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  1. Thai health minister ‘sorry’ for saying ‘f*cking farangs’ without masks should be kicked out. Thailand’s top health official apologized for using a vulgarity to disparage white tourists Friday morning and demand they should be kicked out of the country. Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul on Friday afternoon apologized for his enraged comments during a photo op this morning at which he was handing out face masks and noticed some foreigners refusing them. He told reporters that “farangs,” a catch-all term for white tourists, should be deported for not wearing masks during the current coronavirus outbreak. “These fucking farangs. These farang tourists. The embassies should be notified and the public should be informed too. We are giving away the masks, but they refused to take them. They need to be kicked out of Thailand,” Anutin said while giving an interview to the media at BTS Siam, where the media had been invited to film him personally hand out masks to commuters. “The Chinks, Asian people, they all take the masks. But those Europeans… how frustrating,” he continued. In his online apology, he said the foreigners “showed disgust at Thais.” “I apologize that today I kinda ‘lost myself’ to some Europeans who showed disgust at Thais who wear masks and refused to cooperate to wear the masks,” he wrote on Facebook. Anutin is the head of the Bhumjaithai Party, which came to power by backing legal cannabis and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha. Thai officials have been playing down the extent of the outbreak which has led to at least 25 confirmed infections in the kingdom, an increasing number of which are locally transmitted as the virus spreads. None has involved any tourists of European ancestry. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/kick-fcking-farangs-out-of-thailand-for-not-wearing-masks-health-minister/?fbclid=IwAR3zrWSrFLWYTNsZXHau-IRM0EJ80BH1Wac2oY1Hs3Wb3_HnxCNKK4RDQ58
  2. There is definitely a shortage, but I bought a few masks at Mission Hospital for 5 baht each! Earlier I'd bought PM 2.5 masks at Tops grocery for 19 baht for two.
  3. If this is the case, then why has there only been one death among those outside the PRC?
  4. No idea how trustworthy this site is. I certainly hope it's not true. Chinese Gov Accidentally Releases The Real Data. My Translator Confirms, Corona Kills 1 Of Every 3 Cases, 25,000 Already Dead It sure is convenient to know someone who can translate Chinese Characters. The Chinese gov released, I am sure by accident, this real report. But it is from 7 days ago. NOTED 1) About half of everyone they test, actually has the Virus 2) Only 0.33% of people have been cured so far (269 / 79808) 3) It quickly kills about One-Third of the people who get it http://www.efreenews.com/a/chinese-gov-accidentally-releases-the-real-data-my-translator-confirms-corona-kills-1-of-every-3-cases-25-000-already-dead?fbclid=IwAR10XiS9bxG6uy05hu0-m6-qKYooJXFy-5yZnsi7igq-lIa30UEPkSygOHk Annotated from an email response.
  5. So what did they look like BEFORE the weight loss surgery?
  6. Mother and daughters told 'too big' for business class Enjoying the luxury of business class seats on an 11-hour flight back to Auckland was meant to be a treat for Renell and Tere after undergoing weight-loss surgery in the city of Bangkok. Instead, the sisters and their mother, Huhana, were left ''traumatised'' by Thai Airways staff who came at them with tape measures telling them they were ''too big'' for their business class seats. Six months on from that ''disgusting'' experience and Huhana, 59, is still bitter about the experience. ''The staff were shouting 'too big, too big' at us repeatedly. Rows of people watched as they measured us at the check-in. It was so humiliating the way we were treated that I just broke down in tears,'' said Huhana. The language barrier didn't help as staff refused to let them enter the business class section and made them sit in economy class. Huhana, a social worker, says she won't fly again until she loses weight, to avoid the sort of traumatic experience Thai Airways put her and her daughters through. "We were really looking forward to flying on business class and instead we were left traumatised,'' she added. Most airlines can provide seatbelt extensions for larger passengers. But Thai Airways said its business class seatbelts are fitted with built-in air bags which means they can't be extended. The family are still confused by this explanation. Since their traumatic experience last summer, Huhana and her daughters have been trying to get a refund from Thai Airways. But the airline has only offered to recompense the family based on the difference between business and economy fares. She approached the travel agent she booked the flights with, Flight Centre, who said it would provide a full refund, although the family had to wait more than six months for it. When contacted by the BBC, a spokesman for Thai Airways said it now has better warnings in place on its reservations system so agents are made aware of such issues. The family were on a tour organised by Destination Beauty, which specialises in sending clients to Thailand for weight-loss and plastic surgery. Martin Olsen, chief executive of Destination Beauty, said he was ''very saddened and surprised'' at the way the airline handled the situation. He was also confused by the actions of Thai Airways staff as ''many obese people book business class as they are unable to fit comfortably into economy class''. When it comes to oversized passengers, it's up to the discretion of each airline how to manage the situation, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said. Airlines do calculate the take-off weight for a plane, but this takes into account the estimated weight of passengers, their luggage and fuel. ''In most cases the average passenger is well under the weight limit as the allowance tends to be fairly generous,'' he said. Most airlines recommend that if you think you will be too big for your seat, you should buy a second seat at the time you make your booking. But few airlines have specific guidelines when it comes the definition of ''oversized''. However, American Airlines does states '''if a customer's body extends more than one inch beyond the outermost edge of the armrest and a seatbelt extension is needed, another seat is required''. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51276016 Poor things, they should have flown cargo.
