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Go-Go To Hell


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Nam was pure evil. She was born in Hell and the other bargirls said she was destined to end up there. She sucked cocks for fun and profit. She'd do anything to anyone in anyplace. If something bad did happen to her she just shrugged it off and laughed it off. She always said that she'd take it out on someone or something else. If someone talked about Buddha or Karma she?d say that she was her own destiny and she?d wipe the floor with anyone who said otherwise.


The first time I was aware of her is when a married friend of mine slept with her one time in his flat when his wife was away. He paid her well and didn?t do anything to hurt her or insult her pride. But as soon as the wife came back she went to the flat and told the wife everything claiming she really loved this man and that he hadn?t told her he was married and had treated her very roughly in bed. This caused a lot of problems for the man and eventually led to divorce. When asked why she said she thought it would be funny.


Another time she stole the apartment keys of a man whose cock she sucked, gave the keys to a group of Thai men she knew, told them he had raped her and not paid her and paid them to turn the place over. When asked why she did this she said his spunk was too salty. He deserved everything.


And it wasn?t as if people were making up gossip about her. Every bad deed she committed she would boast of. The trouble was that, as everyone had at least one guy they wanted to get back at in their lives, a lot of girls secretly admired her and a lot of guys saw her sweet dark young body and felt turned on by the idea that this was a woman completely and utterly evil and thus incredibly sexy. Men are very odd about such things.


I always kept a very polite distance from Nam. I didn?t think I had much to lose but you never knew. She sat with me once or twice. I bought her drinks once or twice and felt that heat from her once or twice but I was always kind of relieved when she went and sat with someone else. On stage she was a performer par excellence. She danced like lightening and always led with the cunt. She wore a string bikini on stage and she?d make men undo the strings with their teeth. She throw beer in their faces. Ram the mouths of their beer bottle up between the lips of her cunt or even in her asshole. The men watched and then, when she handed them their beers back, drank and made a show of drinking. There was just something about her. And, of course, men who?d seen her dance would keep on going back and back to that bar and watch her again like addicts. She?d tell a man she wasn?t going to fuck him because his dick was too small or his gut was too big or he didn?t have hair. And yet even this seemed to draw them in.


Once I was sitting in MacDonald?s in Robinson?s. I don?t often go to MacDonald?s but I just fancied having a tray full of chips and a cup of really shitty coffee. She came in wearing shades in this skin tight silver lame one piece. She looked like some absurd movie star and everyone stared at her. She loved it. She loved all the women who turned their noses up. She loved the leers of all the men. I looked out the window. I was sitting by the window so it was easy. But she came and sat at my table. ?Hello Tilac.? She said.


I tried a smile. ?Hi.?


She started eating my chips which kind of pissed me off but I didn?t like to make a fuss in case she unleashed her hounds of Hell upon me. ?When you take me out somewhere ??


?I wouldn?t have thought I was your type.?


She laughed and leaned back on her chair. So her finely sparkling breasts seemed pushed out towards me. ?Oooh. Tilac chaaa.? She said with a theatrically distinct volume. ?You so handsome man. Of course you my type.?


?Okay.? I said very quietly leaning forward. She leaned forward to me mocking my stance. ?The truth is... I?m deeply afraid of you.?


She laughed. She was really happy. She couldn?t have been happier if she?d just won the state lottery. Well. That?s probably not true. But she seemed overjoyed. ?Good. Very good. Is very good you frai me.? Her eyes widened. ?I am phii sat from Hell and I can swallow your soul.? Then she laughed a pleasantly musical laugh, took off her shades and looked deep into my eyes as she ate my chips. I hadn?t noticed it before but her eyes were a really strange colour. A kind of reddish hazel.


Truth be told I was completely bewitched by her. She was bewitching. It was hard to look away. But then it?s hard to look away from a road accident too. Doesn?t mean you shouldn?t try.


