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Found 1 result

  1. 'Felt like adding a bit on content to a moribund forum. The Commons is a trendy little boutique mall about 125 meters of Thonglor, on Thonglor Soi 16. The ground floor is labyrinth of about 15 separate, upmarket food stations, with a central bench-type seating area. See a summary of the different venues at https://thecommonsbkk.com/shop Over five visits, I've partaken of three venues: The Lobster Lab, The Bottle Cap (serving craft brews, in addition to some standard Thai beers), and a Bar-B-Que joint called Meat&Bones. The Bottle Cap has my favorite beer - Brewdog Punk IPA - on tap - at a pretty dear price (307 baht, after ++). I've had both the Oak Smoked Lobster Salad (which was quite good) and the Lobster Chowder - which was OK, but nothing special. At Meat&Bones, on my first time ordering there, I ordered the barbecued beef ribs. They were horrible - almost inedible - stringy, blecchh. But - on my next attempt there, I ordered the pork rib meat sandwich - and it was quite good. The next visit I ordered the pork ribs themselves - and they were REALLY good. Dry-rubbed, with some sauces served on the side. You also get a small cup of coleslaw, or potato salad - all for about 300 baht. These ribs are as good as any that I've had in Thailand. They give you only three ribs - each maybe 11 cm long.- but full of tender, well-smoked meat that almost falls off the bone. Actually, the standard order is a little bit too small a portion for me. So - on my last visit Io ordered two portions. I finished both orders - but two orders was a bit TOO much. Anyway . if you are looking for some good pork ribs, Meat&Bones is a good choice. The look and feel of the whole mall is good - very clean and easily accessed toilets - and wide choice of food and drink - which you mix and match. Basically, at your first food venue, you pay and receive a little number stand. You can then go to other vendors, and order other foods or drinks - pay for therm - and give your "number". When you are done ordering, you sit down a table and display the number stand. A service staff then delivers your dishes (or drinks) to your table, as they become ready. Cheers! SS
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