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  1. Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter leaders hold joint conference: We 'denounce White supremacy' https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/oct/1/proud-boys-black-lives-matter-leaders-hold-joint-c/?fbclid=IwAR2J5CtuodZ_eYHJPR2xVazx9YH88dZIWhDJfRg40Xpih32dgp6C1sZ_loY
  2. No one has ever confirmed the JFK planned that. But no, there was no such executive order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_executive_actions_by_John_F._Kennedy I think I'd put Afghanistan ahead of the VN War as the biggest mistake. Just what the hell are we doing there, if not defending the opium fields, the way the conspiracy folks insist? US troops have been there 19 years, FFS! The Brits tried in Afghanistan - and failed. Russia tried in Afghanistan - and failed. And the US? I don't know one Soldier or Marine who has been there and doesn't think we should get out. They all tell me that as soon as we leave, the Taliban will take over again. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-47391821 As to the US participation in the VN War achieving nothing, one can make a good case that if it hadn't done so, the communists would have conquered Thailand as well. I remember when when the Thai military was engaged with communist ":insurgents" at Khao Kor and other places. Malaysia was also very worried and openly supported South VIetnam. When the communists ruled Laos and Cambodia, the domestic communists would have been a serious threat. Thailand had a military government at the time, which was not necessarily very popular outside of Bangkok. Yes, the Thais were overall contented with their government, but so were most South Vietnamese with theirs. The communists didn't care in either country. They wanted power. In the 1970s my university students were donating blood and contributing money to help the Thai soldiers fighting against the communists at Khao Kor, while the commies had support from Hanoi and Beijing. NVA soldiers had been killed on several occasions inside of Thailand. http://outbackthailand.com/khao-kho-thailands-forgotten-war/ https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000012498.pdf p.s. In the 1970s I had a nodding acquaintanceship with the Thai commander at Khao Kor, while today I know several Thai ex-communists. They've said to me, "I made a mistake."
  3. I can't see it happening, since the police would lose too much money if it is made legal.
  4. Sex workers in Thailand have launched a petition calling for prostitution to be decriminalised and urging authorities to remove all penalties for selling sex. Empower Foundation, a group that supports sex workers, said it hoped to collect 10,000 signatures and present the petition to parliament to help persuade lawmakers to consider changing the country's prostitution law. "The law punishes sex workers - 80% of whom are mothers and the main breadwinner for the whole family," said Mai Junta, a representative from Empower. "It turns us into criminals," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Tuesday. More than 1,000 people had signed the petition since it was launched on Saturday. Although predominantly Buddhist and deeply conservative, Thailand is home to an extensive sex industry, largely catering to Thai men. Hordes of tourists also flock to the bright lights of go-go bars and massage parlours in Bangkok and the country's main tourist towns. Women and LGBT+ rights activists say the current law, which made prostitution illegal in 1960, does little to protect sex workers, while repeated arrests and fines for doing sex work has driven them further into poverty. The women's affairs department at Thailand's Ministry of Social Development and Human Security said it was in the process of amending the prostitution law and would launch an online public hearing next year, without giving further details. "We are aware of complaints regarding rights violations of sex workers due to this law... and we are not neglecting their suggestions (to repeal the law)," a spokesman said. A 2014 report by the UN agency fighting AIDS estimated that there were 123,530 sex workers in Thailand but advocacy groups put the figure at more than twice that number and say it includes tens of thousands of migrants from neighbouring Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Prostitution is currently punishable by a fine of up to 40,000 baht or two years in prison, or both. People who pay for sex with underage workers can be jailed for up to six years. More than 24,000 people were arrested, prosecuted and fined for sex work-related offences last year, according to the Royal Thai Police. Surang Janyam, director of the Service Workers in Group, a Thailand-based support organisation for sex workers, said the prostitution law should be repealed to allow sex workers to be protected under labour laws. "The sex industry generates massive income (for the country), but there is no mechanism to protect (sex workers)," Ms Surang said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1989843/sex-workers-petition-to-decriminalise-prostitution?cx_placement=underbox#cxrecs_s
  5. I've talked to vets who actually knew McCain, and they didn't share your high opinion of him. One USAF colonel told me that McCain was shot down when he returned to do a victory loop ovr the target he'd just attacked. True or not? How should I know, but the Col was a pilot who flew missions over NVN himself. Trump and McCain never got along. There's a difference between calling one man a loser and saying he called all veterans and war dead losers. There is ample evidence tht he did not. p.s. I voted for McCain.
  6. Nice history, but not quite so. The Brits occupied VN at the end of WWII to hold it against the VIetminh until the French could arrive. The Brits had no desire to stay there, and couldn't wait to get out of there. So that makes it an American cockup? As to JFK, no one knows what he would have done. It is all guess work, but I'm sure he'd have done a better job than LBJ. BTW .. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/britain-s-secret-vietnam-war-missions-lx2056nl8
  7. Absolute fucking bull shit, but it's anti-Trump so it's got to be true. Too bad John Bolton (no admirer of Trump) didn't go along with the BS. John Bolton shoots down Atlantic story saying Trump called soldiers ‘losers’ Trump found an unexpected ally in his corner. The same man who called him “unfit for office” said he was on that particular trip with Trump. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has been an adversary of the president since leaving the administration last fall. He wrote in his book about Trump the visit to the cemetery by helicopter, was canceled due to the weather. Driving to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery was considered an “unacceptable risk.” This was due to the possibility of being stuck in traffic if an emergency arose. In fact, the book actually aligned with the official White House Claims for the cancellation in France. Bolton wrote: “The weather was bad, and Kelly and I spoke about whether to travel as planned to the Chateau-Thierry Belleau Wood monuments and nearby American Cemeteries, where many US World War I dead were buried.” On Friday, Bolton confirmed his account in an interview with the Times, and added that he never heard Trump say “losers” or “suckers.” Bolton said in an interview: “I didn’t hear that… but I was there for that discussion.” Bolton also had an interview with Bloomberg where he said: “I didn’t hear him say those things.” https://www.sofmag.com/john-bolton-shoots-down-atlantic-story-saying-trump-called-soldiers-losers/?fbclid=IwAR3aLec9MhHNewuYZFTiULTSDj2JqmjPCltA2GsgsuLgE9YEbtifJcNxNAI BTW effing Joe Biden is also a draft dodger. He played football in both high school and college, but when he ran out of deferments he paid a doctor to say he had "asthma". However, creepy Joe is a Democratic, so it's wrong to criticise him for being chicken shit. p.si. When you start talking about combat veterans, you are treading into a minefield, and you don't want to do that. Especially when you are diggng up discredited two-year-old false charges. The Dems must really be getting desperate if that's the best they can do.
