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  1. << If you ever go hunting, there is a deep respect for another hunter when you come across them in the woods. You may be hunting in his area and you are both very respectful and you move on. Both of you have guns and everyone makes sure that tempers never get to the level that would make it escalate to firing on each other. You make small talk, talk about where the game is and ain't and its a healthy respect for another armed person. >> CS, as usual you make good sense ... which means you probably have absolutely no future in politics in the US! A VN vet buddy, retired Special Forces, said to me one day, "Did you noticed how respectful everyone was of each other in Vietnam? Do you suppose it's because we were armed to the teeth all the time?" AP News: "One law enforcement official said Cho's backpack contained a receipt for a March purchase of a Glock 9 mm pistol. Cho held a green card, meaning he was a legal, permanent resident. That meant he was eligible to buy a handgun unless he had been convicted of a felony. "Roanoke Firearms owner John Markell said his shop sold the Glock and a box of practice ammo to Cho 36 days ago for $571. "'He was a nice, clean-cut college kid. We won't sell a gun if we have any idea at all that a purchase is suspicious,' Markell said." And yet his classmates all say he was a wierdo who gave them the creeps. Somebody didn't do some background checking on him!
  2. Comparing the US to the UK makes no sense, since the countries have very different histories. When did the average Brit ever own a firearm -- even a shotgun? In the US, however, firearms are a part and parcel of the history of the country, especially in the west. Both of my grandparents kept pistols in their homes, as did my father. I grew up around them and was firing them by the time I was 11 or 12. Suppose you live in the countryside in the US, miles from any law enforcement officers. Are you going to want a means to protect yourself from criminals or not? Try telling such folks they would be safer turning in their own weapons. Consider that the UK is smaller than most American states. There is a lot of empty space still left in America. Can you say that about much of the UK? Some interesting facts and figures http://tinyurl.com/rbsrr "In the year ending June 2005, there were 10,979 firearm offences recorded in England and Wales (excluding offences involving air guns). "This is a 6% increase from 2003/04 and continues the pattern of annual increases every year since 1997/98. "In fact, the current number of firearms offences is almost twice that of 1997/98." "Firearms were involved in 1,206 more serious incidents of violence against the person (other than homicide) in 2004/05 than in 2003/04." ... "Also, gun crime tends to be focused in certain areas. Over half (54%) of gun crime occurred in London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands."
  3. << Not quite true, depending on what kind of training you have had. I have been in fire fights before while in the army, and you do stay focused. Later on, when it all calms down is when you start to lose it, and relive it in slow motion. >> I cannot remember being frightened a single time under fire in VN. You have too many other things to worry about. In fact, the only time I started getting a bit afraid was when the NVA broke their routine. We were more or less encircled and had been getting stand off fire for about a month straight - 122 mm rockets, mortars and recoiless rifles. We always got hit hard just before lunch time - say 11 am. But one day the time passed and nothing happened. Complete silence! I recall feeling quite concerned, wondering what they were up to. Then after about 15 minutes, all hell broke loose. I relaxed and felt fine after that.
  4. Why? "2-hour gap leaves room for questions "A single question stood out yesterday at Virginia Tech: Would more students be alive if the university had stopped them from going to class after a shooting occurred in a campus dorm?"
  5. A few years ago it was in the papers about an idiot who walked into a bar full of good old boys, pulled a gun and announced he was taking over. I've forgotten how many bullet holes the cops found in him when the owner called him to come get the body. The idiotic assinine logic that banning firearms is going to disarm criminals makes me suspect that a lot of people really need to be locked up in the loony bin. People who are already violent law breakers are going to obey this one??? As CS said, ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS we already have. But going after gang bangers and the like always seems to get branded as racism or whatever. So send black cops to sort them out! I'm sure there are plenty who would love to.
  6. People who grow up in the country come by hunting naturally. Nothing much else to do! But I'm always suspicious of city folks who want to go out in the woods and kill something. (Having been hunted myself, I have a lot more sympathy for the animals.)
  7. p.s. Headline: "HE LINED STUDENTS AGAINST A WALL, THEN EXECUTIONS BEGAN." Why the hell didn't they charge the SOB? If they had, he couldn't have shot more than a couple before they piled on him and beat the living sh*t out of him. Instead they stood there waiting to be killed.
