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Bali - should I go ?


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Says asiahand:

yes there was a picture of the new club on the net version of the jakarta post about 1 0r 2 weeks ago. It was getting ready for the grand opening.

They work fast as i was there mid january and it was a paddock of dirt.



They want/need the tourists back as fast as possible.


Hope it works out for them in the long run.

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Says Graduate:

I wonder if the prices in Bali are less now.I have read some reports,but some time ago,that prices were the same.



Some hotels have some great deals...stay 7 pay 4 etc.


Check with your local Travel Agent for details.


Package holidays is the way to go...all included.


Looks like December will be OK for bali...good bookings but seats ok...many flights have been/cancelled or reduced services...depending on port of departure.

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