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Help! More e-mail troubles...


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OK all,

now I think that some of you will have read my recent post about transfering emails from one system to another, and thanks go out to Soongmak and a number of other guys in helping me rectify that one :bow:, but now I have another.


After recently changing my computer for a new one and doing all the usual updating, transfers etc etc, I was over the moon because everything just seemed to fall into place nicely and everything seemed to be working perfectly, as was on my old system, albeit a hell of a lot quicker :).


Now my problem started when I happily downloaded and installed one of those Microsoft update packs.

Once downloaded I could no longer receive or send any e-mail through any of my ISP's (and yes I do have a few accounts) POP3 servers (or STMP come to think of it).


Now I have checked and double checked all of my settings in Outlook Express 6 for all of the e-mail accounts and also connection settings. And all is 100% fine (as it is on my old system which still works).


I have tried deleting my e-mail accounts and setting them up again as new ones.

I have also tried using different connection settings via different ISP's.

I have also tried uninstalling Outlook Express and reinstalling.

I have even installed 2 other e-mail programs (Incredimail and Mozilla and set up my e-mail accounts within these programs, but still nothing happens.


The strange thing is though, that I can still receive/send from my http server based e-mail accounts (Hotmail) set up through Outlook Express.


Now when I start Outlook Express it does state that I am connected to the internet in the bottom right hand corner (working online) and I can change to offline and back to online no problems, but still no e-mail.


I have now tried uninstalling the Micorsoft update pack that was installed when my problems started, and still nothing.


I have absolutely no problems with any of my internet browsers (IE, Mozilla, Opera) and they all connect fine.


I have taken my laptop to the IT guys at my work, and they said the setup was fine and it 'should' be receiving/sending email OK, but it isn't...

All they could suss out is that Outlook Express (or any other e-mail program) will not share the internet access with Internet Explorer (or any other browser for that matter), apart from that they have no clue.


I have called a couple of my ISP's for support and they just told me that they had no idea :banghead:, after paying 1 quid per minute for a premium rate telephone line, shame they dont offer premium service eh?!?


All of my adaptors and protocols seem to be in order, and have been uninstalled and reinstalled.


I am out of ideas, and would appreciate it if any of you guys/gals have had a similar problem and repaired it sucessfully by letting me know how.


I just cannot understand how it was working fine one minute and it is up the wall the next....


But for me now, I will just have to access my POP3's through my webmail accounts which is OK, but there are some that I really (really) do need to store on my hard drive.


Any thoughts anyone???


Thanks in advance for any help and advice submitted. :sleeping:

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When Windows has a problem like this, it can drive you nuts. The first thing I would do is (temporarily for diagnostics purposes) disable your realtime virus checker and firewall. If the problem occurred as a result of applying Microsoft updates, it is likely a bad interaction between the update and some other product.


Failing this, most updates can be uninstalled. You could back out the update that caused the problem and see if things then work correctly.

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hi BB,


sounds like a hell of a problem and something I have no experience with. I did some hunting in the newsgroups and came up with two helpfull groups out there where you might want to pose your question, assuming you have XP:





It might be helpful to tell them exactly what your updates were and what actions you have taken. Good luck!

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I'd try turning on logging in OE to see if anything useful winds up in the file. Often the tiniest clue can really help out in a situation like this.


Tools menu --> Options --> Maintenance tab. See the bottom of the dialog, where it says "Troubleshooting". You'll have to search the help files to get the location of the log file, I don't remember where it winds up.

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It might be the e-mail servers which reject your e-mails, and sees them as relaying.


Maybe on the basis that your workstation name does not include the ISP's domain name? If this is required by the ISP, you can change this setting by right clicking My computer, Choose Properties, Computer name, Change, More.




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Not a specialist here, but............


Have you tried sending yourselve e-mails to check if you can send & receive ok ?


I would totally disable or even uninstall your firewall and see what happens, I knoz I had that problem last weekend......


Good luck :)


Cheers !

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We can conclude from your story that


a) Outlook does work, because you can still retrieve your hotmail


B) that some of your email accounts do not work on your new computer, even if you set up a new email program.


So the software works, internet works, but it doesn't work together.


I think that you have to look at your connection when retrieving your email. I myself have several email accounts and some I have with a free internet provider. Free provider means that they make money if you connect to the internet through their network (getting a kick back from the telephone company). One of my providers recently changed his email settings. Meaning that you can only retrieve your email if you connect using their access points. Maybe you should try if you can access your mail when you connect through their network.







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Hi BritTim,

now working backwards from your reply, I have already tried to uninstall the update that I had received, but unfortunately to no avail.


As for the antivirus and firewall software, I have now tried disabling and also uninstalling my Norton 2003 stuff, but also to no avail.


I can tell this is going to be a tricky one.


Thanks anyway, :beer:

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