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Worst TV-Series Ever Made


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Worst tv-series, all categories, and my vote goes to:




I pray to God that this shit is no longer in production. Unfortunately it's still shown here as day-time tv. The signature music sends me shivers as it gives me a flashback growing up in the seventies with only two tv-channels; State Television 1 and State Television 2. For me Emmerdale is the very epitome of boringness: living a small boring life in a boring country watching other people live out small boring lifes in another boring country...gaaaaaaaah!


And while Emmerdale was on channel 1 there was probably a Czeck-Finnish puppet theatre production on channel 2. Nanny kill-joy state, anno 1978.




-- Anyone that can beat Emmerdale?

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Anyone who had the misfortune to watch the American childrens sit-com called "Small Wonder" will surely agree that it was an all time low point in the history of human civilization.


For those who have not seen it, it revolved around a robot girl adopted by a suburban middle class American family.

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Guest lazyphil

Its set in nice countryside though--at least no frigid arctic tundra!!....I think Crossroads was far worse. The award goes to Sons and Daughters from down under. Garbage!

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