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  1. Gee, look at that! Trump wore a mask when he visited a veteran's hospital where there were coronavirus sufferers present. What a shocking thing to do. "I've never been against masks but I do believe they have a time and a place," he said as he left the White House. On Saturday he said: "I think when you're in a hospital, especially in that particular setting, where you're talking to a lot of soldiers and people that, in some cases, just got off the operating tables, I think it's a great thing to wear a mask." BBC news
  2. Trump did not pardon Stone, the way Billy Clinton did his buddies. Trump "commuted his sentence", meaning Stone will not have to serve time in prison. Stone still has that guilty verdict to live with, and it can have a negative effect on him for the rest of his life.
  3. Corporal punishment is also banned, but I have seen primary school teachers line of their entire class and give them all a good smack on the hand with a ruler. p.s. My Mrs had beautiful hair when she was a university student, and she told me that when she was doing her practice teaching in her final year, her supervising teacher (a woman in her 40s) told her to cut her hair. Long hair was "impolite". She refused to cut it, so the teacher gave her a C+, while everyone else got a B+.
  4. Private amusement parks etc are one thing, but when national parks double charge - even though you are a Thai resident and taxpayer - is something else. A Thai driving license can sometimes get you the Thai price, but not always. I still ask for the Thai language menu in restaurants, a habit I picked up years ago when double pricing was fairly common even in restaurants. Okay, so tourists have money or they wouldn't be travelling, but those of us on a local income certainly didn't. Thai university salaries for foreigners were never much over 30,000 baht a month when I was still working. Yet we got charged double or more at national parks than a Chinese Thai millionaire in his brand new Mercedes.
  5. Big gold fraud busted in China! Gold market spooked by massive counterfeiting scandal Over the past decade, China has emerged as the world's biggest counterfeiter of various, mostly industrial metals used to secure bank loans, infamously called "ghost collateral", and often several banks would have claims to the same (fake) asset. In a recent development, which would spark a brief wave of outrage among physical gold holders, China's Wuhan-based Kingold Jewelry Inc has been accused of depositing fake gold bars as collateral to obtain loan worth 20 billion yuan ($2.8 billion) from 14 Chinese financial institutions, mostly trust companies (also known as shadow banks), over the past five years, as per a report in Zero Hedge. Considered to be one of the biggest gold counterfeiting scandals in recent history, the scam not only involves China, but it emerges from Wuhan city, the capital of Hubei Province, that has become synonymous for all that is scandalous about the country. ... https://www.businesstoday.in/current/world/biggest-gold-fraud-busted-in-china-83-tons-of-fake-gold-bars-used-as-loan-collateral/story/408497.html
  6. Creepy Joe has promised to pick a "woman of color" as his VP (color meaning every one except white). What are his alternatives? The BJ Queen from California? Susan Rice? (Both of them have white husbands, which could rule them out.) Opra Winfrey might bring him all the women's votes he needs though.
  7. Duckworth emerges as contender for Biden running mate WASHINGTON - As Joe Biden pushes ahead with his search for a running mate, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., has quietly emerged as a serious contender, according to three people with knowledge of the selection process, one of several developing dynamics as the search enters its final weeks. Duckworth is a Purple Heart recipient and veteran of the Iraq War, the only finalist with military combat experience - and as a woman of Thai and Chinese descent, one of several candidates of color under consideration. While she has a lower profile than some rivals, she is being taken seriously by Biden's team, according to the people with knowledge of the search, one of whom said she has lately received strong consideration. Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who has been in direct contact with the Biden campaign about its search, said in a recent interview that there was a "lot of attention" lately on Duckworth, whom he called "a highly decorated woman." Reid suggested Duckworth's qualifications are getting more attention. "You had all the other names there, and it was as if she didn't exist," Reid said. "And suddenly people began to look at her - this highly decorated woman, member of Congress, senator." Two others with knowledge of the search said Duckworth has been attracting notable interest from the campaign, including one who said Duckworth had left a strong impression on at least part of the Biden team. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations. The Biden campaign declined to comment. A Duckworth spokesman also declined to comment Duckworth's emergence comes as some Biden allies say former senator Chris Dodd, D-Conn., a close friend of Biden's, is taking a primary role in the search process. It is also unfolding as Republicans prepare to launch fierce attacks on whoever is chosen as running mate, believing that person might present an easier target than Biden himself. Beyond Duckworth's relative inexperience on the national stage, her selection would frustrate those who are pushing Biden to choose an African American, saying the issues raised by protesters in recent weeks highlight the need for someone who understands the black experience in America. ... https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390867?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=internal_referral Sorry, you're great, but your the wrong color. See, the Democrats aren't racist. p.s. I've met her and I like her, but she's hard as nails. I'm glad I'm not married to her. 😮 Her Thai is quite good though, and her Chinese-Thai mama seems totally in awe of how far her daughter has gone in politics. Oh, yeah ... her father (whom they don't even mention) was a white guy and a USMC veteran. The left might hold that against her.
