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Help a fellow drunk on his way back home


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Hi guys,


this is a nice online game I came across today.

Roughly said you have to help this drunk on his way home, if you don't he'll fall down and sleep on the streets.

It's all in german but you don't have to understand it to play.

when you click start he'll start walking. when he sways to the left move your mouse to the right, he sways left move the mouse to the right.

Here's the link Homerun


I am a bad gamer, only got 75 meters. Happy walking. I think it won't help if you are drunk yourself.

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81 isn't so bad. I don't know if there is an end to the game or if the guy is just walking on and on. I didn't play much yet, 76 meters is all I got after maybe half an hour.

Does anybody know if it is possible to save the game to the harddrive so I can play it long after it got offline? It's like all these Yetisport games, so it should be possible somehow.


Eh, you know yetisports?

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it may be me,but i have sussed it out.

played it for ages Yeaterday and barely got more than 40 Metres(25 more than FJ could manage).


thought i would play it for a while today and i discovered the ideal way to play.

it might help having one of the Meeces which has a rollerball.

i made 1/4 inch downward movements with my thumb every Second and he stayed upright.

got to 100,200,500 and thought i would give up at 1000.

my hand was tired,the phone was ringing and i was trying to open a can of Beer and pour it.


let go to finish the game and to my surprise it just carried on.

there is definately a glitch somewhere.

it has not stopped and after i went to the toilet and made a sandwich it is still going strong.

current score is 2390 and while i watch 12 Monkeys on DVD the Guy is walking away.

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maybe you have seen this is a page of our swiss neighbours. So I am happy that of all the languages spoken they choose german for the website. The swiss citizens speak english, of course, but only if you are rich enough - and can proove it. Like if you suddenly had a truck with all the money you spend on drinks they'd be happy to do the website in english just for you. My guess is another round of drinks is more important to you than this bloody swiss website.


And no, this game is not to help you on your way home. Everyone knows that in the rare occasions you get drunk lovely Olga (here under her alias Sarah) will take care of you. An added bonus is she speaks various languages and may translate for you. ::

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