?Hmmm.? She said. ?I think you like look me. I think you like me too much. You want me smoke you right here in front of everybody looking. I can get on my knees here and unzip you here.? She put her hand on my dick underneath the table and raised one eyebrow. ?Hmmmm.? Anyone who looked would have seen this. It wasn?t subtle. ?I take out your dick and I put it in my mouth. Like this.? She put a chip covered in ketchup between her lips. ?Hmmmmm. Everybody looking us.?


?Yeah. I think there are quite a few looking us now.?


She laughed a gentle laugh and removed her hand from my dick and kept eating.


?After you finish here where you go ??


?I don?t know. And you ??


?I go see man. Him say he love me. I not like man talk shit like this. Is why I want him taste another man on me.?




?No. Not nice. But then you see some woman is nice. You think she can stay long. No. She end up same kon tat. Same slave. She end up marry in farangland stay home all day bua cha tdaay. Or she see man come and man go. Every man bullshit her and every man she believe. When I see woman same this I laugh her face. She cry and keep him picture. Me ? Never. Some woman she believe in Buddha but she smoke farang same me. She think she good heart but she not take care her kid. Me... I same laeew. Same evil. You understand ? If any man try to make me stay I can kill him easy. But you ? You frai me. Is good. I like. Some time I can go with you. Smoke you very good. For funny. I like man not think him big. I like man know him small.?


?Yeah. You got me right. Definitely a small man.?


She nodded and leaned back on the plastic chair as if it was the most comfortable chair in the world. Her body like liquid metal. Her legs open to me underneath the fixed place table with its tray full of fries and the coffee that smelled more like the paper cup it was in than coffee. She smiled a dark little smile and got up. She touched a finger to her lips and placed the finger on mine before putting her shades back on and walking an exaggerated fashion model walk as she left the place. Every eye was upon her. Every guy was probably cursing my good fortune or thinking how disgracefully their women behaved when they went with farang.


Something about this encounter left me in a strange state of mind. It was probably the incongruity of her strolling into MacDonalds. It may have been the way she talked. Maybe I saw something in her that made sense of all the shit I knew she?d done to people. Anyway. I didn?t finish the chips. I had to go to my apartment and have a wank. It didn?t make the feelings go away.


Over the next few days I became Mr Fuckaround. I avoided her bar. I went with woman after woman. Nothing quite worked. Fucking bargirls seemed like chewing old cardboard.


So I decided to stay away from the bar altogether. I felt I needed a rest. I didn?t stay away from bars per se. I just stayed away from bars where there were women. I met up with old friends. I tried to take an interest in all the small pursuits as pursued by the expat community with wives. I was at some consular do when I ran into a guy called Toby who said he knew me well but who I didn?t know from Adam. He started ranting on about this and that. Apparently we?d met each other at some Soi Cowboy bar where women ran their fingers over every inch of your body while you had your beer. ?Ah... That Toby.? I said. I still didn?t know who the fuck he was.


?I met this amazing woman.? He said. I don?t know why but I knew exactly what was coming. Life has this terrible habit of throwing coincidences at you that only the stupidest writer in the world would put in a story. ?For some reason she has a terrible reputation but I think it?s just a kind of professional jealousy.?


?I?m sure you?re right.?


?The truth is I haven?t had too much experience with women like this. Just a few nights out on the town so to speak.?




?Yes. I mean you?ve spent a few years hanging around with...?


?Hookers. Whores. And the odd prostitute.?


?Exactly. And I wonder if you have any tips on how you can tell the good ones.?


?Toby. I don?t mean to be rude but... Listen. Could you just get the fuck away from me. This sort of talk really winds me up. Nobody can help someone in this way. She might be an angel from above or a demon from Hell.?


?Sorry.? He said and I automatically felt like shit.


?No. I?m sorry. But I?m not the man to ask about bargirls. I fuck up every time.?


But then she appeared and stood right by his side. She was wearing a strapless evening dress and an expensive looking necklace with what could well have been diamonds. She smiled when she saw me. ?Hello Tilac chaa. I miss you many days.?


Toby didn?t seem to spot anything. Maybe he was deaf as well as stupid. ?Turk. This is Nam. Nam this is Turk.? She held out her hand to be kissed and had this mischievous glint in her eye that matched the sparkle of her necklace. I took her hand and bowed very slightly as if I was meeting the Queen.


