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how do a say 'Fuck you and your family' in Thai?


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i haven't heard a thai using literally those words; however i have heard literally translated: fuck your (with the horrible slang word for you) mother!
One of our infamous board members uses part of this slang for his user name. Add a "mah" (dog) in front and a "meung" (impolite you) after, and you got yourself a serious insult happening.


In Isaan: dog fuck mother (of your) group "mah sii mae suu".


"suu" is crude slang roughly equaling a group of "meungs" I believe. Not sure if this or something similar is used in Thai.

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[color:"red"] dunno, but it's good knowing what people throw at 'ya...



Never heard "Ignorance is a bliss"?


Really, when people are throwing things like that at you, you don't need to know the language, the tone and body langauge will make you understand!!! :neener:


Jasmine :devil:

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