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  1. In bangers it happened actually on soi sarasin. We had the whole club to ourselves in the back. Just alot of hard drinking guys and girls probably eight people. Steady stream of bottles of nice stuff. The tab for me and the other bloke picking it up was about 31,500. Hurt a little bit but it was birthday so whatever. Mai pen rai. However, Tokyo is definitely the highest all time, and I don't even want to revisit that memory :banghead: Best, theNumbers
  2. Nice work on breasts. I shagged an ex gig with work done at Yanhee last week. She's much more *supple*. However, I will say I have an Aussie friend whose mum got an ill run on her breast augmentation at Bumrungrad. He had to raise alot of hell, and threaten them alot to get the hospital to sort it out as she was actually in pain from the botched procedure. Finally, after threats of news coverage (the guy is a reporter in Oz) the doctor agreed to redo the surgery at no cost to fix it, and buy her a new first class ticket home after the change of date. The thing is the only reason he did it was not honour, decency, or consideration for someone else's well being... but the threat of his reputation and damage to the hospitals There is no malpractice here so just fair warning. Best, the_numbers
  3. Pattaya127, sorry the show is a set date starting October 22nd, with a 5-7 bullshit art reception type thing, and runs through the week. The show is called, "For Those of Us Who Cannot Return Home"... this definitely applies to me (ha) at least not without feeling absolutely disgusted and heartbroken in the terminals. the coming in is such a highlight and the leaving is always such a heartbreak.. there is a book about that called take-offs and landings I think by Leo Rubinfien.. regarding those moments of departure, and what not. I hope that some Nana SF people will show up for this most quintessentially Thai photo exhibition.. if you do cheers.. look forward to seeing you, and say hello. blake
  4. Yeah, sorry to hear that pattaya127. Old Hippie is due for knee surgery on that fateful date (two of the SF crew down)... but I hope some of the San Francisco board members will turn up, and definitely a meeting should be arranged when everyone is around, and in good health. The show runs the 22nd-30th. cheers.
  5. This is an invite to all the San Francisco crew to an exhibition opening October 22nd from 5-7PM at the San Francisco Art Institute's Diego Rivera Gallery, 800 Chestnut. Photographs by myself taken in Thailand, as well as the work of a Japanese-American photographer, Shie Urakami. Its nothing like being there, but it would be great to meet some of you guys, outside your board handles, in a "thai" context... cheers.. and hope to see you there blake
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