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Calendar of Thai Holidays


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King's Bday is on the 5th of DEc. so much places closed that day.

I have felt the usual calendar I used so far for special days and festivals gathered a few deserved criticisms, mostly for the wrong dates. This is one of the reasons, I have not posted one for Jan, and also attempted to getb ot the TAT office while in BKK.

Give me a little time, and definitely, with each month preview, i should add the TAT # of the regions concerned.

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Most of the calendars issued in Thailand have all the major holidays and often have the 'holy days' (wan pra) which while not ususally public holidays often have strange consequences like not being able to buy meat at the market.

Come to think of it if you're not in Thailand you could get the Thai Airways one off the net there is a link somewhere on the board, do a search, in fact I'll do one myself right now.

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If you have Microsoft Outlook you can do like this:


1) Open outlook, go to "Tools", choose "Options"

2) Pick "Calendar Options"

3) Look somewhere in the middle of the window that opens up; choose "Add Holidays..."

4) Pick any country's holidays that you are interested in & want to have listed in your calendar.


Voila, it's all automatic (and so far accurate)!

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Hi gawguy,



Bank Holidays for 2004

January 1, Thursday

New Year's Day.

March 5, Friday

Makha Bucha Day.

April 6, Tuesday Chakri Day

April 13, Tuesday

Songkran Day

April 14, Wednesday.

Songkran Day

April 15, Thursday

Songkran Day

May 3, Monday

National Labor Day.

May 5, Wednesday

Coronation Day

June 2, Wednesday

Wisakha Bucha Day


July 1, Thursday Mid Year Close

August 2, Monday

Buddhist Lent Day

August 12, Thursday

H.M. the Queen?s Birthday

October 25, Monday

Chulalongkorn Day

December 6, Monday

H.M. the King's Birthday

December 10, Friday

Constitution Day

December 31, Tuesday

New Year?s Eve


web page



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