She laughed as if this looked every bit as funny as it felt. Then she draped herself on Toby in a way that was probably not entirely appropriate, though consular etiquette is not one of my Mastermind topics. Toby looked a little uncomfortable but he was in love and was quite ready to flush his entire life down the toilet by hanging around the wrong places with the most evil bargirl in town.


?Darling.? She said to Toby. ?Can you get me another drink ??


Toby said ?Righto?


?And I think your friend need another drink too. Scotch isn?t it Tilac ??


I nodded and Toby seemed too happy to oblige.


?You seem to have him well trained.? I said.


?Oh yes. Very young boy in here.? She pointed to her head. ?Big man down here.? She patted my dick.


?Really ?? I said. ?Who?d have thought.?


?Not like you.? She said standing a bit too close.


?It seems every time we meet we end up talking about my dick.?


?I know you think about me tilac. Why you not come my bar ??


?Well. You know. Work work work .?


She laughed that small musical laugh and then whispered in my ear so her breath seemed to caress me. ?I think you not come because you frai me.?


?Yeah. That too.?


Toby came back with the drinks. She took hers and drifted away. I don?t know where to. ?So what do you think of her ??


?Oh. She?s a real diamond. No doubt about it. Probably not the kind of person I?d bring to a place like this though.?


?She really wanted to come.?


?Did she really ? Well. It?s been very nice meeting you Toby.? I knocked back my whisky. ?But I really have to be toddling along.?


?Of course. Of course.?


Maybe I should have warned him. But then experience has shown me that nobody will ever believe a warning about a bargirl. All you do is make yourself an enemy for life when it turns out you?re right.


Toby came unstuck with her and got transferred somewhere else. It was probably another one of Nam?s little evil jokes. I don?t know exactly what she did. Something about going down on a French dignitary under a dining table where his wife was also sitting. I didn?t ask for the details.


I saw her again a few days later. She was back to dancing like wild erotic fire in the bar. She did a whole set of bottle tricks without taking her eyes away from me for more than a few seconds. Other guys in the bar were starting to look my way as if I was some fucker who had come in and taken their candy. I left and went to eat dinner in a nearby restaurant.


She joined me at my table wearing one of the bar gowns with nothing on underneath. I knew she was wearing nothing underneath because she sat at the table opposite with her legs apart. ?Why you not stay my bar. I make show just for you.?


I smiled. ?You are good. Very very good. I?m genuinely impressed.?


She smiled not detecting any trace of sarcasm.


?Why did you do it ??


?Because I love you tilac. I love your weakness. I know you like him but I know you never tell him who I am. If you tell him maybe he keep job.?


The waitress came to our table and brought me a drink. I could tell in a second that this waitress hated Nam deeply. I didn?t know why. Nam took her arm. ?Bring me vodka and tonic.?


The waitress pulled her arm free and Nam looked pleased with herself.


?What did you do to her ?? I asked.


Nam just shrugged. Like she didn?t know why some people took such a dislike to her.


?Who are you ??


She looked at me smiling with that little glint glinting away in her blood hazel eyes. ?I?m the one who take your soul. I smoke you and suck you in. I keep you inside me. For ever.?


Her legs touched mine. I could smell her. The rich sweet smell of her demon cunt just lightly sprinkled with French perfume.


?You want me. Every time you fuck another woman you see me. Every time you sit back want to think of nothing you think of me.?


I nodded. ?Maybe. But I?m still afraid of you.?


The waitress slammed her drink on the table and Nam laughed. I laughed too. Shit. When it came right down to it that was my best defence. So we sat there and she played her game and I just enjoyed it. We sat there until the chairs were going up on the table.


We shared a taxi home. While on the way back sitting together she took my hand and said ?feel.?


She put my hand on her cunt. It was hot and damp. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. Then we arrived at the apartment building where she lived. ?Good night tilac chaaa.? She said and darted off into the night still wearing nothing but her bar gown.


The taxi took me all the way home.






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