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  1. Wuhan's public transport lockdown came into force as of 10:00 local time (02:00 GMT), leaving normally busy train stations and airports empty. One Wuhan resident said on social media site Weibo that people were on the "verge of tears" when they heard about the closures. Health authorities are reported to have made wearing a mask mandatory in the city. They are advising people to avoid crowds and public gatherings. Demand for rubber gloves and surgical masks has soared. Taobao, the Chinese online retail giant, has warned sellers not to profit from the outbreak by raising prices. - Huanggang. The city east of Wuhan announced a suspension of bus and rail systems and encouraged people not to leave the city. Cafes, cinemas, theatres and exhibitions are being shut - Ezhou, just south of Huanggang, has shut its train stations - Xiantao has cancelled gatherings, suspended transport and set up temperature detection stations, - Chibi and Lichuan are suspending transport, AFP reports The capital, Beijing, announced it had cancelled all major Chinese New Year celebrations. A doctor at a hospital in Wuhan spoke to the BBC The virus is now spreading at an alarming rate. The hospitals have been flooding with thousands of patients, who wait hours to see a doctor - you can imagine their panic. Normally Wuhan is a great place to live and we are proud of our work - specialists here have developed a guide for coronavirus diagnosis and treatment. But I am scared because this is a new virus and the figures are worrying. Two days ago we were told not to go to work because of the risk of contamination. If we leave our home on the hospital campus, we are required to wear masks. We don't want to take our two-year-old son outside. He's sleeping now, and we are trying to protect him as much as possible - handwashing, airing the apartment, avoiding contact with people. Outside I can barely see anyone on the streets. We have been told to avoid gatherings. I went to the supermarket to buy food, but there was nothing left - no vegetables or biscuits. Some Lunar New Year celebrations are cancelled. People had bought tickets to go home for Lunar New Year but they can't go now. Everyone is stuck here and can't leave. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51217455
  2. Thai Tourist Returning From China Confirmed as Coronavirus Patient BANGKOK — Health officials on Wednesday said they found the first case of a Thai national who contracted the new strain of coronavirus, and the fourth infection in Thailand. Department of Disease Control director Sophon Iamsirithavorn identified the patient as a 73-year-old female native of Nakhon Pathom province who returned from a trip to the Chinese city of Wuhan back on Jan. 13. Wuhan is thought to be where the strain originated. He said there have now been four confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Thailand: three Chinese tourists and one Thai citizen. The announcement just as Macau and the U.S. also reported an infection. Symptoms of the virus are similar to a flu: runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache, and fever. The virus could also lead to illnesses like pneumonia or bronchitis if the patient has weakened immune system, such as children and the elderly. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2020/01/22/thai-tourist-returning-from-china-confirmed-as-coronavirus-patient/
  3. China coronavirus: Fear grips Wuhan as lockdown begins A sense of anxiety is growing in Wuhan as the Chinese city goes into lockdown in an effort to control the spread of a new virus which has left 17 dead. The authorities have suspended planes and trains in and out of the city of 11 million people, as well as buses, subways and ferries. Residents have been told not to leave. Worried about a food shortage, one said it felt like "the end of the world". There are more than 500 confirmed cases of the virus, which has spread abroad. Wuhan is at the centre of the outbreak and believed to be where the virus originated. The lockdown in the city comes as millions of Chinese people travel across the country for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Another Wuhan resident said on social media site Weibo that they were on the "verge of tears" when they heard about the closures. All outbound flights from Wuhan have been suspended as of Thursday. A handful of inbound flights still appear to be operating, though many flights have been cancelled. Several regional airlines - including Malaysia's AirAsia and Singapore Airlines' budget carrier Scoot - have announced a temporary halt to flights to and from Wuhan. .... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51217455?fbclid=IwAR2O4qSCrZ2r9rTXQsHmqPH2wsLC4_7LpK6sWQ3CWLUsivZcAqsiAkg1mP4 Not to worry, this is China's century. The PRC is going to take over the world, if any of them survive.