  8. I wouldn't say that Biden is playing it cool and keeping quiet. It's more like the Democats are keeping him out of sight so he doesn't say anything stupid. Trump, on the other hand, still says anything that pops into his head.
  9. AAPS Sues the FDA to End Its Arbitrary Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine Today, June 2, 2020, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit, AAPS v. FDA, against the Food and Drug Administration to end its arbitrary interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which President Trump and other world leaders have taken as a prophylaxis against COVID-19. Two million doses of HCQ are being sent by the Trump Administration to Brazil to help medical workers there safeguard themselves against the spread of the virus. But at the same time the FDA continues to block Americans’ access to this medication. HCQ has been approved as safe by the FDA for 65 years, and the CDC states on its website that “CDC has no limits on the use of hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of malaria.” More than 150 million doses have been donated to the strategic national stockpile controlled by the federal government, but unjustified FDA restrictions limit its use to only hospitalized patients for whom a clinical study is unavailable. Hospitals are even returning HCQ to the stockpile because they are not able to use it effectively. “It is shocking that medical workers in Brazil will have access to HCQ as a prophylaxis while Americans are blocked by the FDA from accessing the same medication for the same use,” observes AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. “There is no legal or factual basis for the FDA to limit use of HCQ,” states AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly. “The FDA’s restrictions on HCQ for Americans are completely indefensible in court.” Many foreign nations, including China, India, South Korea, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, use HCQ for early treatment and prevention of COVID-19, AAPS points out. “Entrenched, politically biased officials at the FDA should not be allowed to interfere with Americans’ right to access medication donated to the federal government for public use,” Schlafly says. “By preventing Americans’ use of HCQ as a prophylaxis, the FDA is infringing on First Amendment rights to attend religious services or participate in political events such as political conventions, town halls, and rallies in an important election year.” “FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn states that the FDA does not interfere with physicians’ ability to prescribe HCQ, and yet at the same time the FDA denies access by millions of Americans to 150 million doses of it in the national stockpile,” Schlafly adds. “This irrational hoarding by government is an abuse of power.” The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has represented physicians of all specialties in all states since 1943. The AAPS motto is omnia pro aegroto, meaning everything for the patient. https://aapsonline.org/hcqsuit/?fbclid=IwAR2kr3mU8mxFuBj7UM9nT1NXD-0htNCzDKiebJGMBYKmGLiQxz7Y0f1R31E
  10. Peta worries about monkeys being exploited, but never says a word about humans being exploited by Nike and other western companies. I suppose Peta has no interest in humans.
  11. Flashermac

    The Covid-19 thread

    In Thailand ... where before the coronavirus you almost never saw anyone wearing a mask, except bank robbers maybe.
  12. Poor Laos. At least when it was a tributary state to Siam it had complete domestic autonomy. Then the French took it over ... "to enforce Vietnam's claim" to Laos (which was non-existant) and exploited it for decades to their own advantage. (The French had the bright idea that the Mekong River would be their path to gain access to Chinese resources, which they soon found didn't amount to much in the late 19th century.) After Laos finally got its independence, the Pathet Lao decided to seize power by force and turned the country into a battleground with Hanoi pulling the strings. So now the PRC has managed to replace Hanoi as the new master.
  13. The result of today's education system ... Ooh Say, Can You...Read? 10 Non-'Racist' Statues Targeted By Historically Illiterate Protesters https://www.mrctv.org/blog/oh-say-can-you-read-9-non-racist-statues-targeted-historically-illiterate-protesters?fbclid=IwAR3HXE9IC1Zq_XJgJVCEaLs58ServvYqUkMZBnTS_171qusCAsbu1rdxD2s
  14. And with Chinese help the PDR Lao is building another dam of its own ... In a couple of years fish in the Mekong will have to carry a water bottle with them.