  8. No, you cannot own an RPG launcher in any state, nor can you own hand grenades, landmines etc, artillery pieces, or fully automatic weapons. Most modern military weapons are what is today called an assault weapon, the large magazine semi-automatic M16 and AK-47 types, and I still don't understand why these are legal. They were made for combat, not for hunting, target shoot, or home defense. It puzzled me when I moved back to the US 20+ years ago and found that people could buy weapons they had no businesses owning. We couldn't own them in the 1960s and '70s. For one thing, it is comparatively easy to convert them illegally to fully automatic. A shotgun is actually very effective for home defense, as is a handgun. What more would you need? A double-barrel hammer-type shotgun is an exellent choice for home. Keep a gas cartridge in one barrell and buckshot in the other. Then you have a choice of deciding how to respond to an intrusion. If the intruder is non-threatening, you can hit him with the gas. If he is threatening, you drop him with the buckshot. But these days it seems to be the in thing to have an assault weapon, even if it is more dangerous to yourself than to others.
  9. From what I've read, the guy thought it was thieves trying to break in and fired first, wounding a policeman. The cops then responded by shooting at everything in sight. Breanna Taylor was killed by lying in bed, and it's a wonder the guy wasn't killed too. It was an over-reaction for sure, but when the adrenalin is pumping you're not thinking right. I learned that in Vietnam. I'm very much opposed to this no-knock entries, and neighbours say the police did not identify themselves (though they claim they did). Was Breanna murdered? I wouldn't say she was intentionally targeted, but her death most certainly was manslaughter, since they had no idea who she was. The cops lost it and were firing in panic. They are not supposed to lose their cool. (Remember the cop who panicked and shot an Australian woman who asked for help?) No-knock entries are very likely going to end this way, as happened in California some years ago, when a man (white this time) heard someone breaking into his home and got up with his pistol in his hand and walked out on the the landing. If I remember right, he responded by shooting a policeman (maybe even killing him), and was then shot dead himself. The cops had the wrong address that time too. How many times does it has to happen before it is abandoned? And since you mention Rittenhouse, a white rightwing-protestor has been shot dead in Portland, with no apparent search for his killer. The guy (a Portland local) was walking along the street unarmed, when a leftist-protestor walked up and shot him in the chest. Rittenhouse claimed he fired in self-defense, which a judge will have to decide, but there is no question that the death of Aaron Danielson of Portland was just plain murder. What the hell has happened to America?
  10. Democratic strategist David Axelrod weighed-in Thursday on Joe Biden’s potentially reduced campaign schedule; saying “this is bad advice” and claiming the former Vice President can “either cut it or he can’t.” “This is bad advice. You can’t cloister the candidate and win. He either can cut it or he can’t, and the only way he can prove he can is to be an active and vigorous candidate. He’s running for president of the United States, for God’s sake!” posted Axelrod on social media.
  11. Have you been following the protests in Bangkok and elsewhere against this government? It's starting to feel like it did back in the 1970s. The general has more important things to worry about than joining the CPTPP. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/politics/1975083/prayut-warns-nation-could-be-engulfed-in-flames-as-online-crackdown-expands
  12. God help them if they'd shot anyone. In just about every state you can only use lethal weapons in self defense. The other person has to be actually threatening you (and preferably armed). The news reports I read said the protestors were making threats against them and their property. If they weren't they deserved to be charged. p.s. I also wonder if that magazine is legal. Civilians are usually only allowed a 5 round magazine or so. That is clearly over 20 rounds, maybe 30.
  13. Yeah, Coss. Just ignore the fact that the "protestors" had broken into their gated housing estate and were threatening to burn people's houses down. And maybe it's a shoes-optional zone.
  14. Must be the same cops in the cities currently seeing rioting and looting..
  15. Ah, the glorious DNC. Integrity is an unknown word. DNC Used Deported Woman To Attack Trump. She Was Deported Under Clinton, Flagged Under Obama. https://www.dailywire.com/news/dnc-used-deported-woman-to-attack-trump-she-was-deported-under-clinton-flagged-under-obama?utm_campaign=dw_newsletter&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=93673344&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_fyL0OQG74Bkr8ku6-siE1cIY4i7fIDGzuKFRWqek7BO9D6XAYSxpgLJSlCQeQuv--Mb92LgYDyof6hxDc-RVr3AC8Yg&utm_content=non_insiders&utm_source=housefile&fbclid=IwAR0cT4RRtQotiR5a0ioj7JeoyLCU6r_dFwJdujhKDr3UJn2bjsBDDhJrInU
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