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Board Bar Readme and Rules


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Welcome to the Bar!


Here are the rules of the House. Please read them before posting here.


In the Board Bar, you can talk about anything you want within the general rules of this Board and the following "Board Bar" rules:


Topics such as sex, religion, your own lack of mental health, your wife's weight problem are OK in this forum. However, please note that the Board Moderator from time to time may decide to limit discussion on certain topics, edit posts which break the board rules, or to close or even ban threads on certain topics to ensure that civility reigns. Keep in mind that the purpose of this Board is fun. If you want to discuss a "heavy subject", that is fine, but it must be done in a "fun" fashion.


What do we mean by "fun"? Simple. You can discuss anything you want as long as you do it like friends who respect each other?s viewpoints. Once you start getting indignant, or pissed off, your post is getting edited or the thread is being closed, and likely both. In addition, improper behavior may result in the topic being banned from the bar. Govern yourself accordingly. You either act like friends or you will be cut off ... just like in a real bar. Simple as that.


While you can talk about anything you want (within the limits above and below), you can't do anything you please ... so there is to be no flaming, none whatsoever.


The board's definition of flaming is as follows:


?An abusive or personally insulting message. This includes insulting or inflaming remarks concerning the character, or personality, of another poster. It also includes innuendoes, snide remarks, and any overtly negative connotations towards a fellow board member. You can disagree with a posters message, but an attack on the poster him/herself will result in a deleted post and/or banishment from the board, depending on severity of offense?


....... Flaming is not friendly or respectful, and will not be tolerated.


In addition, there is to be no discussion whatsoever regarding national or international politics. Discussions of politics are strictly forbidden. The Board Moderator and Administrator are the ones who decide what is political or not.


The idea is that we are a bunch of guys at the Bar. So, the rule is don't say anything, or act in a fashion that might get your ass tossed out, or would likely get you punched out in real life. The forum will be monitored for breaches of the rules and appropriate action will be taken for infractions of these rules. If you have issues concerning validity of any Board Moderator action then feel free to PM the moderator with your concerns. Failure to immediately comply with any moderator?s request could result in your termination from this board. You can also contact Khun Sanuk at sanuk@nanaplaza.com if there are any problems or questions about what exactly is allowed here. We repeat, flaming will not be tolerated.


While ignorance and stupidity may be acceptable, insults and nastiness are not. It?s a fine line, and it will be drawn.


See the General Board Rules for a full listing of what is allowed on this forum and this board.


Have fun!



The Board Moderator

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