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Software you can't do without


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What I use : (freeware)

Sygate personal firewall

Microsoft antispyware



cc cleaner



audio :





torrents (Bitcomet)



Other :


Alcohol 120%





and of course al the excellent progs I payed for ;-)

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couple of additions inspired by the pathetic attempts of internet censorship... and get by those pesky work firewall/filters (under your own risk of course...)


1. Ultrasurf - google it and you'll find a very good auto proxy finder that then starts up IE all set up for proxy use to the random proxies it's checked and chosen. Very good. Free.


2. Torpark - even better and still free. Outstanding, works at getting to any site in Thailand or at work.... this is a 5Mb or so program that sets up your own TOR circuit (some kind of private/virtual network or something...), so bypasses any censorship and works excellently... no probs getting thru to adultfriendfinder for example. Unzip then run the exe and it starts up its own browser - a portable firefox browser.



ps BOTH these programs can be saved to a thumb drive and run from there - no need to install to restricted company Pc's etc and no traces left after you've gone.




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I'll second the recommendation made by coops for proxy software.

Many web sites are banned here in Thailand -- thousands of them.

The only way around is a proxy.

The government has even banned some -- but not all(!) -- of the proxy download sites.


Here is a link to an excellent discussion with more details:


And that forum is not (yet) blocked here.


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I have to revive some of my recommendations for useful software:


- I left the online servive blogger.com and set up my own blog using the open source software Wordpress

- Desktop Search: X1 has more features and seems to search deeper than other programs

- Torrent downloader: Utorrent is the program I use now. Very small and easy to use

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any one else tried the voice recognition software?


Dragon NS is awesome although all I could find at Pantip was 'demo' software of Dragon


IBM Via Voice works well but takes more training & is limited in options.

lass on the 3rd floor .. on the wall to the left facing the food court had the best voice recognition options.

+ she could find any software inquired about in nano-seconds!


oh, you need a fairly good mic .. the 300 Thb mics are pretty much useless.

I found a Shure headset mic that works very well.

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I notice that it's close to 5 years since I made my first post in this thread!


Let's revisit "the essential software list" for 2008.


1. Mozilla/FireBird Firefox


2. Eudora Mail Gmail/Mail.app synced via IMAP


3. Winamp Ditched for iTunes


4. Mobile Safe PC Still have it on my Nokia, but hardly worthy of a 4th place on the list...


5. Note Tab Pro - still in use on my PC:s, but looking for an equivalent on my Macs


6. VLC


7. uTorrent / Transmission


8. Google: Reader, Notebook, iGoogle & Calendar (unfortunately still dependant on MS Word)

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For File Sharing / Sync there is an excellent free utility called DROPBOX


Not only useful for Synch between PC / Laptop etc either Windows, MAC or Linux its also a very useful File Sharing utility which my biz partners and I have been using for the past 6-7 weeks now. :thumbup: from me.

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My current list:

Net: Wordpress, still the best blogging software - open source

Plaxo: syncinc contacts, PC/Mac



- Writing blog entries: Windows Lifewriter - free

- Sync: Sugarsync. Syncing files PC, MAC, online storage with fileversioning, online interface, filesharing, sending large files. Using it since a year, works flawless syncing 60 GB of data

- Online Backup: Jungledisk, you pay only the actual storage space needed.


Mac only: Contactzier Pro

Personal Information Manager (calendar, contacts, tasks, projects)

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