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Found 1 result

  1. Do you know those cymbal smashing toga wearing mishaps that clog up the streets and cook the most amazing vegetarian food? I met her on the corner in the city. I was studying medicine at the time. She pressed this book into my chest and pleaded with me to read it. What the hell? She was a good looking girl, but she was so anemic and pale and she was clinging on to my arm. I paid her $10 for her book which I threw in a rubbish bin at the first opportunity, but I kept her phone number - I don't know why. We talked a lot on the phone, mostly about how she wanted me to become a hare krishna. I was of course rather intrigued by this. Why did this poorly girl wish to influence me? It didn't make sense. That's when I decided enough was enough, she clearly needed iron, but more importantly she required a new outlook on life. I introduced her to some friends and she never looked back. She practically raped me, I kept asking her to leave me alone. Along came her girlfriends from the temple. It was an orgy. All these girls on the bed, I couldn't get any peace. I still mind the time I was talking to my boss and a worker came in and said holy hell was that girl you were with your girlfriend? Man she was fucking hot. Looking back the boss was incredibly impressed by this. It made me wonder though, maybe I did take her for granted. You see it's difficult - I'll always see that weak anemic girl thrusting her only hope of a book into my chest, and correcting her balance by clinging on to my arm. I didn't love her, I felt sorry for her. I preferred Thailand, it just seemed more honourable somehow. I'm a extremely curious person. I can mimic people perfectly. A challenge if you will. I pick up language like you wouldn't believe. I'm hyper aware, I'm the quiet man who sits there but takes in absolutely everything. I did find love against all the odds. My wife is my match. She can speak multiple languages. More to the point she often corrects me, in brutal Thai. I in turn get her running from the room by mimicking her Mother. We both laugh and make up. She's an equal, she owns a large part of Isaan, and I own a lot of Australia. The Hare Krishna girl texted me today. What should I do?
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