  8. The perp could NOT have purchased his weapons legally, since he was not a US citizen. I'm waiting to find out HOW he got hold of two 9 mm pistols. Probably the same way the gangs get theirs - from illegal underground dealers. "Authorities were investigating whether the gunman who killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus in the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history was a Chinese man who arrived in the United States last year on a student visa. "The 24-year-old man arrived in San Francisco on United Airlines on Aug. 7 on a visa issued in Shanghai, the source said. Investigators have not linked him to any terrorist groups, the source said. "Police believe three bomb threats on the campus last week may have been attempts by the man to test the campusâ?? security response, the source said." http://tinyurl.com/2xj2g5 Maybe it's time to ban Chinese students???
  9. If just one other person had been armed, it would have ended very quickly. I have several friends who are almost always armed. Both just happen to be former sheriff's deputies.
  10. "Y'know" said a Scotsman, "I still prefer the pubs back home. In Glasgow there's a wonderful little pub called McTavish's. The landlord goes out of his way for the locals, so much that when you buy 4 drinks, he'll buy the 5th drink for you." "Well", said an Englishman, "at my local, the Red Lion, the bar will buy you your 3rd drink after you buy the first 2." "Ahhhhh, that's nothing to be sure", said the Irishman. "Back home in Dublin, there's Ryan's Bar. Now the moment you set foot in the place, they'll buy you a drink, then another, all the drinks you like. Then, when you've had enough drinks, they'll take you upstairs and see that you get laid. All on the house". The Englishman and the Scot immediately scorned his claims, but he swore every word was true! "Tell me," said the Englishman. "Did this actually happen to you?" "Not to me meself, personally, no," said the Irishman. "But it's happened to me sister."
  11. e.g. http://www.mountaincovevineyards.com/
  12. In the mountains it's a small roundish valley with a stream. Long way to a lake or ocean.
  13. Not that kind of cove. The Scottish kind.
  14. I have a friend who was once in a remote cove (in West Virginia, I think) where he noticed folks all sort of looked alike. Children were sometimes born with webbed feet or extra toes. One local encouraged him to stay, saying "We could use some fresh blood up here." p.s. Note this is in the hill country of Appalachia -- east Tennessee, North Georgia, eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, western North Carolina. It's sort of the American equivalent of Isaan.
  15. And now ... get your own Billy-Bob name! http://www.blogthings.com/hillbillynamegenerator/ (I'm Goober Houston.)
  16. In case anybody wondered: "The term "Hill-Billies" is first encountered in documents from 17th century Ireland. Roman Catholic King James II landed at Kinsale in Ireland in 1689 and began to raise a Catholic army in an attempt to regain the British throne. Protestant King William III, Prince of Orange, led an English counter force into Ireland and defeated James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. A significant portion of William III's army was composed of Protestants of Scottish descent (Planters) who had settled in Ulster in northern Ireland. The southern Irish Catholic supporters of James II referred to these northern Protestant supporters of King William as "Hill-Billies" and "Billy Boys" -- Billy being an abbreviation of William; the term "Billy Boy" is still used today, mainly in Northern Ireland. The Catholics and Protestants were at war and the terms were not spoken in kindness. Supporters of King William more generally came to be known as Orangemen. "It is believed that the term "hillbilly" in the United States was conferred during the early 18th Century by the occupying British soldiers as a carry over from the Irish term, in referring to Scotch-Irish immigrants of mainly Presbyterian origin, dwelling in the frontier areas of the Appalachian Mountains. These Protestant Irish colonists brought their cultural traditions with them when they immigrated. Many of their stories, songs and ballads dealt with the history of their Ulster and Lowland Scot homelands, especially relating the tale of the Protestant King William III, Prince of Orange." Wikipedia
  17. Sounds about right, don't it ... Al Gore?
  18. In Bangkok you want to position yourself near the pedestrian bridges in the vicinity of universities. Woohoo!
  19. Does Mission do cosmetic surgery? p.s. Years ago I used to go there to get my peanut butter from their shop. (Seven Day folks are encouraged -- but not required -- to be vegetarians.)
  20. Wonder how often they get stiffed for the bill.
  21. Yanhee is very open about double pricing. If you don't think so, compare the websites in Thai and English. At least they are honest about screwing the foreigners. (I think it is about 40% higher for non-locals.)
  22. Yanhee is very open about double pricing. If you don't think so, compare the websites in Thai and English. At least they are honest about screwing the foreigners. (I it is about 40% higher for non-locals.)
  23. << where can you buy rat meat in Bangkok or do you have to do your own hunting? >> Look in any large open air market. You'll see rat meat for sale, usually skinned and dried.
  24. A Brit colleague was in Malaysia a few years ago and got asked by some Malays where he was from. He thought, "Oh, no ... I'm going to get a lecture about colonialism." But when he told them he was English, they replied: "When are you coming back. Things were so much better when you ruled the country."
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