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Proverbs + their Questionable Veracity

Fiery Jack

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"It's better to travel than to arrive..."


Bollocks. :: Me and my now debarred lawyer Jason Glasspipe QC were on our way to my old soulbrother and ace DJ Dr Muff Richardson's turntable session at the Swillers Arms last night and the taxi bloke, who was clearly aled-up :drunk: smacked into the arse of a bus on the Burslem bypass. The fuzz were there like a shot so we had to sling the tar and whizz we were ferrying to the gig into a ditch by the side of the road. :(


Was OK when we got there, though, :applause: because Smokey was "holding", and sorted us out with a bag of skunk weed. :up:


Better to arrive than travel, then, we all reckoned.


jack :help:

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