  15. Govt backs 'monkey business' The Commerce Ministry, coconut farmers and monkey school owners have dismissed claims by an animal rights group that monkeys trained to pick coconutGovt backs 'monkey business's were maltreated and announced plans to take foreign diplomats on a visit to see the monkeys at work for themselves. Boonyarit Kalayanamit, permanent secretary for commerce, said the monkey owners did not abuse or exploit the animals which have been humanely trained to pick coconuts. "However, the ministry is ready to invite foreign diplomats to visit coconut plantations and see how the monkeys pick coconuts so they will realise this is not animal cruelty [as claimed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)],'' Mr Boonyarit said. He also said he has instructed commercial attaches in Thai embassies overseas to provide an explanation to retailers in foreign countries. He added the ministry will also discuss the issue with the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry to find further solutions. Pramual Pongthawaradej, a Demo­crat Party MP for Prachuap Khiri Khan, who chairs a House subcommittee tackling the falling price of coconuts, said the group has asked operators of coconut milk plants to justify their practices to Peta. The subcommittee has also asked the Department of Agriculture to give details regarding the use of monkeys to pick coconuts, Mr Pramual said. Somjai Sae Kow, the owner of a school which trains the monkeys in Surat Thani's Kanchanadit district, said the practice of capturing monkeys from the wild to pick coconuts ceased a long time ago. Currently, monkeys are bred and raised before being trained, Ms Somjai said. She also denied claims the monkeys are forced to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day, adding the monkeys do not work every day. Coconut-picking monkeys are mostly males and their abilities vary, she said, adding the owner of the monkey receives 2 baht per a coconut picked. "Foreigners may not understand our livelihood. Also, humans are not built to climb up a coconut tree to pick fruit. They will be at risk, compared to monkeys which have the natural ability to do so," she said. Chaowalit Chusaneh, an owner of coconut-picking monkeys in Surat Thani's Muang district, brushed aside claims of inhumane treatment. "The current batch of monkeys working for us were bred from previous generations. "There is no cruelty. Actually, they are looked after well. They are fed well with rice, milk, and fruit three times a day. They are treated like family members,'' Mr Chaowalit said. Major western retailers have begun to pull Thai coconut products from their shelves amid allegations the coconuts were picked by poorly treated monkeys. According to Peta, the monkeys are snatched from the wild and trained to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day. The animal rights group said pigtailed macaques in Thailand were treated like "coconut-picking machines". Peta said monkeys were used by farms that supply some of Thailand's coconut milk brands, which are exported to many countries in Europe and the United States. "Following Peta Asia's investigation, more than 15,000 stores will no longer purchase these brands' products, with the majority also no longer buying any coconut products sourced from Thailand monkey labour," the group said on its website on Saturday. In the UK, Waitrose, Ocado, the Co-op and Boots all vowed to stop selling certain Thai coconut products, the BBC reported. A spokesman for retail giant Tesco told the BBC: "Our own-brand coconut milk and coconut water does not use monkey labour in its production and we don't sell any of the branded products identified by Peta. "We don't tolerate these practices and would remove any product from sale that is known to have used monkey labour during its production." The Morrisons chain said it had removed products made with monkey-picked coconuts from its shelves. Sainsbury's told the BBC: "We are actively reviewing our ranges and investigating this complex issue with our suppliers." Peta said it had found eight farms in Thailand where monkeys were forced to pick coconuts for export. Male monkeys are able to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day, Peta says. It's thought that a human can pick about 80. "Other coconut-growing regions -- including Brazil, Colombia and Hawaii -- harvest coconuts using humane methods such as tractor-mounted hydraulic elevators, willing human tree-climbers, rope or platform systems, or ladders, or they plant dwarf coconut trees," it said. The group said it also discovered "monkey schools", where the animals were trained to pick fruit, as well as ride bikes or play basketball for the entertainment of tourists. "The animals at these facilities -- many of whom are illegally captured as babies -- displayed stereotypic behaviour indicative of extreme stress," Peta said. "Monkeys were chained to old tyres or confined to cages that were barely large enough for them to turn around in." "One monkey in a cage on a lorry bed was seen frantically shaking the cage bars in a futile attempt to escape, and a screaming monkey on a rope desperately tried to run away from a handler. "Peta is calling on decent people never to support the use of monkey labour by shunning coconut products from Thailand." https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1946240/govt-backs-monkey-business
