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Would you boycott Thailand?


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Can be a personal decision not to go, or backing a public call for boycott, expats might find it harder to do than visitors of course. I will try to build that in the poll. Hope for comments too, of course. No "other" choice, "maybe" being part of yes, and nuances can be posted subsequently.

Keep in mind this is about a decision consequent to changes in Thailand, as a response to it, not about just leaving for personal reasons, been there, done that, or moving on to a new life.


mistake: sorry, #3 is of course: but i may still break my vow.

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Brink15 said:

boycott, why? :dunno::sleeping::rolleyes:


I remember one call for boycotting Thailand and their products, 13 years ago.


It was in the wake of Lauda Air crash in May 1991, 100km NW of BKK.


What happened after that, the families of the killed issued a plea for boycotting everything Thai in retaliation for looting the bodies and baggage of the dead.


Some gruesome stories were told - the locals spread around the scene like ants and picked anything they could - including chopping off fingers with rings on already mutilated bodies.


I only knew of BKK as a refuelling stop enroute to Europe, nothing else. And I was avoiding Thai tuna tins and restaurants for 10 years after that (there were no other products to boycott).


It took nothing less than power or Thai females to turn me around!

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I should be flattered you have to bring me up in your posts, especially as i never make mention of you anywhere.

P127 fixation? :D


Brink, that was a hypothetical question, where boycott could easily be a personal decision as i mentionned.


I am just following on the complaints about what many see as the shape of things to come, either as far as nightlife sucking, or anti-farang sentiment propagated by actual govnmt, and the "if you don't like it, go home" comments. Often, it seems all thais are amalgamed behind the comments.


Just wondering how much is that important, and if so, how much should farangs take, then?


I have no idea myself of any possible aggravation of the situation, the idea for making it a poll and see the opinions out there.


I rather think that most farangs have made actually a workable, cozy niche for themselves, they are quite content, only ranting for the sake of it, rarely concerned with other farangs trials and ordeals, save their friends , and it's chained and grabbed off the floor they'll leave the country for good. In one word, they'll take any humiliation, any aggravation , short of being murdered in anti-farangs progroms. Or maybe not.... Some might want to tell us.

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I would boycott Thailand if my house got robbed (including the safe). I would also boycot Thailand if some nasty, snake Thai bastards with steel poles whacked me in the dome and beat me down. From the true stories I have read on this board, there are some really legit reasons to "boycott Thailand".

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Hi P127,


I could see myself boycotting Thailand the day it becomes as urbanised as my own country - then it would lose the attraction to me - OR the day the general price level would equalize that of my own country - then I simply couldn´t afford it anymore.


Every time I revisit places in LOS to where I have been before, I am amazed to see the changes and the ongoing contructions, turning previous sleepy islands into fully fledged resorts etc.


backing a public call for boycott


That wouldn´t have much impact on me, I am not much of a teamplayer anyway :o




Hua Nguu

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"Boycott for what reason? Is there something going on that we have not heard about or is this like the boycott against France?"


Sounds great to me! Leave Thailand to the french! :p

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