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They're download managers which assist you with downloading single or multiple files. In most cases they speed up downloading by taking home the files in many, many segments. They can also resume failed downloads and you can schedule downloads etc, etc...


A very nice feature with ReGetDeluxe is that you can right click on a web page and pick 'download all'. You then get a list of all files residing on the server and you can easily pick and choose which files you want to take home. Beats right clicking on every single link on a page and choose 'save link as'...

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>> A very nice feature with ReGetDeluxe is that you can right click on a web page and pick 'download all'. You then get a list of all files residing on the server and you can easily pick and choose which files you want to take home. <<


This sounds really handy. May be, I should give it a try (the progs I mentioned are usually recommended on the various "download-boards", but I must admit, I have never done much research into the pros and cons of such programs).

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>> not too much of use for me as I download very seldom stuff, except from time to time from Kazaa :0 <<


Aaahh, the small movies. I love them too! ;)


I use the download-managers quite often for e-books and progs. These things you can usually find on the P2P-networks too, but it (sometimes) takes more time and (sometimes) you do not find the contents needed. Though, P2P is more stable, as the good servers are usually gone after a short time.


When having an ADSL-connection it rarely needs more than a right-click to download even large files and download-mangers are nowadays part of a browser, so there is probably less need for such programs. On the other hand, having a separate good download-manager doesn't hurt much, it simply gives you one more option.

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I am a freeware junkie and found these hard to do without:


---Sygate Personal Firewall (sygate.com). Unlike other firewalls I tried (pay and free) I found it easy to use, found that it is compatible with MS Messenger and the sygate web site has one of the best computer vulneribility tests I have seen.


---Clipboard Express (cheqsoft.com) which holds up to 100 items which can easily dragged into those web page ID & PW boxes.


---Stickies (don't remember the source) yellow post-it type notes with alarms.


---Pop-Up Stopper (panicware.com) is the easiest I have tried with no training and easy to defeat.


---Download Express (metaproducts.com) has four adjustable levels of DL speed. You can adjust the DL speed so it won't interfere with whatever else you are doing online at the time.


---ePrompter (eprompter.com) can be configured to retreive up to 16 mail accounts such as POP3s, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo with a single click. It has an address book, print, reply and compose mail functions (but will not handle attachments in or out). There is an option for just getting the headers wthout message bodies - good for spam heavy accounts.


---Ad-aware (lavasoft.de) scans the computer for spyware and has a database of spyfirms which gets updated and can be downloaded.


I hope others will find these as useful as I do. I think I originally found a lot of these by searching the freeware areas of webattack.com, pricelessware.org and zdnet.com.

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In general terms, yes. Kazaa is good for music, software and "instructional movies".


On the other hand, it seems to be some sort of turmoil surrounding this piece of software(s). The owner of Kazaa K+ -- which is different than the owner of the original Kazaa, if I understand it correctly -- is trying to force Kazaa K++ off the "market". Why? Copyright infringements... :angel:


I also notice now that the Kazaa Lite web site looks more or less like a paysite -- or a porn site, if you wish, minus the skin. This quite turns me off. When I look at that page there are alarm bells ringing 'cause when someone peddling more or less illegal software is building professional front-ends on their web sites, that is usually bad news...


Also keep in mind that there is an enormours demand for this software, which makes it interesting for all sorts of scamsters to promote a fake or non-existant Kazaa Lite for various reasons (e.g. re-direct you somewhere else, collect your email, offer a version with spyware or bundled trial software etc, etc). -- So be careful with what you download out there.


If you really want Kazaa Lite, I'd recommend to search for some place other than the "official web site" k - l i t e . t k


If it's only music you're after then WinMx is not a bad alternative. There's also not the same sort of chaos surrounding this software.

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