  16. Actress: Arrest Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew following Ghislaine Maxwell's FBI capture Ex-president and British royal accused of running in Jeffrey Epstein's circle https://www.wnd.com/2020/07/actress-arrest-bill-clinton-prince-andrew-following-ghislaine-maxwells-fbi-capture/?fbclid=IwAR3bPqIsPkRXmaDxXnJnFNHadvpKlVDiMuRcue0Vvg1R3KXU8O6cHBHe3mE
  17. https://siberiantimes.com/search/?text=Thai tourists in Siberia&tag=1
  18. Just think, soon you'll get to start hating creepy Joe Biden. Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls https://www.businessinsider.com/joe-biden-allegations-women-2020-campaign-2019-6#ally-coll-a-former-democratic-staffer-told-the-washington-post-in-april-2019-that-when-she-met-biden-in-2008-he-complimented-her-smile-squeezed-her-shoulders-and-held-her-for-a-beat-too-long-3
  19. ‘Trump political base hit hardest by coronavirus' The economic impact of the coronavirus has taken a heavier toll on low-wage earners according to Tomas J Philipson, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. In an exclusive interview with the BBC before his reported departure, he said: "There's a sort of unique impact of this shock in that its very regressive, hitting the low wage part of the economy. Low-wage workers take a bigger hit than higher wage". The virus has derailed any progress the US was making in raising the living standards of those on low pay, Prof Philipson said in an interview for Coronavirus: The Economic Shock, in which some of the world's leading economists and business leaders look at how the gravest economic downturn in nearly a hundred years may change the way we live and work. "We had enormous success in growing lower wages before the pandemic struck, so this has taken a very regressive toll on the economy," he argues. This has political implications for the upcoming November election as President Trump enjoys far higher support among non-college educated voters - often used as a proxy for low vs high wage earners - than among those who have college degrees. Prof Philipson also plays down the chances of a rapid economic recovery. "I'm not saying we are going to have a v-shaped recovery, in fact the data shows a sort of gradual response." However, he also defends the United States' response to the pandemic and places some of the responsibility Covid-19 in the US at the doors of state governors. "We were the first country to introduce travel bans from China and were criticised for that. Many state governments run by Democratic governors did not act before the federal government, even though they were free to do so." He disagrees that a rise in US economic nationalism has been harmful to the world economy. "I think China was justifiably demonised in the sense that we treated them a lot better selling stuff here than they treated us selling stuff there. I think the president has done a lot to balance that". Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Stanford University says the virus has seen economic tensions between the world's two biggest economies become more than a trade dispute. "It seems to me pretty clear that we're now in 'Cold War Two'. "It's going to be different from 'Cold War One', not least because the US and the Soviet Union were never as economically interdependent as the US and China have become over the last 20 years. "It's hard to think of a better illustration of the downsides of globalisation than the extreme vulnerability it exposed to a virus that originated in in China."This has, he believes, huge economic implications for the entire interconnectedness of the world economy and therefore the size and the health of the global economy. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53224752
  20. HANOI: Vietnam's aviation authority said on Monday it had grounded all Pakistani pilots working for local airlines, amid concern from global regulators that some pilots may have been using "dubious" licences. Pakistan said last week it will ground 262 airline pilots whose credentials may have been falsified, after global airlines body IATA said that irregularities found in pilot licences at Pakistan International Airlines represent a "serious lapse" in safety controls. "The head of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has ordered a suspension for all Pakistani pilots working for Vietnamese airlines," the CAAV said in a statement on Monday. The suspension will be in effect until further notice from CAAV, it said, adding that the authority is coordinating with Pakistani authorities to review the pilots' profiles. Vietnam had licensed 27 Pakistani pilots, and 12 of them were still active, while the other 15 pilots' contracts had expired or were inactive due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the CAAV. Of the 12 active pilots, 11 were working for budget airline VietJet Aviation and one for Jetstar Pacific, a unit of the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines. In a statement, VietJet said it had stopped assigning work to its Pakistani pilots as soon as news of the licence issue emerged and no pilots with Pakistan-issued licences were currently flying for the airline. Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways were not using any pilots from Pakistan, the CAAV said. Vietnamese airlines currently have 1,260 pilots, with nearly half of them holding foreign citizenship, according to the CAAV. https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1942812/vietnam-grounds-pakistani-pilots-over-licence-concerns?cx_placement=recommend#cxrecs_s I wonder how much a pilot's license costs at KSR.
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