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chocolat steve

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If I didn't insert soccer in there, my fellow Yanks would have brought me up on treason (rightfully so...haha).


The question is do we still use Gooner Corner or do we use a new thread like this one perhaps for all things footie?


In another thread Froggo and others discussed a new thread. Perhaps we could have a thread for each season so it doesn't get too long. It could start in September with each new season.


Well, if this is going to be it, I'll start off by discussing our game. Charlton played well and coincidentally has been the most successful London club against us. We've suffered more losses to them than any other London club. I don't think Wenger gets enough credit for the unbelievable run in derbies that he has. Its one thing to dominate a local derby when its just one club (Man Utd/Citeh...and Liverpool/Everton for example). The Northeast derbies with Newcastle, Sunderland and 'Boro (would you include Leeds, even though its west Yorkshire?) are a bit tougher with more than 2 clubs. But when you're dealing with 5 or 6 clubs, playing 10 or 12 derbies a year, it makes it a very remarkable achievement.


That said, I thought we played better. Not great but better. Soemthing that has also not been picked up in the back pages is how young of a side Wenger is fielding. For a club that is arguably one of the top 10 clubs in Europe, its also amazing. Our starting XI included van Persie (21), Fabregas (17), Hoyte (21), Cole and Toure` (both 23), Clichy (21..I think). I don't think there was anyone in their 30s. Maybe Sol or Vieira but that's it. Plus the bench had Senderos (18) Larrsson (18) and Flamini (20). We're winning with kids. Reyes is 21.


Anyway, back to the game. Charlton played a bit more forward than a lot of mid and lower table clubs have been doing lately (putting 9 behind the ball with 5 in the midfield and leaving a sole striker up front). Charlton were also an in-form club which was also dangerous. Both clubs jockeyed for dominance but I think we were the more likely to score and did with a great build-up that saw us go from van Persie, to Paddy who set up Ljundberg in the box for a 'typical' Arsenal goal. Just before half time Charlton got a well taken free kick out side our box and a blazing ball came in from their egyptian player. It swerved away from Almunia our keeper and with speed it was coming in as well as being shielded from it till too late, he had no chance. 1-1 at half time but I felt we were going to win. Fabregas partnering with Paddy in support, was creating chances for us and distributing well.


Our second goal was sheer class on the part of Fabregas. Again with van Persie in the build up to Fabregas who did a no look heel pass to Freddie making a run into the box and Freddie was able to gather himself take time and blast it. The pass was the kind you'd only expect from Bergkamp or Henry perhaps.


Charlton felt, rightfully so, agreived by a Cole hand ball. It would have changed the game. Perhaps we'd still draw or even win with a bit of determination but that would be only speculation.


We put it away when van Persie got onto a volley in the box and beat his marker to it and shot it from the left channel in the box. The score line flattered us a little maybe, but I think we outplayed them. Pires came off the bench for van Persie and Sol picked up a knock and we saw Senderos in a rare PL game. Who really didn't have much to do but it was good seeing him get a run out. I hear Sol may not be ready for the Man City game on Tuesday and we'll see Senderos with Toure`. I am fearful Anelka will have a field day against them. (and I can't help but think if he had stayed and parntered with Henry!!...oh well).


Man Utd dominated a lackluster 'Boro side. They got the goal early. JFH didn't look like he was going to do much. Had Viduka played perhaps things would have been different. MUFC have a striker crisis of sorts with Rooney suspended for the next league game, RVN and Saha both our injured and leaving only Smith as the sole first team quality striker.


Everton's bubble seemed to have popped and they suffered a 5-2 loss at the Lane. I really hope they hang on and can at least get into Europe. Spurs now have a legit shot at CL football. Amazing. Never thought I'd say that this season. Jol has them playing attacking football. Something Santini didn't do. Which probably explains why France has suffered the last couple years. Even without Dafoe they put in 5 goals on Saturday.

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i'll step in just to be argumentative as usual...... :wave:

my NYE resolution was to argue more with the Gooners....... :neener:

wouldn't want me to change would you Steve?..... :wave:


a bit of controversy over Arsenal's 2nd goal.

Van Persie(i think)was offside when the initial ball was played towards him,but he got to the ball after getting onside.

has been talked about by Pundits and they agree that he should have been flagged offside as soon as the ball was played towards him.

but this is the 'grey area' with the new offside rule and the decision wether a Player is 'active'

Refs,Players,the Media and Supporters atill do not seem to know how this rule works.

but RVN was the 1st Player to realise how he could gain an advantage with this rule last season.

