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  1. Ya know, nude models usually pose nude. So that disqualifies her from ever doing anything else?
  2. Is Pelosi your Queen? Gavin Newsom’s keeping it all in the family Gavin Newsom will be the first Democrat in more than a century to succeed another Democrat as governor and the succession also marks a big generational transition in California politics. The long-dominant geriatric quartet from the San Francisco Bay Area – Gov. Jerry Brown, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – has been slowly ceding power to younger political strivers. Moreover, Newsom is succeeding someone who could be considered his quasi-uncle, since his inauguration continues the decades-long saga of four San Francisco families intertwined by blood, by marriage, by money, by culture and, of course, by politics – the Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosis and the Gettys. The connections date back at least 80 years, to when Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, ran for San Francisco district attorney, losing in 1939 but winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, businessman William Newsom. ... https://calmatters.org/commentary/gavin-newsoms-keeping-it-all-in-the-family/'
  3. One-third of Thai depositors have a deposit balance below 500 baht, while the combined deposits of the largest 10% of depositors account for 93% of commercial banks' total deposits, says the Bank of Thailand's think tank. This means a high concentration of deposits and low savings for many Thais, according to the Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research (Pier). Savings accounts are ubiquitous in the country, as half of the Thai population have deposit accounts at commercial banks, but 50% of them have a balance below 3,124 baht and one-third have a balance below 500 baht. Some 0.2% have deposits of more than 10 million, said Atchana Lamsam, head of networking and communications for Pier. The findings come from a statistical analysis of information from the Deposit Protection Agency (DPA) as of June 2017. There were 37.9 million depositors who parked money in 80.2 million commercial bank deposit accounts, totalling 12 trillion baht, or 72% of the country's total deposits. The top 10% of depositors had their money concentrated in big cities, including Bangkok and vicinity, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima and Songkhla, she said. According to a breakdown by sex, females had more deposit accounts than males, and their deposit amounts were double that of the opposite sex. This indicates that women have better financial discipline or management skills, and they play an important role in managing household money, Ms Atchana said. The study found 88% of depositors put money in savings accounts, which yield lower returns than fixed deposit accounts. Depositors preferred depositing money at large commercial banks. Moreover, half of depositors had only one account. Savings accounts were the most popular among people from all walks of life, with 93.3% of depositors' portfolio being allocated there, while 6.3% were in fixed deposits. The study also found that fixed deposit accounts were popular among retirees. Those living in Greater Bangkok had the highest number of deposit accounts, while those in the South had the least, Ms Atchana said. Those residing in the Northeast had the lowest amount of deposits in accounts. She said one finding from the study is Thais' savings behaviour is worrisome, given the high concentration in deposits among the wealthy and low savings and deposit amounts in accounts that offer low returns. A policy to encourage savings should focus on awareness and understanding of the importance of savings, not just promoting access to deposit services, Ms Atchana said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1820999/bot-thai-deposits-woefully-meagre#cxrecs_s
  4. Less than half of all Americans want Trump ousted post-impeachment: Reuters/Ipsos poll NEW YORK (Reuters) - Less than half of all Americans say President Donald Trump should be removed from office following his impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Thursday, presenting a challenge for Democrats who will seek his ouster in a U.S. Senate trial. . ... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-impeachment-poll-exclusive/exclusive-less-than-half-of-all-americans-want-trump-ousted-post-impeachment-reuters-ipsos-poll-idUSKBN1YN2LH Reuters should just shut to f***k up!
  5. 51% Agree Impeachment Is ‘Abuse of Power’ By Democrats The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters agree with Trump’s statement in a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives before the vote: “This impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democrat lawmakers unequaled in nearly two-and-a-half centuries of American legislative history.” Similarly, 48% agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she said, “Our democracy is what is at stake. … The president has engaged in abuse of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections.” But nearly as many (46%) disagree with Pelosi, compared to the 40% who disagree with Trump’s statement. https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/december_2019/51_agree_impeachment_is_abuse_of_power_by_democrats But who gives a damn what the people think. Do they think politicians really care about them except on election days?
