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Proverbs + their Questionable Veracity

Fiery Jack

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"You can take foxes out of the country

but you can't take the country out of foxes."


This is plainly nonsense.

Unless foxes have micro countries in their insides.

Perhaps that's why Lionel Blair and his Trotskyite cronies want to ban Squires, and the Welsh, from foxhunting? Next we'll have micro asylum seekers. Tut tut, where will it all end? ::

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They say "all roads lead to Rome". That's bollocks too. :nono: The East Stoke Ring Road leads to Burslem or, if you approach it from the South, to Stoke City football ground. :up:


(If you want to get to Rome from Stoke, you need to get to Dover by stagecoach then cross the channel on a hovercraft with loads of other pissheads. :drunk:)


Lying fucking eyetie bastards.


jack :(

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"A stitch in time saves nine"


Nine what? ::


So, if I'm out jogging and get a stitch does that mean I'll save 9 quid when I go down the offy to buy my weekly supply of lottery tickets?

Or will I get 9 quid off dog food in Aldi? :: :cussing:


Or is it something fiendish to do with the law of relativity and black holes? ::

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Proverb 5:19

Does breast size matter? The Inventor and Solomon, seeing 1000 different sizes, say no. He told his son to be satisfied with his wife's breasts and ravished with her love. Optimal sexual pleasure is a choice, not a body or part.

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