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Found 2 results

  1. Porn to be Blocked in the UK – “What’s new?†Say Pirate Bay Users Today prime minister David Cameron will announce that in future UK Internet subscribers will be required to opt-in if they want to be able to watch adult content online. The theory is that somehow Internet service providers will be able to stop such material having a ‘corroding influence’ on the nation’s children. But can the ISPs pull it off without collateral damage, and can we trust the government to stop there? “By the end of this year, when someone sets up a new broadband account the settings to install family-friendly filters will be automatically selected. If you just click ‘next’ or ‘enter’, then the filters are automatically on,†David Cameron will announce today. The prime minister is on a moral crusade to protect the country’s children – a commendable cause – but is this really the way to go about it? Accepting the filters will supposedly stop adult material from being accessible from an Internet connection, but so far no one has been forthcoming about how this will be achieved. The prime minister does, however, indicate that this will be something controlled and administered remotely. “And, in a really big step forward, all the ISPs have rewired their technology so that once your filters are installed, they will cover any device connected to your home internet account. No more hassle of downloading filters for every device, just one-click protection. One click to protect your whole home and keep your children safe,†he will say. It seems likely that the ISPs will implement a system similar to the one currently being used by TalkTalk, as the prime minister will specifically single the ISP out for praise in his speech. TalkTalk’s HomeSafe is a system which filters out URLs based on a remote blocklist provided and maintained by…..well, no one quite knows. This is worrying since when things don’t go quite to plan there’s no one to complain to. As previously reported, when TalkTalk customers are asked whether they want to block file-sharing sites, TorrentFreak.com is rendered inaccessible. Despite our pleas and complaints that we are a news resource, the company said it would not remove us from their blocklist. We doubt we’re the only ones being silenced. But of course, millions of households in the UK view adult material every day online anyway, so they will simply disable the filters when they get the chance. That’s just neutralized Cameron’s censorship efforts on that front in the blink of an eye. But there’s more. .... http://torrentfreak.com/porn-to-be-blocked-in-the-uk-whats-new-say-pirate-bay-users-130722/ ------------- Of course there is an easy way to evade all UK online filters: VPN Services That Take Your Anonymity Seriously, 2013 Edition http://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-that-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2013-edition-130302/
  2. Hi, Help......... I'm just in BKK for a few weeks working holiday. I really need a good internet connection for my notebook whilst here, and will be moving around between locations, so a USB dongle would be best. I have spent a very frustrating day so far getting SIMs for my iphone and ipad. (AIS) The internet speed is too slow to do anything other than check email. Bought a 5GB data plan for each that will be next to useless. So thenI tried a USB dongle for my notebook, Trying an AIS AirCard on 500MB data plan as a trial. that will last me about 2 days........ So my question is. What is the best USB dongle to get? For speed and reliabilty (this AIS one keeps crashing) And can I get one with a useful amount of data? 2-3 GB seems to be the most. I go through about 5-10GB a week, as I need to upload and download graphics files. Any advice appreciated. I guess I could fall back on using Hotel Wi Fi, but they always seem a bit expensive.
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