  6. Nope. It seems a prez is not impeached until the articles of impeachment have been delivered to the Senate. Nancy is dicking around and hasn't done that yet. Therefore, he has not yet been impeached!
  7. California has interesting priorities. The average teacher's pay is $80,000 a year, but look how much you can make being a pooper scooper! San Francisco has a 'Poop Patrol' to deal with its feces problem, and workers make more than $184,000 a year in salary and benefits As members of the city's "Poop Patrol," workers are entitled to $71,760 a year, plus an additional $112,918 in benefits, such as healthcare and retirement savings, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. In August, the city announced that five staffers from the San Francisco Department of Public Works would soon roam the Tenderloin neighborhood — where nearly half of the city's homeless population is — in search of waste. The staffers will begin their efforts each afternoon equipped with a steam cleaner for sanitizing the streets. The full budget for the initiative, $830,977, signifies a concerted effort to address the city's mounting feces problem, which has resulted in more than 14,500 calls to 311, the city's non-emergency-services line, since the beginning of the year, the Chronicle previously reported. The issue isn't just a matter of dog owners failing to pick up after their pets. As San Francisco faces a shortage of affordable housing, it has struggled to accommodate its more than 7,400 homeless residents. Though the city's overall homeless population is declining, the share of chronically homeless people in San Francisco is still exceedingly high compared with most other cities. This pattern is starkly contrasted with the city's excess wealth: On average, a San Francisco resident earns about $96,677 a year, nearly double the median household income in the US. The city's feces problem is a visible reminder of the gap between its rich and poor. Since taking office in June, Mayor London Breed, who campaigned on street-cleanup efforts, has signaled her concern by walking through the city unannounced in search of waste. In July, she told NBC Bay Area she was encountering more feces on the city streets than ever before. While the Tenderloin remains the epicenter of the city's homelessness crisis, many residents outside the city center have begun to complain about excess feces in their neighborhoods due to the increased displacement of homeless populations. As part of its cleanup mission, the city has channeled additional funds into its existing programs. The new budget allots more than $1 million for updates to Pit Stop, a program offering mobile toilets and dog-waste stations in various neighborhoods, including five additional toilets and expanded hours of operation at five locations, the Chronicle reported. Now, only 12 of the city's 22 units are open daily, closing at 8 p.m. at the latest. That leaves a considerable amount of time during which those toilets are unavailable to homeless people. To complement Pit Stop, San Francisco has set aside nearly $3 million for a "hot spots" crew in charge of cleaning the areas near homeless encampments, according to the Chronicle. But the city has struggled to stay ahead of the situation, with several areas being compared to the world's poorest slums. While the high salaries of sanitation workers may incentivize further cleanup, the city will ultimately have to contend with its affordability crisis if it hopes to eliminate the problem. That would mean addressing restrictive zoning laws that make it both difficult and expensive to add affordable developments, as well as grappling with the steady influx of tech workers, who have concentrated in downtown areas partly because of the city's limited public transportation. Though Breed has promised to clean the streets within three months of taking office, the real challenge will take many years to address. https://www.businessinsider.com/san-francisco-poop-patrol-employees-make-184000-a-year-2018-8 California, leading the way into the future!
  8. A serious look at the US today ... Trump impeachment and a US state divided Two things are taken very seriously in New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley - politics and snow. There was palpable excitement when several inches of the white stuff fell on Impeachment Day. But the vote itself garnered little more than a collective shrug of weariness and resignation. Local radio stations gave equal weight to coverage of the proceedings and reports on which ski trails were operating. "The partisans are very partisan and have already decided one way or the other and those in the middle are still undecided and probably a little disinterested," says Mark Guerringue, publisher of the Conway Daily Sun. "What seems striking about this compared to the Clinton impeachment is that nobody can agree on the facts." Like the rest of America, New Hampshire is divided. Donald Trump won his first primary victory here in 2016 and lost to Hillary Clinton by less than half a percentage point. His reelection campaign believes he can win next year. Support for the president is strong among Republicans while Democrats are celebrating Wednesday's vote to impeach him. But New Hampshire also has a strong independent streak - the state motto "live free or die" is proudly displayed on license plates. How impeachment will influence the state's unaffiliated voters - if at all - will be the real test in the coming months. ... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50831648
  9. From a retired Marine Corps buddy. But what do Marines know anout anything anyway? "The Democrats were calling for Trumps Impeachment, prior to his taking office... Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Burisma, prior to Biden announcing his run for POTUS. Plus Burisma was being investigated during Obama's Administration for corruption... Firing an Ambassador requires NO justification, they are appointed by the POTUS and serve @ his pleasure... Executive Privilege - The SCOUS has ruled that executive privilege and congressional oversight each are a consequence of the doctrine of the separation of powers. Derived from common law, that provides immunity from subpoena to executive branch officials in the conduct of their governmental duties... Charges dismissed."