MU benefited a few times........ :chili:


i've said this before and i know you don't agree Steve,but London is not the only place where there are Derbies.

there may be a few Miles between Teams but the Games between MU,MC,Bolton,Blackburn(and to a lesser extent Liverpool and Everton)are classed as Derbies.

they have been playing each other for Decades and try telling the Supporters they do not count.

they are passionate about these Games and look forward to the Games against their near Neighbours.


the same goes for the NE of Egland,Shieffield and Leeds and Midlands Teams.

we have the South Coast Derby between Pompey and Southampton even though they are different Cities and 20 Miles apart,but it is always called a Derby.

and not forgetting the Teams from Exeter,Torquay and Bristol.


so put that in your pipe and smoke it....... :stirthepo

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There we have it, then. A new year and a new thread.


Will Chelsea ever lose? I keep hearing about this "blip" in form they will have, but when they play poorly and still win, one wonders if such a blip will ever come?


Now I know how they must have felt last year while we were on our historic run.

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Liverpool outplayed them and were unfortunate not to come away with no points. But you need that kind of luck in championship seasons and Chelsea seems to be getting the rub of the green.


Sayjann, lol....Bolton and some of the clubs there in the pennines may be considered derbies but to a far lesser extent than London, due to its proximity and history. A West Ham-Arsenal game is more of a derby and more passionate than a Bolton - Man Utd game.


I heard about the controversy about our 2nd goal and its a fair point, but I still think we dominated and would have gotten the winner. Speculation of course but I'm confident we would have.


Sol is out for the game v. 'Citeh' and Cygan is injured so we'll have a look at Senderos.


in la Liga news, seems Real Mess...er...I mean Real Madrid has gotten a new gaffer. They won't win the league this year. Barca are not only better but too many points ahead and are still winning even though they have suffered massive injuries (Larsson being one). Real Madrid deserves their misfortunes. Any club that buys players for non footballing reasons (to sell shirts) deserves to do badly and should. Its sad when a club disrespects the sport so much to do something like that.


So, Sayjann, if there was no way Man Utd can win the title who'd you rather see win it, us or Chelsea? I think I know the answer. Some would rather see someone other than either Arsenal or Man Utd win it. I'd have loved to see Everton take it if we couldn't. They just got Beattie which helps considerable but the bubble may have burst already.


Did anyone see the Singapore v. Mynammar (spelling sorry) game? I saw the highlights. Fights, a water bottle thrown, mud kicked at the referee...wow! The Mynammar reserve keeper threw it and got sent off and he did some sort of hip thrust insult as he left...too funny!!

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you just won't have it will ya CS?.......


a Bolton supporter is more interested in the Blackburn Game than say Chelsea because it is against local opposition.

you don't quite understand the mentality and passion of these people.

i know you have really involved yourself in the Game over the last few Years,but you haven't experienced what tradition means to these people.

just because Teams may not be in the same City does not make it any less of a Derby,a Derby is classed as a Game between near Neighbours.

if you dispute this then i suggest you starting sending letters to the Media,Clubs and Supporters telling them that they have been wrong for Decades.


yes there are many Derbies in London but only because there are many Clubs,but many are less important in desire to watch to the Supporters.

Arsenals big Game is against Spurs and that is the big Derby for the supporters.

i bet that if you had the chance to go to one Derby you would Pick Spurs over Crystal Palace,as would many 1000's of Arsenal Supporters.

tradition has it that Spurs are the biggest opponents in London.


but a question for you,which Team do you consider MU's biggest Derby opponents?.

i bet your answer is different to mine............

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another scenario for you.


earlier i mentioned Portsmouth and Southampton.

20 Miles apart and different Cities but always referred to as the South Coast DERBY.

when both Teams are in the same Division the first fixtures looked for by each set of Supporters are the ones against the other Team.


and another example of how this game is viewed is because what has happened after the recent events surrounding Harry Redknapp.

he was hero worshipped in Portsmouth after getting them promoted to the PL,keeping them in the PL with such a crap squad and little money and even taking them to the top of the PL on 2 occasions.


but when he quit and joined Southampton everything changed.

he is now hated so much and had had so much abuse and even death threats.

his house has been burgled and trashed and wife verbally abused in the street.

everyone who loved him now hates him with a passion and when Saints visit Fratton Park in April it will get nasty.


and all because he joined Pompey's nearest rivals.

you could say that the same situation applies to Sol Campbell after his defection to Arsenal.

but no doubt you will think it is not the same because Redknapp has gone between Clubs in different Cities.

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