fell at the parking lot, said Pol Capt Suwan Nakya, deputy investigation chief at Bang Srimuang police station, who was reported at 1.30am on Saturday. https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1540518/caravan-band-member-dies-of-heart-failure
  9. Flashermac

    Any New Jokes

  10. Flashermac

    TIT. Thank God!

    When I came here in 1973, Farangs were rare outside of Bangkok and the towns near US military bases. If a group of Thai men saw you, they'd call you over and insist that you had a few drinks with them. Once they realised you could speak Thai, they'd be asking you all sorts of questions. Foreigners were a novelty back then and always attracted attention. I'm a six footer, but one of my friends was 6' 3" and another 6 4". If we walked down the street together, Thais would stop and stare. That's when the average Thai guy probably wasn't more than 5' 6", if that. Nowadays, a foreigner is usually no big deal, and I've had a few male students who were taller than I am. .
  11. A tour bus company was slammed after footage emerged of young lads being entertained - by COYOTE dancers. The young men hired the coach last week for a trip from Bangkok, Thailand, into neighbouring provinces. But video taken during the journey onboard the 'VIP Family Bus' with blacked out windows shows passengers cavorting with young women in hot pants and skimpy tops. One of the girls is dancing seductively and rubbing her backside on the thigh of a passenger - while a second girl sits on the back seat as men take it in turns to fondle her breasts and crotch. Video of the explicit trip sparked outrage from locals who said it was inappropriate. Sunisa Ninsunthorn said: ''I hope their family do not see this. They would be ashamed. My life is not perfect but it's not as disgusting as this.'' [video on link] https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9v83M_1536623732 Just as long as the driver doesn't watch too ...
  12. Flashermac

    Thai driving licence

    I got my residency letter through Jaeng Wattana Immigration. I think they charged me 180 baht. Several weeks later, I received a very nice letter all in Thai from the local police station confirming my address. (If the police even came here, I never saw them.) The embassies are ridiculously overpriced. It costs at least 1,500 baht at the US Embassy for them to sign a piece of paper for you, plus nowadays you have to make an appointment just to see them! Even back in the 1980s the US Embassy would charge you $1 a page for photo copies, when you could go out on the street and have them done for half a baht. There's a special desk for the residency letters. Let them know what you want and you can save yourself time, since it's the same window as used by tourists extending their visas. Once the police sergeant saw what I wanted, she called me in and did my form on the spot. Otherwise, I'd have had to wait for my number to come up - with dozens of tourists ahead of me.
  13. Flashermac

    Usa Thread

    I've had Muslim friends and colleagues, all very nice people. What they had in common is that they were not very religious. The guys would shoot pool and drink beer. Several of my female university students admitted to me that they no longer believe in Islam, but they don't dare let their families find out! It's the fanatics of all religions that you watch out for. The same holds true for politics, which can be almost a pseudo-religion.