  10. Maybe it starting to spread from Hong Kong! Chinese students defiant as university charter cuts 'freedom of thought' SHANGHAI: A top Chinese university has removed references to "freedom of thought" from its charter, triggering a rare act of student defiance, while two other institutions added language stressing fealty to President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party. A video circulating this week showed students at Shanghai's Fudan University singing the school song — which extols "academic independence and freedom of thought" — in an apparent protest. Fudan's charter change was announced by the Ministry of Education on its website late Tuesday and criticism quickly trended on social media before China's ever-vigilant online censors acted to delete posts and block discussion. Besides removing "freedom of thought", it adds "arming the minds of teachers and students with Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics". It also obliges faculty and students to adhere to "core socialist values" and build a "harmonious" campus environment — a code phrase for the elimination of anti-government sentiment. ... https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1819769/chinese-students-defiant-as-university-charter-cuts-freedom-of-thought#cxrecs_s
  11. He absolutely hated Bill Clinton.
  12. "We definitely have the characteristics of a narco-state," confides Jan Struijs, chairman of the biggest Dutch police union. "Sure we're not Mexico. We don't have 14,400 murders. But if you look at the infrastructure, the big money earned by organised crime, the parallel economy. Yes, we have a narco-state." His words echo in a society that has been convulsed by a murder that went far beyond the bubble of the criminal underworld. The deadly shooting of Derk Wiersum destroyed a common misconception here: that drug cartels only kill their own. A 44-year-old father of two, he was shot dead in front of his wife outside their home in Amsterdam in September. Wiersum was the lawyer for a crown prosecution witness, Nabil B, who had turned supergrass in a case against two of the Netherlands' most wanted suspects. The shooting in broad daylight in quiet suburbia was seen as an attack on civil society, democracy and the rule of law. "This is meant to frighten us," warned public prosecutor Fred Westerbeke. "We must continue to use key witnesses otherwise we will get no further." Suddenly, the fears of a drug users' paradise turning into a haven for drug crime and an economy undermined by it had burst into the open. Shock at murder of Dutch lawyer in gangster case "A few incidents over the last few years were like a sign on the wall," explains Wouter Loumans whose bestseller, Mocro Mafia, is a story charting the rise of a new generation of criminals in Amsterdam. "The signs were there that it could flow over from the underworld to the upper world, and now that has happened." Loumans lists a series of incidents as evidence of the escalating brutality: Two young boys killed in Kalashnikov shootout with bullets ricocheting off walls A mother murdered in front of her children A severed head outside a coffee shop The murder of a crown witness's brother, Reduan B The murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum [More] https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50821542 I'd never heard a word about this before! 😮
  13. Tulsi Gabbard Was The Only Member Of Congress To Vote "Present" For Donald Trump's Impeachment Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voted "present" on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, one of the sharpest splits she has made with the Democratic Party while seeking its presidential nomination. "After doing my due diligence in reviewing the 658-page impeachment report, I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no," Gabbard said in a statement from her presidential campaign after the vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also appeared surprised when she read someone voted "present" as she gaveled out the vote on the first article. ... Gabbard said she is "standing in the center" with her present votes. "I could not in good conscience vote against impeachment because I believe President Trump is guilty of wrongdoing," she said. "I also could not in good conscience vote for impeachment because removal of a sitting President must not be the culmination of a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities that have so gravely divided our country." Gabbard, who is not running for reelection in Congress, has been all over the map on impeachment since the process began. In October, she appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to criticize the lack of transparency of Democrats' impeachment process. “I don't know what's going on in those closed doors,” she said. This week, she introduced a resolution that would censure Trump, rather than impeach him. In her statement Wednesday night, she said the resolution would "send a strong message to this president and future presidents that their abuses of power will not go unchecked, while leaving the question of removing Trump from office to the voters to decide." ... https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/mattberman/tulsi-gabbard-impeach-trump-present?bfsource=relatedmanual
