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Found 1 result

  1. Gents, In the market for a new PC (Desktop) and was recommended a website (ebay seller actually) by one of the computer dudes at work. Just after a bit of advice on whether this will do the job, or if I can add things to it to make it better. To be honest the thing I use my PC for most is forums, googling, banking, spreadsheets, emails, tax stuff - pretty basic. Plus booking the odd holiday of course! The most complex software I'm looking at using is Flight Simulator X with a few add on packs. Could also start doing a bit of gaming, but nothing hard core (there's a bloke at work who has a full on race car set up in his spare room... that won't be me). Here's the shopping list so far: INTEL Core i7 3770 Intel 3.4 Turbo Boost to 3.9 Quad Core 1TB Hard Drive 12 GB RAM Windows 7 HD7750 Video Card 2GB 24" Monitor Keyboard, Mouse, Wireless A few conundrums... 1. is 12GB RAM enough or overkill? Standard is 8, and I'm paying more for 12 but it's only another $25 to go 16. 2. The Video Card listed above - will it do the job? Should I pay another $100 to go the next model up HD 7850? Or something else entirely? 3. Monitor - LED or LCD better (both cost about the same). 4. Is there something I've forgotten, other than speakers, software/virus etc (can get Office through work for nicks). All up the above set up will set me back $1050 which I'm pretty happy with (similar set ups in store down here are all over $2000), but want to make sure I'm getting what I need. I understand i7 may be more than I need, but through this mob it isn't costing much more than i5 or i3, the money is in the video card from what I read... I realise the price is a lot cheaper than going to the shops (at least down here), but the techno dudes at work have bought a few and they haven't missed a beat. We (Aussies) get royally shafted with PC / Electronic stuff.... don't get me started on cameras... All input greatly appreciated.
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