  7. The first Thai to contract, and recover from, the Novel Coronavirus is giving the thumbs up and telling the public not to panic. 73 year old Jaimuay Sae-ing was interviewed on the Palang Pracharat party’s Facebook page yesterday. Jaimuay fully recovered from the virus after nine days in Nakhon Pathom hospital, around 50 kilometres west of Bangkok, under the care of a large, specially selected medical team. She had been with younger relatives on holiday in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is now under lockdown after it was found to be the origin of the outbreak. She was in China from December 25 until returning to Thailand on January 3. She began to feel weak with aches and pains, and was admitted to a local hospital where it was confirmed she had contracted the new virus. She said in the interview that she was cursing her luck, especially as she was the first case, but now she is fine. “Don’t be worried about the Coronavirus. I was the first and I recovered, and importantly, I was treated by upcountry doctors”. The Novel Coronavirus is understood to have an incubation period of 14 days. Doctors told reporters she had already been suffering from the virus for 12 days at the time she was admitted. Her relatives were kept well away and could only connect with her via intercom and video link. It was felt that the expertise of the staff at the Nakhon Pathom hospital was sufficient and she didn’t need to be transferred to a bigger facility. https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/coronavirus/first-thai-to-catch-and-recover-from-coronavirus-tells-people-not-to-worry
  8. 1. Dump Melania and run off with Hillary? 2. Dump Melania and run off with Hillary?
  9. Nah, the "elite" have learned their lesson. They'd be more likely to choose the JFK option.
  10. The alternative is having some dumbass politician as the head of state. Who would you rather have, an apolitical monarch or klutzy Boris Johnson? Without a monarch, Scotland would probably go independent and even Northern Ireland might decide to go off on its own. I suppose the Welsh would stay with whatever was left of the UK.
  11. Chairman Xi has come out in praise of the General and his handling of the virus containment. He clearly wants him to stay in power in Thailand and keep signing agreements with the PRC.
  12. I didn't realise he was still living.
  13. What a totally bizarre comparison. This is an election year and every president has used his election year State of the Union address to boost his upcoming campaign. The British monarch is not running for any office.
  14. I hardly think any of Trump's popularity could be passed to his children. His adult sons seem like the kind of people you would want to avoid. Once the Donald is gone from the picture, who do the Republicans have? If they'd had a stronger figure four years ago, Trump wouldn't have been able to get the nomination.
  15. Speeding Democratic Campaign Buses Run Over 173 Iowans In Mad Dash To Get Fuck Out Of State https://politics.theonion.com/speeding-democratic-campaign-buses-run-over-173-iowans-1841459055
  16. Trump rejected Pelosi's hand shake after she had failed to introduce the president in the traditional manner. It was payback time. Trump lays out pitch for re-election On BBC World News, BBC North America reporter Anthony Zurcher spoke of the divided body language that coloured Trump's remarks, noting both Trump's snub of top Democrat Nancy Pelosi's attempted handshake and later, Pelosi's shredding of the president speech. But partisan tension aside, "the point of Trump's speech", like for any incumbent president before an election "is to lay out the framework of that re-election campaign," Zurcher says. And this year, America's "booming economy" was Trump's central pitch, drawing a counterpoint to the Democrats, who he says would endanger a long-term economic growth period. And Trump got most aggressive in two main areas Zurcher says: healthcare and immigration. Zurcher also noted the medal of freedom awarded to Rush Limbaugh, a figure who is is "notorious among Democrats for what they view as racist and sexist statements", and known among Republicans as a "grandfather of conservative politics". https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-us-canada-51351106
  17. https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-kokopelli-flute-playing-god-conquered-pop-culture
  18. I liked Rush when he started out because he was funny and usually on target. But then he started getting loonier and loonier. However, if you're ever in southeast Missouri, don't criticise him. Folks there think he is almost divine. Awarding him the medal should be worth a pile of votes for Trump.
  19. Obama didn't know how many states there are and publicly showed it. Papa Bush thought Arkansas was a small state between Texas and Oklahoma. Our presidents don't seem to be that strong on American geography.
