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Concert Last Night.


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We saw a concert last night at Samut Samgkrum?


The Headline acts were maiki {My} and Fon.


Along with many unknowns...bought our tickets 20thb and went off to dinner.


Came back at show time 8pm...walked in and picked up our chairs ::


Stagger across the rubble and crushed gravel to a spot just off centre stage and close to the front.

The music started and bang i just about got blown out of my seat..um stool.


So we decide to move back a bit...this was watch the Falang time (only one ) anyway got a good spot after that.


First act was MY?

Young guy full of energy and a good 10 piece band .

The show had 12 girls and 12 guy dancers.

Lots of water was thrown over the crowd close to the stage (glad we moved)


Many costume changes for the dancers..have to say most of the guys stuff was weird looking stuff...one outfit they had a russian style hat on with a large duck shaped front :)


And the suit was a one piece thing looked like a sack of potatoes on them.


The girls was not much better..most was sort of Queen Victoria style costumes.

The others looked like they stole the truck from the set of the Spy who Shagged me ::


The middle acts came and went (sooner the better) so after 3 hours sitting on 4 inches of hard plastic Fon comes on .


Change of band before her set.

Both bands were great the bass players were fantastic ..not a lot for the lead guitars to do in this show.


Good sound system and the show had lots of color.


The amount of time "lost" by the acts getting flowers and water poured over them added over half an hour i would say to the show....many left as the kids fell asleep.


Not a bad show over all ..this being my first concert in thailand.


Just a bit long and time wasted with 4 Mcs pathetic attempts at humor..

One guy was so huge he blocke half the girls out ,,,just sort of walked about getting water sprayed on his huge rump...funny stuff




Lots of police on hand but no trouble at all...good family concert :up:

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What were you doing at this show?, Jintara was just down the road!!! Do you mean Fon Tanasunthorn, what was she wearing? In 11 days I saw:


Siriporn Ampaipong (had a chat)

Sunarlee Rachesima

Rung Suriya

Pimpa Ponsiri

Pamela Bowden

Yui Yatt Yerr

Sayan Sanyar twins

Nok Pornapa


several I forget the names of inc sister of Pumpuang

Some girl named Jintara x 4


I rang up about Fon but she was out of the way. I really want to see job ka,joy ka, job and joy ka.


New Jintara CD is very good and sexy jint can be seen 'playing' the guitar.-peter

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