  14. Getting into the Christmas spirit ...
  15. Here you go: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=vietnam gas masks Just a while ago I heard a horrendous racket outside. I looked and saw Somchai walking down the street spraying DDT or some other no doubt banned pesticide into all the bushes and under the cars. One man came running out of his house, which had just been douched with the crap. He stood there glaring at the sprayer but said nothing. I hope this doesn't eliminate all of the wildlife, though it's no doubt aimed at the aedes mosquitoes. Like as not, it will kill everything except them, besides not doing the humans any good either.
  16. Same thing in California these days.
  17. PHITSANULOK: Two cars collided on Highway 117 in Muang district of this lower northern province on Sunday, killing the driver of one car and seriously injuring the other, police said. A police investigation revealed that Samroeng Chanthornrak, 41, of Phitsanulok's Wat Bot district, was driving a Toyota Vios along the out-bound side of Highway 117 at kilometre marker 123 when his car collided with a Mercedes Benz driving against the legal traffic flow. Both vehicles were badly damaged in the violent head-on collision. The accident happened five minutes after midnight. Samroeng was seriouly injured and later pronounced dead at Phra Phutthachinnarat Hospital while Attharot Thong-ngamkham, 35, the driver of the Mercedes Benz, suffered head injuries and bruises all over his body. Police were investigating witnesses and checking footage from security cameras in the area to establish the cause of the accident. The driver of the Mercedes Benz, who was being treated in an intensive care unit at the same hospital, would undergo an alcohol test to find out whether he was driving under the influence, police said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1816499/collision-kills-one-hurts-another-in-phitsanulok#cxrecs_s So the driver of the Merc was going down the wrong side of the road, but we have to "investigate" to see who was to blame! Bet they blame it on the dead guy in the Toyota. Amazing Thailand.
  18. The folks what own the country. (No surprises.) The Chearavanont family retains No.1 spot in the Forbes Thailand Rich list with US$29.5 billion (938.6 billion baht), followed by the Chirathivat family with $21 billion (668.2 billion baht) and the Red Bull owner Chalerm Yoovidhya with $19.9 billion (633.2 billion baht). Forbes said Thailand's top 50 richest list "hit a speed bump" this year as half of the top 50 saw their fortunes decline, including each of the top four. ... https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1674600/thailands-rich-list
  19. Thomas Cook is set to be relaunched by its Chinese owner, who plans to use the 178-year-old British tour operator’s brand on a travel platform targeting European customers. Fosun Tourism Group, the Shanghai-based company that bought Thomas Cook’s trademark following its dramatic collapse in September, will introduce the platform in the first half of next year, according to a person familiar with the plans. Some of Fosun’s existing travel offerings will be grouped together and re-branded as Thomas Cook, with the aim to lure travellers — particularly those in Europe familiar with the name — to the company’s resorts around the world, said the source, asking not to be identified. Tapping Thomas Cook’s former glory may prove challenging after its bankruptcy led to 9,000 job losses in the UK and left 150,000 tourists stuck overseas, with the holiday plans of thousands more ruined. Fosun, which owns the Club Med resort chain, had acquired 18% of Thomas Cook but balked at the cost of funding its rescue. The Chinese company, part of a wider group spanning insurance to pharmaceuticals, paid US$14 million in November for the trademark and its two hotel brands — Casa Cook and Cook’s Club — along with their domain names, apps and social media accounts. “Fosun Tourism Group salvaged a few remaining bits from a broken Thomas Cook, and while they may become profitable to some degree, they probably won’t become core assets,” said Brock Silvers, managing director of Hong Kong-based Adamas Asset Management. Buying the brand and intellectual property was a relatively low-cost way for Fosun to acquire a bit of upside in the hopes of ameliorating its initial miscalculation, he said. Silvers and Adama don’t own Fosun-related shares, he said. Founded in the 1840s as an operator of train trips through the English midlands, Thomas Cook’s demise raised questions about the viability of the packaged tour model as tourists pivot more toward individual and self-directed