  4. Thailand was the biggest mover in The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2019 Democracy Index, rising 38 places in the global rankings to become a "flawed democracy" rather than a "hybrid regime". "The biggest score change in Asia occurred in Thailand, which finally held an election in March 2019, the first since the military coup in May 2014. Voters had a wide array of parties and candidates from which to choose, and this helped to restore some public confidence in the electoral process and the political system," the EIU said. "The election led to improvements in the scores across all five categories of the Democracy Index, but the sharpest increase was recorded for electoral process and pluralism."In rankings revealed yesterday, Thailand was ranked 68th out of 167 countries with an overall score of 6.32 out of 10. The country was awarded 7.42 points for electoral process and pluralism, 5.36 for functioning of government, 6.11 for political participation, 6.25 for political culture and 6.47 for civil liberties. According to the report, 2019 was a testing year for democracy in Asia. Hong Kong slipped a further three places in 2019, from 73rd to joint 75th, amid a deterioration in political stability. Thailand leaps up global democracy rankings Gloomy times for democracy Charity brands number of UK prison deaths 'national scandal' Meanwhile, India dropped 10 places, to 51st. The primary cause given for the democratic slide was an erosion of civil liberties in the country.Asia's average regional score stalled at 5.67, in another illustration of the difficulties in establishing and consolidating democracy in many developing countries. Among the 167 countries ranked, 22 were categorised as full democracies, encompassing 5.7% of the world population. Meanwhile, 54 countries were categorised as flawed democracies, making up 42.7% of the global population. Thirty-seven countries were named hybrid regimes (16% of the global population) and 54 came under the authoritarian regime category (35.6%), the agency said. The top-scoring country in the Asia and Australasia region was New Zealand (9.26), which retained its 4th position in the global ranking, while persistent laggard North Korea (1.08) was bottom in 167th place. Australia and New Zealand are the region's only two "full democracies". South Korea and Japan are very close to attaining "full democracy" status, but remained "flawed democracies" in 2019. While China fell to 153rd position, Singapore's ranking dropped from 66th to joint 75th. The introduction of a "fake news" law in Singapore led to a deterioration in the score for civil liberties in the city-state, the EIU said. Since 2006 when the EIU began producing the Democracy Index, the Asia and Australasia region has made the biggest advances in the global rankings. However, it continues to lag behind North America (8.59), Western Europe (8.35) and Latin America (6.13). https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1841684/thailand-now-only-a-flawed-democracy-says-report#cxrecs_s
  5. Also, it almost seems like the guy wanted to be caught. p.s. "Amnat Wichayanuwat, sec-gen of the Office of Basic Education Commission, said Prasithchai would be fired from his post if his crime is proven in the court." Gee, you think so?
  6. One "invasion" I haven't heard about in quite a while is of the Central American cayman. For years they were sold in pet shops, and many were turned loose when they started to get too big too handle. Unlike the domestic alligators, the caiman are much more aggressive and can even be a danger to human!
  7. Terry Jones: Monty Python star dies aged 77 Monty Python star Terry Jones has died at the age of 77, after having lived with dementia, his agent has said. A statement from his family said: "We have all lost a kind, funny, warm, creative and truly loving man." Fellow Python Sir Michael Palin described Jones as "one of the funniest writer-performers of his generation". John Cleese said: "It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away..." He added: "Of his many achievements, for me the greatest gift he gave us all was his direction of Life of Brian. Perfection." ... https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51209197 https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-30116194
  8. KANCHANABURI: Two women tourists sightseeing on a motorbike were injured when they ran into a telecom cable hanging at neck-level across a road on Saturday. The incident occurred on Kanchanaburi-Dan Ma Kham Tia road in front of a petrol station in tambon Ko Samrong. Christina Gandia, from Spain, who was driving the motorbike, sustained a deep cut in the neck while pillion rider Ana Moncada, from Argentina, suffered minor injuries. The two women told police they rented a small motorbike to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Their trip was ended by a cable hanging across road at the height of their necks. It swept them both off the bike and to the ground. They were taken to hospital for treatment and further examination. Police were investigating, and said they would find out which company owns the cable and was legally responsible. https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/easy/1839709/neck-high-cable-sweeps-tourists-off-motorcycle?fbclid=IwAR0NcJmOTd2NeuEVXMUmUs-rugTSVhhLj6lqe3S_8wHoYL2FxA0GrO4jUS0#cxrecs_s
