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"After Awhile Your Approach Changes"

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Hi there Zanemay,


WOW, what a fantastic post, and i could really feal every bit of what you were saying to us :bow:


Thanks and really looking forward to more, Cheers Roman

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Says MaiLuk:



When you were in this phase: I ONLY WANT THE ?REAL THING? AGAIN, you were very busy.


"Joop is twenty-two "

"Then there is Pen "

"Then there?s Yep."


If the 'real thing' is finding young girls than you were doing a bang up job...


Love? Between two people its a very rare thing and often a one way street. Trying to accomplish this with two girls? While still butterflying? ...you are confusing your role in life with this talk about love, you cannot be serious.


Very well put MaiLuk! And true enough. Of course I will continue to go my own way,



Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Looking for Love it Too Many Faces


(A Country-Western song)

Says MaiLuk:

Its a lonely life you choose, searching for love will bring you heartache.


A bit grim and dark, Son. The life I choose has a more cluttered feeling than a loneyly one. And don't forget the gf in America who actually DOES love me.


Thanks for the observations.


:bow: Zane May :bow:

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