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Worst TV-Series Ever Made


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lazyphil said:

Dukes of Hazzard was a corner stone of my Saturday afternoon childhood and you come here saying that it was a no good show--shame on you :nono: ::


Sorry LP , show did blow , but did set a fashion phrase still used today , anytime ya see a babe wearing short-shorts with a bit of cheek showing from the bottom like a solar eclipse , she's ah wear'n dem " Daisy Dukes "... :hubba:


Bada :beer: Bing

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Buddha you just reminded me one of the major US networks brought out a prime time series around 1990 that was cancelled even faster I believe - it was called Cop Rock and, get this, it was a musical cop drama.


In Australia we got to see this trash because US shows were sold to our networks in packages, so if you wanted to buy X-Files you had to buy three other piece of shit shows with them.

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