  9. Concerns about the spread of coronavirus are growing after a Chinese scientist confirmed on Monday it is now being transmitted from person-to-person. Also on Monday, a British tourist became one of the first to be publicly identified as possibly suffering from the potentially deadly virus. Ash Shorley, 32, was taken to the hospital in Phuket, Thailand, late last month for a pneumonia-like infection that doctors reportedly say includes symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, The Sun reported Monday. “Ashley traveled to Thailand for a break and has ended up very poorly in hospital with a flu virus that has resulted in a collapsed lung and the possible need for an operation to remove the infected part of the lungs,” a GoFundMe campaign set up for Shorley said. “Although he has insurance it won’t cover most of the costs for him or his family while they are over there with him.” Shorley’s parents told The Sun that they are awaiting test results to see if he has indeed been infected by coronavirus. Shorley’s continued hospitalization in Thailand comes as fears concerning the coronavirus grow. “Now we can say it is certain that it is a human-to-human transmission phenomenon,” scientist Zhong Nanshan said on China’s state-run television Monday, The New York Times reported. The outbreak has prompted U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection to implement “enhanced health screenings” for travelers coming from Wuhan at San Francisco International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Los Angeles International Airport. However, the CDC also said on Friday that the coronavirus has been deemed a low risk to the American public. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/china-confirms-human-human-transmission-040225760.html
  10. Quite an accomplishment when you think about it. And he did it without even trying.
  11. That's not the Donald's doing. The Feds did it to save money by simply using existing Army camos. Presumably when on Mars they will wear the desert camo. I actually prefer this uniform. A black uniform would have too many bad memories.
  12. EXCLUSIVE: What Iran’s Military Training is Like, According to an Iranian The vast military camp was on the outskirts of a small city. The soil was nearly frozen. There wasn’t a tree or any greenery in sight. Concrete buildings made up the complex where Farhad (a pseudonym for his real name) would receive his two months of mandatory military training. He wore light brown and dark green fatigues, a belt, and a pair of poorly manufactured combat boots. First, Farhad marched for a while. After that, his picture was taken, along with the other conscripts. He then was shown to his barracks and bunk. While many training camps in Iran don’t permit leaving the base, he was allowed to go home every weekend. “Soldiers need food. Their food was shitty — rice with little pieces of meat — and this helped to lessen expenses,” he said. The food may have been bad but remaining connected to his family was one of the benefits. He and the others there were allowed to call home anytime after 5 PM using the phone booths set up on the grounds of the camp. As for the training he received, Farhad called it a “joke,” especially the shooting portion. The firearm he was issued — a Heckler & Koch G3 — has been around since 1959. If he would have been part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, or Sepâh), he would have been issued an AK-47 instead. According to Farhad, you go out on the range one time and shoot a dozen bullets. ... Farhad further described what he learned about weapons: “Not much. Effective range. Pure fire range. Caliber. Rate of fire. Weight. How many bullets they take. How to discharge. How to aim. How to safely check a weapon. How to clean your weapon. How to carry it. How many ways there are to carry it. Different types of weapons in the military. Things like that.” In addition, he didn’t receive any combatives or medical training. “They aren’t trying to make soldiers. They want a work force,” Farhad said. More so than actually training in combat or tactics, the Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in creating soldiers submissive to its religious ideology. Farhad said that religious indoctrination was a major part of his training experience, but he and many others didn’t take the sermons seriously. In fact, they would question and mock the mullah’s lecture whenever they had the chance. “The mullahs really got frustrated with us,” Farhad said. “No one cared about them and made fun of them when they could and laughed and argued with them and put holes in their arguments all the time.” ... When training concluded, there was a ceremony where everyone dressed their best, but, unlike basic training graduation in America, family and friends were not permitted to attend. To his recollection, only one conscript failed to complete the training. Farhad then spent two years in the Iranian military, which only solidified the negative impression he started with. “It’s such a shitty, unreliable, broken system,” he said. “Whenever I see these websites talking about Iran’s military might, it makes laugh. They have no idea what they are talking about.” https://coffeeordie.com/iranian-military-training/?utm_campaign=5lweoa&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_content=codjan&utm_term=lp&fbclid=IwAR2CwOn-EsUWDl3q30mDF8R21voLLRQVQfEyE3ACBbnjPgkt2yCd24gTook
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