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Firewall and Posting to Nanaplaza.com


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If you're reading this, then I too am now able to post :bow: ... not only by getting rid of both firewalls (XP & Norton - "System Works - 2004"), but also deleting all of the Norton disc - 2004.


Now, when I tried to reinstall only the 'anti virus' component of the disc, it asks for the registrion numbers !!! ... either I lost them when I moved out of BKK just over a month ago, or, 'they' never came with the disc in the first place ... if I reinstall the whole disc, maybe it doesn't ask for the numbers (G did it before ... if you're tuned in & remember whether or not there were numbers, send me PM) ? :dunno:


... but, then I would not be able to post again ?? ... there's got to be a way around this thing ... yup, disc came from Panthip ... I think I paid 140 Bt or so.


BTW, thanks for all who helped in this post, and especially thanks to K.S. & Laohuli. :bow:

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