  20. How many Americans even know that Kansas City is in (mostly) Missouri? p,s, I wonder if they're getting flak from Native Americans over the teams name.
  21. Bangkok ‘most at risk’ for virus spread Bangkok and Hong Kong are most at risk from the spread of coronavirus based on air travellers expected to arrive from affected cities in China, population mapping experts at the University of Southampton concluded. Sydney is 12th, New York 16th and London 19th among 30 major cities, the researchers said. Thailand and Japan are the most at-risk countries, followed by the US (6th), Australia (10th) and UK (17th). The research is based 2013-15 data on typical patterns of movement by people in China during the long Lunar New Year celebrations, including the public holiday that was extended a week ago. ... https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/advanced/1849749/bangkok-most-at-risk-for-virus-spread?fbclid=IwAR0tWVXeW0Y5bbR9vMQZmZpBG4PiRTJr54H-TejlGpGP1QsNZZnFJbFydgo#cxrecs_s Rots o' ruck finding surgical masks in Bangkok. Prayut says there are more than enough, but I don't know where they must be hiding them.
  22. I'd say those clowns are more a danger to themselves than anyone else. Idiots with war weapons.
  23. Virus deaths in China rise to 360, exceeding SARS mainland toll China's death toll from the coronavirus epidemic soared to 360 on Monday, with deepening global concern about the outbreak and governments closing their borders to people from China. The fresh toll came a day after China imposed a lockdown on a major city far from the epicentre and the first fatality outside the country was reported in the Philippines. Authorities in Hubei, the province at the epicentre of the outbreak, reported 56 new fatalities. That took the toll in China to 360, exceeding the 349 mainland fatalities from the 2002-3 SARS outbreak. Struggling to contain the virus, authorities took action in the eastern city of Wenzhou on Sunday, closing roads and confining people to their homes. Wenzhou is some 800 kilometres from Wuhan, the metropolis at the heart of the health emergency. Since emerging out of Wuhan late last year, the new coronavirus has infected more than 16,400 people across China and reached 24 nations. The G7 countries -- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States -- have all confirmed cases of the virus. They will discuss a joint response, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Sunday. In Thailand, which has 19 confirmed cases, doctors said Sunday an elderly Chinese patient treated with a cocktail of flu and HIV drugs had shown dramatic improvement and tested negative for the virus 48 hours later. Most of the infections overseas have been detected in people who travelled from Wuhan, an industrial hub of 11 million people, or surrounding areas of Hubei province. ... China's efforts have included extraordinary quarantines in Wuhan and surrounding cities, with all transport out banned, effectively sealing off more than 50 million people. But 10 days after locking down Wuhan, authorities imposed similar draconian measures on Wenzhou, a coastal city of nine million people in Zhejiang province, part of the eastern industrial heartland that has powered China's economic rise over recent decades. Only one resident per household is allowed to go out every two days to buy necessities, and 46 highway toll stations have been closed, authorities announced. The city had previously closed public places such as cinemas and museums, and suspended public transport. Zhejiang has 661 confirmed infections, with 265 of those in Wenzhou, according to the government. This is the highest tally for any province in China after ground-zero Hubei. https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1849519/virus-deaths-in-china-rise-to-360-exceeding-sars-mainland-toll
  24. Thai doctors have declared the use of anti-flu and AIDS drugs a success in reducing symptoms of coronavirus patients after using them on a Chinese woman. Two doctors from Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok — Dr Kriangsak Atipornwanich, an expert physician, and Assoc Prof Dr Subsai Kongsangdao, a specialist — said at a briefing in Bangkok that improvements were seen in the 71-year-old woman 48 hours after administering the two groups of medications. The woman was admitted first to Hua Hin Hospital and then transferred to Rajavithi Hospital on Jan 29. After finding she had serious symptoms, the doctors decided to use oseltamivir, an anti-flu drug used to treat the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS), as well as lopinavir and ritonavir, two AIDS drugs. Dr Kriangsak acknowleged that the Chinese had already been using AIDS medications on novel coronavirus patients. We checked related information and found anti-flu drugs were effective on MERS so we combined both groups of medications. “After poor lab tests for 10 days, the test finally turned positive after 48 hours of administering the medications. The treatment, as well as therecovery is fast,” he said. They noted they had reported the discovery to a medical journal and would use the drugs on additional patients. The two groups of drugs are effective on patients with serious symptoms, they said. Doctors from the Public Health Ministry also said at the briefing on Sunday the accumulated number of patients in Thailand stood at 19. One was discharged, bringing the total number of treated cases to eight. Thirty-eight more met the criteria for investigation, bringing the total under investigation to 382, they said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1849024/thai-doctors-say-two-drug-groups-effective-on-patient Be nice if it's true.
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