travel. Making the rebranding work could be tough for Fosun’s tourism arm, which has lost more than a third of its market value since listing in Hong Kong about a year ago. The new platform will offer services including resort and hotel bookings, show tickets and club memberships, said the person. A spokesman for Fosun in the UK declined to comment. Controlled by the Chinese billionaire Guo Guangchang, the Fosun group drew attention with a raft of global acquisitions over the past few years, from the fashion house Lanvin to the circus troupe Cirque du Soleil. It has been focusing on smaller purchases since the start of 2018, as the Chinese government began to crack down on some of the country’s other big acquirers. Along with Club Med, which has resort properties from Thailand to France, Fosun also owns the Atlantis resort on China’s Sanya island, an online platform targeting Chinese travellers called Fuckyou Travel and Miniversity, an international learning and play club for children. It’s also building new resort facilities that include housing near Shanghai, and in the scenic mountain area of Yunnan province. Last year, European tourists paid about 6 million visits to China, a 2.2% increase from 2017, most coming from Germany and the UK, according to the statistics office. While inbound tourism has grown slowly in China, travel outside the country has boomed. Last year, Chinese took 149.7 million international trips, a 15% increase from 2017. The bankruptcy chaos surrounding Thomas Cook in Europe tarnished its image in the short-term, but the brand is still “extremely established” in markets like the UK and the company did very well in Northern Europe and Germany, said Alexander Göransson, a consultant at Euromonitor International. “The brand can be revived,” Göransson said. “I would say under new management, Thomas Cook could be redeveloped.” https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1815454/chinese-owner-reviving-thomas-cook#cxrecs_s
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    Election results 2019: Boris Johnson hails 'new dawn' after historic victory Boris Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit and repay the trust of voters after he led the Conservatives to an "historic" general election win. The prime minister - who has met the Queen to ask to form a new government - has a House of Commons majority of 78, with one seat still to declare. He said he would work "flat out" and lead a "people's government". Jeremy Corbyn said he would not fight another election as Labour leader, amid recriminations over the party's defeat. The opposition was swept aside by the Conservatives in its traditional heartlands in the Midlands and north-eastern England, and lost six seats in Wales. With just one constituency - St Ives, in Cornwall - left to declare, the Conservatives have 364 MPs, Labour 203, the SNP 48, Liberal Democrats 11 and the DUP eight. Sinn Fein has seven MPs, Plaid Cymru four and the SDLP has two. The Green Party and Alliance Party have one each. The Conservative Party's Commons majority is its largest since Margaret Thatcher won a third term in 1987. Mr Johnson has returned to Downing Street, having visited Buckingham Palace, and is expected to make a statement outside Number 10 this afternoon. In his victory speech earlier, he told activists the election result represented a "new dawn" for the country. He thanked Labour voters, many of whom, he said, had backed the Conservatives for the first time, vowing to fulfil the "sacred trust" placed in him. "You may intend to return to Labour next time round, and if that is the case, I am humbled that you have put your trust in me, and I will never take your support for granted," he said. Jo Swinson has quit as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her Dunbartonshire East seat to the SNP by 149 votes. Mr Johnson said the Conservatives' victory had "smashed the roadblock" in Parliament over Brexit and put an end to the "miserable threats" of another referendum on Europe. He said: "We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January - no ifs, no buts, not maybe." https://www.bbc.com/news/election-2019-50776671 So now what, send the wogs packing?
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    The pound surged against the dollar after an exit poll suggested the Conservative Party was on course for a comfortable general election victory. Sterling gained 2.7% to $1.35 - its highest level since May last year - on hopes that a big majority would remove uncertainty over Brexit. The pound also jumped to a three-and-a-half-year high against the euro.
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