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Property values set to Plunge-Here we go...


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Massive sell off of property by the Chinese in the Khon Kaen area.These guys don,t sell either they feel the time is right financially or they are dumping illegally obtained assets..I,m not sure.

It could be to do with under utilisation of the land...but believe me these guys don,t sell they collect.

New motorbikes and cars everywhere but no money..the atmosphere is,nt good.

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it is weird, those speculations here with agricultural land. i know of some "dark influences" who send their minions all over the country to buy up land.

fuck me if i ever get to understand what happens here.

aren't we living in interesting times...?

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I know it sounds crazy...

but if you wanted to ensure re election..

tell the Chinese to fuck off and return the landpapers.

Privatize the utilities for your mates....

You would win by a landslide.

Issan would rule Thailand....

Its what I would probably do if I was THEM.


[sorry, that part was not something I want discussed here - KS]

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