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  1. Sounds about right, don't it ... Al Gore?
  2. In Bangkok you want to position yourself near the pedestrian bridges in the vicinity of universities. Woohoo!
  3. I'm reminded of the Georgia boy who got married three times ... and none of his wives ever had to change their last name. Get some old Lewis Grizzard tapes and you'll get all the Georgie jokes you need.
  4. Does Mission do cosmetic surgery? p.s. Years ago I used to go there to get my peanut butter from their shop. (Seven Day folks are encouraged -- but not required -- to be vegetarians.)
  5. LF, that's the Redneck definition. In Sweden the word virgin is unknown.
  6. Problem is many primary and secondary schools are looking for a "white face" to show that they've got one too. I've met teachers who admitted they didn't have even a BA degree in any subject. But they were sent by an agency and the school couldn't be arsed to double check. I've seen universities check when they thought something was suspicous, but normally they don't. The department called the unie one ex-colleague claimed to have graduated from. It turned out he actually did, though he was a crap teacher anyway.
  7. What have you got against Songkla???
  8. Wonder how often they get stiffed for the bill.
  9. Yanhee is very open about double pricing. If you don't think so, compare the websites in Thai and English. At least they are honest about screwing the foreigners. (I think it is about 40% higher for non-locals.)
  10. Yanhee is very open about double pricing. If you don't think so, compare the websites in Thai and English. At least they are honest about screwing the foreigners. (I it is about 40% higher for non-locals.)
  11. << where can you buy rat meat in Bangkok or do you have to do your own hunting? >> Look in any large open air market. You'll see rat meat for sale, usually skinned and dried.
  12. A Brit colleague was in Malaysia a few years ago and got asked by some Malays where he was from. He thought, "Oh, no ... I'm going to get a lecture about colonialism." But when he told them he was English, they replied: "When are you coming back. Things were so much better when you ruled the country."
  13. Dunno about that. I've had Laotians tell me how superior they are to Thais and Vietnamese. The Vietnamese also look down on their neighbours, just as the Cambodians think they are the greatest. But at least they don't think that Farangs are savages -- not after they got conquered and ruled by the Froggies.
  14. Is that Jersey (as in the island) or Joisey (as in the US)???
  15. Problem with links is that sometimes one has to have registered to read them -- and the poster has forgotten that. When I see a link that comes up "You must register ...", I just click off on it.
  16. Typical. My brother-in-law was gunned down in a hit most certainly paid for by a competitor. The gunmen was later killed by the police, but the perp who had hired him got away Scot free. p.s. This had happened so long ago that I didn't even recognise the Wansley's name until I saw the circumstances. The poor fellow didn't seem to realise that honesty is not always the best policy in Thailand.
  17. Chuwit got his BA at Thammasat, but did his graduate studies in the US. It may have been there that he absorbed the American way ... pattern yourself after the Kennedy family???
  18. Some were off duty soldiers -- who just happened to belong to the unit commanded by the officers who were found "not guilty".
  19. As I recall, the victims were offered 10,000 baht to sign an agreement not to press charges. They all rejected it, stating they had over 1,000,000 baht each involved in their businesses. Seems they had indeed been paying rent, but not to the actual owner - which they did not realise. Something similar happened to an ex-colleague, who wondered why he was getting very nasty looks from his neighbour. Then his landlord finally told him that he had sold the house to the neighbour 6 months earlier! He just hadn't bothered to inform the renter and kept accepting the rent. ::
  20. It was an early morning raid, pure and simple. There was no due process at all. By law, if Chuwit wanted them off he had to go to court and get an order confirming his ownership and giving them proper notice -- and time -- to remove their property and vacate the premises. Instead, the Gestapo like raid took place. Notice that there was a internet cafe -- and all of the PCs were removed before demolition. The same happened with belongings in other businesses. (There was a laundromat and a travel agency.) That was out and out robbery. As to the "beautiful park", remember that Chuwit wanted to build a hotel on the site, since Bangkok has such a serious shortage of hotel rooms. If you look at the park, you'll see that the rear of the property is undeveloped. It would be quite easy some time down the road to build a hotel back there and use the "park" as the landscaped access area. TIT
  21. << However, charges of damaging property, intrusion, illegal detention and forcing others to act against their will against Chuwit, Lt-Colonel Himalai Phewphan of the Supreme Command, Army Major Thanyathep Thamathorn and 126 others were dismissed by the court on the grounds that the plaintiffs' testimonies did not carry enough weight. >> Precisely! Who is going to take the word of bar owners over that of a multi-millionaire politician?
  22. I know a certain individual who took a taxi from the Nana Hotel to NEP ...
  23. There should be a seperate thread: What's the farthest you have staggered in LOS?
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