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Nightlife Readme and Rules


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Welcome to Your Nightlife Forum



The Nightlife Forum is the place for all interested parties to place their information, anecdotes, impressions, observations, experiences and the most current happenings in the nightlife scene for all who care to share about this exciting aspect of their holiday or lifestyle when in Thailand. We wish you all to freely write us your thoughts and experiences to share with those of like mind, keeping in mind the rules of the board here, and specifically the rules against discussions on Underage sex and child pornography, privacy issues, flaming, and illegal drugs. These forum sensitive rules are placed below for you to read before posting or replying here, as they specifically apply in and to this forum and will be strictly and vigorously enforced. Please also read fully the board rules before using this forum, just to ensure there are no problems with your postings.


There is not allowed any using of the names OR button numbers of the Bar Ladies and Men, Freelancers, Massage Ladies, etc. This also includes any description of a lady which could lead to her being easily identified. The Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any and all posts that break the rules of the board. Off topic posts will be moved to the appropriate forum when it is convenient for the Board Moderator to do so. Comments or complaints should be addressed to the Board Moderator by PM or as a final resort the Board Owner, Khun Sanuk, can be contacted via Private Message or at sanuk@nanaplaza.com. Complaints are not to be aired on the open public board. Posts of this nature posted on the open board will be deleted. Please instead use the PM function or the mail address provided. We reserve the right to make any changes to these rules as needed.


If you are offended by the adult subjects raised here please do not read this forum. We will not allow harassment of the adult members and posters here by those who have agendas, problems with the subject matter, or sensitive sensibilities. There are other forums here on Nanaplaza.com for you to read which will be much more to your liking and suited to your temperament.


For those who are interested in or who participate in the Thailand Nightlife scene in all its facets this is YOUR forum. We welcome your participation in the forum and hope to read your comments, information, experiences and observations. We ask only that you follow the board rules and be polite.


Please read below the 10 board rules that are most pertinent to this sometimes controversial forum. They will be strictly enforced and this forum will be vigorously monitored for rule infractions. Please leave any suggestions you may have to better and improve this forum in the Suggestion Forum.


Have fun, and thanks for your participation here.


-The Board Moderator




1.) Child prostitution/under age sex; if you are into little kids I would recommend euthanasia. No discussions or promoting of these subjects are allowed here.


2.) Disrespect towards HM the King; I have the utmost respect for His Majesty the King and will not allow any disrespect towards Him or other members of the Royal Family.


3.) Drugs; doing drugs is foolish and dangerous and illegal, and in Thailand it could also get you into big trouble with the law, including the death penalty. Discussions on illegal drugs and where to procure them is prohibited. (see below)


4.) No Politics; we are guests in this country and as such I wish to prevent any comments that may be taken the wrong way. Discussions on politics, and especially disparaging remarks of the Thai government officials is discouraged and all posts are monitored for this. Degrees of content and criticisms will decide what we will allow on here as to politics and whether your post is deleted or edited.


5.) Racism/Bigotry; racists and bigots are NOT welcome here, and derogatory remarks on someone?s race, sexual preferences, etc. will result in you getting banned.


6.) Advertising; if you want to advertise, contact us at sanuk@nanaplaza.com to sponsor a forum.


7.) Flaming; flaming is NOT tolerated! It is an absolute certain way of getting banned from the board.


Definition of flaming; an abusive or personally insulting message. This includes insulting or inflaming remarks concerning the character, or personality, of another poster. It also includes innuendos, snide remarks, and any overtly negative connotations towards a fellow board member.


You can disagree with a poster's message, but an attack personally on the poster him/herself will result in a deleted or edited post and/or banishment from the board, depending on severity of offense. There are very likely posters on this board with different beliefs than your own. Please respect those beliefs, even if you don't agree with them.


8.) Privacy: Posting information which could lead to the identification of individuals is forbidden. This rule extends to the ladies and men in the nightlife scene as well. So, no names, numbers, or identifying marks of the women/men are to be disclosed here. Associating a particular woman with a particular bar is also restricted. There are a number of reasons for this, and this rule will be very strictly enforced, so do remember this when composing your posts. With this in mind, please don't ask for, or give, recommendations about bar ladies or massage parlor ladies. On a related note, people are considered to be innocent until proven guilty. The word of one poster is not, and never should be, enough to start a witch hunt. This board will NOT be used to seek revenge.


9.) Trolls: Trolls will NOT be tolerated.

Definition of a troll; A troll is someone who starts a thread, or makes a post, in the hope that it will incite an explosive response from its readers. Often a troll will post untrue information to accomplish his/her goal of disrupting the board.


10.) Language: The language on this board is English and posts in other languages are not allowed. The reasons for this are that we are sharing information, and people could easily be left out because they can't understand the language it is written in. Furthermore, moderating something you can't understand is impossible, so we err on the safe side and will delete the post. There is one exception to this rule and that is Thai. Posting in Thai is allowed as long as the post is small (preferably only a few sentences at most) and a translation of the Thai text is given in English.


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